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Do You Save For Big Items Or Blow Your Cash On Tons Of Tinier Things?

I shop like it’s my job (maybe it kind of is?) and this weekend I found myself at two very different shopportunities (I’m the worst). On Friday, some friends and I hit up the Opening Ceremony sample sale, which promised a warehouse full of designer items for up to 90 percent off. This meant that items that were usually prohibitively, outrageously expensive, would now be only annoyingly expensive and/or almost reasonable (virtually nothing sold at Opening Ceremony is ever affordable in the slightest). My roommate scored, on my insistence, a slightly damaged Alexandre Herchcovitch dress for $200 (she’s enviously tall and I weep for that dress), and my other friend bought a scarf. I went nuts when I found not only an insane Rosa Cha goth-ycakes blazer (totally not necessary), but also a gorge Charles Anastase safari trench coat (pictured). The only problem? The trench coat cost $400. Did I buy it? Yes. I. Did. And here’s why. Keep reading »

Shopping Guide: 10 Beautiful Floral Pieces

Shopping Guide: 8 Beautiful Floral Pieces
Maybe it’s because we spent some time looking at Chloe Sevigny’s ’90s-fied collection for Opening Ceremony the other day, but we’ve got the ’90s on the brain. And nothing better embodies that look than big florals. But we didn’t want to just rehash the same old thing — we wanted to give you updated takes on big, bright floral looks. After the jump, skirts, shirts and dresses that pop off the page in blooming bliss.

We Feel Weird About Elle Fanning’s Fashion Muse Status

Okay, okay, so I get it: fashion’s always on to the next. The newest, the weirdest, the most avant-garde — and apparently, the youngest. And that’s why the Fanning children, Elle and Dakota, have been on fashion’s sweet radar for the last year or so, making the rounds in magazine editorials, on blogs and in designers’ campaign videos. Dakota, the elder Fanning, is the ripe old age of 17, and so we’re somewhat less troubled by her meteoric rise into the sweet embrace of fashion’s bosom. But younger sister Elle Fanning is only 13 years old. And she looks it!

So what, you say? Keep reading »

The Good, The Bad & The WTF At The 2011 Tony Awards

tonys 061311 m jpg
Theater people are a strange lot, aren’t they? So … expressive. So … dramatic and weird. Shockingly, last night’s Tony Awards — in the fashion department, anyway — had very little of the drama we’d expect from a bunch of stage actors. Instead, everyone was pretty safe and classy, and dare we say it, maybe boring? But are we being too harsh? Take a look and tell us what you think in the comments.

Duck, Duck Foot

Recognize these shoes from your recent walk in the park? That’s because designer Kobi Levi designs his heels to look like fine-feathered fowl. Check out some of his other out-there designs, including creepy mother-daughter shoes, here. Whimsical, but are they wearable? [Buzzfeed] Keep reading »

Sad Models Stranded On The Beach

Lars and Bjorn made a disastrous mistake when planning their gloomy picnic. Keep reading »

A Readymade, Redone

Inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s “Readymade” collection of works — in which the French artist took everyday objects and simply reframed them as objet d’art — designers The Rodnik Band have come up with a dress you can pee in. Or rather, be peed in in. Sure it’s cheeky, but it’s also weirdly loaded to have a woman wear a urinal, don’t you think? Sometimes a rose isn’t just a rose is a rose. [Buzzfeed] Keep reading »

Chloe Sevigny’s Opening Ceremony Line Is A Return To The ’90s

chloe001 060811 m jpg
Chloe Sevigny is something of the poster girl for the ’90s. She did, after all, intern at Sassy and star in “Kids,” one of the decade’s most controversial movies, so it’s no surprise that her resort collection for Opening Ceremony is steeped in ’90s references. But, much as we love her, we’re not sure the collection really works. Some of the fabrications look cheap and poorly made, and a lot of looks read more kitschy than cool. But what do you think? Tell us in the comments!

Ask The Man Panel: Diane Von Furstenberg’s Purple People Eaters

These Diane von Furstenburg pants are really, really high-rise. And also really, really purple. Are they the definition of man repellent? Well… Keep reading »

Shopping Guide: 10 Summer Sheet Sets

Shopping Guide: 10 Summer Sheet Sets
Summer makes us sweaty, which really ups the amount we’re changing our sheets. As such, we’re thinking we need some new bedding. Keep clicking for 10 perfectly summery sheet sets to keep you cool during these warm summer months.
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