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Shopping Guide: 9 Colorblocked Shoes

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Colorblocking is a neat way of adding a little zing to your look. Even–and especially–if you’re wearing an outfit full of neutrals, colorblocked heels or sandals can take your outfit from boring to bold. After the jump, 9 pairs of shoes to help you take things up a notch.

Our Favorite Looks From Madewell’s Fall 2011 Lookbook

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I know it’s difficult to even think about fall right now, but fashion designers have already moved way past summer and are on to designing their fall and winter collections. We took a peak at Madewell’s looks for Fall 2011 and were, to be honest, less than thrilled. Many of the outfits featured 3/4-length skirts — falling somewhere in the middle of the calf — which are difficult for most women to wear, and the clothes were styled in grunge-lite — not the most flattering look. Still, we did manage to find quite a few looks we loved. In the interest of positivity, keep clickin’ to check those out!

Well, This Is Just Terrible: The Junderpant

You were like, you know what? I know I have my jeggings, and my pajama jeans and such — why not jean underpants? Well, guess what? Some enterprising marketing genius heard your plea and created Junderpants, which were discovered at a local Rainbow store. Jean underpants. My eyes are falling out of my head. [Refinery 29] Keep reading »

Shopping Guide: 10 Super Statement Necklaces

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I might subtitle this post, “In which I learn that I have the same aesthetic taste as Nicole Richie.” While collecting pieces for this shopping guide, I came across at least half a dozen pieces from Richie’s House of Harlow 1960 collection that I just had to own (I pared it down to just one). Maybe it’s because we share a birthday? Or because we both have incredible taste (although I do not see her fascination with Joel Madden, but whatever). In any case, I’ve found 10 gorgeous statement necklaces–including a couple from Nicole–for your perusal. Check ‘em out!

10 Pop Stars Rocking Body-Conscious Catsuits

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There are a lot of advantages to being a pop star: the money, men and adoration are great, we’re sure. But another plus? You get to wear slinky catsuits that would make you seem completely batcrackers in any other context. Over the weekend, both “American Idol” judge Jennifer Lopez and Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger broke out their sexy adult onesies for concerts. But they’re certainly not the only ones. After the jump, some of our favorite jumpsuit moments in pop history.

Ask An Esthetician: What Do Different Break Out Spots Mean? Should I Be Using A Glycolic?

Skin: Our largest organ, and also probably our biggest pain in the butt. Managing its temperamental, over-sensitive ways is pretty much a full-time gig, especially if your skin is a delicate Sensitive Sally like mine. Thankfully, we’ve got our new BFF, esthetician Jenna Kulp, to help us solve our skin woes. Jenna’s here to answer all of your troubling skin problems–to offer suggestions and solutions to your skincare needs. If you’ve got a question for Jenna, {encode=”” title=”let us know”} and we’ll pass it along! And after the jump, check out her answers about acne and glycolic skincare products. Keep reading »

Cheapskate: 10 Cool Cross-Body Bags Under $50

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It’s biking weather once again (finally!), which means it’s time to break out our handy-for-riding cross-body bags. But even if you’re not a speed cyclist, cross-body bags make a lot of sense: they’re essentially hands-free, if you’ve got other stuff to carry, and especially theft-safe, which is a real plus when you’ve got packed public transportation or manage crowded streets. After the jump, we’ve found 10 cross-body bags, big and small, to make your summer easy-breezy.

Most Stylish Man Contest: Donald Glover Vs. James Franco

Who's More Stylish--Donald Glover Or James Franco?

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Jennifer Lawrence Would Like The World To Know She Eats Cheesesteaks

“Fifteen minutes before, the guy doing my hair goes, ‘If you can get a salad, get a salad … I said, ‘I’m getting a Philly cheesesteak.’ I’m sure there’s proof on a hotel bill somewhere.”

–”X-Men” actress Jennifer Lawrence, talking about what she ate before the Oscars, in this month’s Elle magazine. This is an example of Lawrence is providing a Documented Instance of Public Eating — a common celeb interview occurrence, wherein an actress attempts to prove how utterly normal she is by listing off the fattening foods she’s eaten. Noted! [Elle]

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Andrej Pejic’s Man Boobs Brew Up Controversy

Look at this cover of Dossier magazine. Notice anything especially spicy or scintillating? Well apparently Barnes & Noble did. Enough so that they censored the cover, featuring androgynous male model Andrej Pejic, in their stores. While men’s magazines routinely feature naked male torsos on their covers, we suspect it was the confusing–confusing to Barnes & Noble anyway — juxtaposition of Pejic’s hyperfeminine face with his masculine chest that bewildered. Still, it calls into question just what makes a body feminine or masculine to begin with; if Pejic’s angelic facial figures cross the line for Barnes & Noble, and make his body verboten, then maybe we’ve been looking at the wrong body parts all along? [Fashionista] Keep reading »

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