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Today In Sad Fashion News: Betsey Johnson’s Liquidation Begins

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Betsey Johnson Cartwheels
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A couple weeks ago we read that favorite fashionista Betsey Johnson declared bankruptcy, and was forced to shut down many of her stores. Cuts were made to her design team and production on her next line was halted. Well it seems there’s even more bad news for the legendarily wacky designer: A deal has been reached to start liquidating the company’s assets in order to pay back the $6.8 million Johnson owes her creditors, and it’s going to involve getting rid of virtually everything. That means there’ll be sales on everything from store fixtures and furniture, to Johnson’s signature sparkly, pink clothing. Which is good news for Betsey fans trying to get a deal on glitter tutus, but bad news for 350 people that lost their jobs.

While we’ve long grown out of Betsey’s style, we can’t even count the number of friends who wore (or wanted to wear) Betsey Johnson dresses to their proms. Betsey represents a certain Sassy-fied era in fashion, and her own bright and bubbly personality spoke through her clothing. [Reuters]

Christopher Meloni Talks “True Blood,” Gives Us A Lady Boner

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“Well, we don’t have as many werepanthers on SVU, [but] I smack around [Alexander] Skaarsgard and [Bill] Moyer. I f*ck someone else up, and I have a girlfriend, so that’s fun. It’s been very freeing, except for the fact that I get off the show where I had to wear a coat and tie every day and they put me in a suit and tie every day.”

–Total hottie and fave “Law & Order: SVU” detective Christopher Meloni on his new role on “True Blood.” Smacking around Alexander Skaarsgard and Bill Moyer? A Sars, Mel, Moy sandwich? Now that’s something we’ve gotta see! [New York]

Presented Without Comment: Lark Vorhees Then And Now

Botched Plastic Surgery
plastic surgery
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Remember adorable, sassy Lisa Turtle from “Saved By The Bell”? This is what she looks like these days.

Do Not Want: Floating Shoes You’ll Fall Over In

Do Not Want: Picnic Pants
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Do Not Want: Shoes
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simone rocha perspex heels

These Simone Rocha perspex brogues are troubling for a number of reasons. There’s the bright green vinyl color, for one. Then there’s the clear perspex heel, which is bound to get you into some major trouble. It looks virtually unwalkable, and purposely designed so. That’s probably why it’s an “employee pick” at high fashion church Opening Ceremony, a store that prides itself on selling ridiculously overpriced, highly unwearable garments. And oh, did we mention the price? That’s right: They’re $ 1,075. [Opening Ceremony, $1,075]

Where Is My White Tiger Cub Cam?

white tiger cubs
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Note to the Yalta zoo that recently celebrated the birth of four rare white tiger cubs. Maybe you should take a cue from the guys that set up the Shiba Inu 24-hour cam and set up a similar arrangement so that I know every single thing these babies do.  Also I love how the British news reporter says “Albeeno” white tiger.

For Your Boyfriend: Gently Direct Him To A Gentleman’s Read

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gentlemans read blog

You’re lucky, you have The Frisky to help you out of any and all crises, whether they be style-generated (can I wear socks with heels?) or relationship-oriented (Is it okay to have murderous feelings about my significant other after I trip over his shoes for the twelfth time?). But where do our guy friends go when they need an extra-serving of online advice, inspiration or distraction? We’ve got a new suggestion: A Gentleman’s Read, a website that helpfully gathers together top men’s fashion experts, style sites and good reads in one space. The site’s curators gathered material from sites like Gilt, Dezeen, Another Something and Protein to provide readers with everything from interviews with artisans to reviews of new clothing lines to must-have design trinkets.  Think of it less like a blog, and more like a very convenient everything-and-the-kitchen-sink awesome dude education system. [A Gentleman’s Read]

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