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Do Not Want: Joint Stockings

All you goth princesses out there probably love these joint stockings because they remind you of “A Nightmare Before Christmas”‘s Jack Skellington. Fine, fine, but on a practical note, they make your legs look pale and ashy. Don’t you want to look healthy? God, I feel like somebody’s mom. Sigh. [EPICponyz] Keep reading »

The 10 Most Iconic Bikinis In History

bikini 070711 m jpg
This week, the bikini — the venerable invention of Parisian automobile engineer Louis Réard — turned 65. Réard created the bikini after learning that another French designer had crafted a similarly scanty bathing suit, and named it after the Bikini Atoll, the area where the United States had recently conducted nuclear tests. Heaping scandal upon scandal, Réard had burlesque performer Micheline BernadiniIn model the newsprint patterned two-piece — the back of it was a G-string. You can imagine how well that went over in polite Parisian society. In honor of the bikini’s official senior citizen status, we’ve taken a look back at some of the most iconic bikinis throughout history.

Cosmetics Brand Illamasqua Hopes To Corner The Funeral Market

I’m sure very few of you are considering what you’ll look like at your funerals (those of you who are, you are very creepy). But just in case, Brit cosmetics company Illamasqua has partnered with London funeral home Leverton & Sons to provide makeup looks to take you into the afterlife. Their reasoning for opening up to the funeral market? According to their blog:

Illamasqua encourages people to self-express and embrace their alter ego in every way – why should this be any different when you pass away? It is a celebration of life, and one that should be indulged for your last glamorous look. The rite of passage to the afterlife has been of central importance to human culture for thousands of years. To have the best mahogany, the finest lining, the best stallions [ED NOTE: the best stallions???] … are today chosen in tribute to the life lived. To wear the most fabulous makeup applied by a professionally trained makeup artist for your final journey is the ultimate statement of celebration.

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Flowchart: Should You Come Clean?

Today is To Tell the Truth Day, so we’ve created a handy flowchart to help you determine whether you need to bother commencing with the truth serum. Keep reading »

8 Movies From The ’80s You Need For Your Summer Movie Fest

valley girl 070611 m jpg
Now that we’re firmly into July, you may have burned through some of your summer fun goodwill. Why not take a movie breather, then? Our favorite genre happens to be ’80s teen flicks, and so we’ve decided to give you a must-see list of some of our favorites. While some of the standard ’80s flicks aren’t on here, we’ve given you a few lesser known ones to try out (like “Valley Girl,” pictured above). Let us know what you think, and tell us what you think this list is missing!

Be My Boyfriend: Guy Who Discovered How To Inject McNuggets With Dipping Sauce

Dear Guy Who Invented Injecting Chicken McNuggets With Dipping Sauce: You are pretty smart. You also love snack foods. And you used your ingenuity — and a syringe that you strangely had hanging around your desk — to improve upon a rather flawless snackfood to create a truly incredible innovation: Chicken McNuggets infused with dipping sauce. Let’s date. [Serious Eats] Keep reading »

Adele Fans Rule At Online Dating

Adele fan? That’s good news for your online dating game. The most successful online daters happen to be fans of Adele, at least according to a new online dating site called, which matches potential dates with similar music tastes. Also successful: male fans that like Arcade Fire, Kings of Leon and the Arctic Monkeys. The least popular male daters? No surprise here: Metallica, Linkin Park and Eminem fans. [] Keep reading »

Shopping Guide: 10 Cute Summer Cocktail Dresses

Shopping Guide: 10 Cute Summer Cocktail Dresses
It’s officially summer. You’ve sweated through everything in your closet by now and you need a new cute dress to get you through the next few weeks of summer shindigs. Treat yourself to a colorful frock that’ll get you noticed. Check out our faves!

Quiz: Do You Recognize That Celebrity Butt?

Quiz: Guess That Celeb Booty!
Butts are beautiful. Butts are great. The butts of famous people are sometimes big, sometimes small, sometimes luscious and lovely. But how well do you know your celebrity behinds? We’ve assembled a selection of world class famous lady backsides for your examination. Test your knowledge by taking our quiz!

The 10 Dumbest Beauty Products

The 10 Dumbest Beauty Products
Marketing geniuses are always coming up with new ways to sell ladies stupid products they don’t need. And when it comes to preying on our vanity, beauty companies will seemingly stop at nothing to try and get us spend money on dumb potions, lotions and devices. After the jump, we uncover the 10 dumbest beauty products we’ve ever seen.
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