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What’s Your Favorite Insult?

Sometimes throwing a good, rollicking insult in your head is the only thing that will make you feel better about a particularly crappy person. Whether it be the bitchy checkout lady who will not let you return the shirt you purchased just yesterday because you don’t have a receipt (happened), or a lame dude on the subway who needlessly rubbed up against you (double happened). But insults, the ones that work for you, are a very particular and unique thing. For instance, my insult of choice is “baby genius,” derived from the 1999 movie starring Kathleen Turner and Christopher Lloyd of the same name. (Which, just so you know, has been described as a “live action ‘Rugrats.’”) I LOVE IT. It’s condescending and patronizing, it’s not a swear word, so you can say it aloud and not offend any grandmas. Like this: “Who is the baby genius who decided to leave all the windows open and turn the air conditioner on?” See what I’m saying? After the jump, the rest of The Frisky staff tell you what their favorite insults are. Tell us what your favorites are in the comments! Keep reading »

Kristin Cavallari Is Turning Into That Weird Svedka Vodka Robot

At least that’s what I pictured when I heard Cavallari would be strutting down the runway modeling a glass bikini designed by SKYY Vodka and Diesel to kick off Miami Swim Week. Good look with that, Kristin. You know what they say about people in glass bikinis … they shouldn’t get really drunk on SKYY Vodka and throw rocks and fall down on the runway. Or something like that. [NY Post]
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Under The Sea

Nail art for Ursula the Sea Witch! Sure, you can’t eat, pick up a pencil or text on your phone, but damn, girl, you’re a sea witch, you can hire some anemone to do that for you. [Fashion Indie] Keep reading »

The Good, The Bad & The WTF At The ESPY Awards

espys m jpg
The ESPY Awards are a strange event when sportsfolk mingle with celebrity folk in a sweaty, bejeweled, alcohol-fueled haze. Or at least that’s what I imagine it’s like — Ryan Reynolds and Vern Troyer were both there, after all. And there were lots of fashions — especially from the athletic ladies, who are typically more prone to wearing sports bras and Nikes than sequins. But on another note, perhaps sequins should be integrated into athletic competitions more often? To dazzle and bewilder the opponent? Just a thought. The good, bad and sort of bag lady-esque looks from the event after the jump.

Be My Boyfriend: Guy Who Demanded He Be Allowed To Wear Spaghetti Strainer In His License Photo

Hey there, Niko Alm. I really love that you were so adamant about wearing a spaghetti strainer in your driver’s license photo that you fought for three years to obtain the right. You even claimed to be a follower of “Pastafarianism,” and submitted to a mental health test to make sure that you were competent enough to drive. It turns out you were, and that strainer does really make the outfit. Let’s go on a date — you can drive. [NPR] Keep reading »

Awesomely Affordable: 10 Cool Cork Pieces Under $100

cork 071311 m jpg
Cork is kind of having a moment right now. I really like it, because I imagine that if you wear enough of it, you turn into an Ent or something. We’ve assembled a laundry list of corked up items for you — keep clicking to check ‘em out!

What’s Your Morning Routine?

Our morning routines are all so individuated and specific and weird. Like for instance, I can’t get my day started without spending at least 20 minutes in bed with my cats. It’s not my decision — it’s up to Pony and The Colonel (the cats, you know). I also NEVER eat breakfast at my house. Weird, right? So, I decided to ask the rest of The Frisky staff how they get their days going — and I want to hear about yours, too. Tell us about your morning routine — and your must-have products — in the comments! Keep reading »

My Monthly Deathly Hallows And Other New Names For Your Period

Let’s get one thing straight: my period and I are not friends. And that’s why last week, when I was going through the worst of it, I started referring to my period as The Deathly Hallows. It just seemed appropriate, you know? Granted, I’ve never seen a Harry Potter movie or read the books, but come on, what’s more deathly or hallows-y than bleeding for five days straight? With that in mind, I’ve decided we need to come up with some fresh new period euphemisms, because “Aunt Flo,” “the rag,” and “my monthly lusty bloodletting” just aren’t cutting it anymore. Keep reading »

What Kate Middleton Should Be Wearing

Kate Middleton style
Man, everyone has so many feelings about Kate Middleton — or Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, if we’re being formal — and her style (or lack thereof). Despite your protestations (and assertions that I’m just jealz of her), I stand by my claims that Kate isn’t really worthy of the style icon title. The raw material is there: She’s utterly gorgeous. She has great skin. She’s got a lollipop figure. And whatever, she’s a friggin’ princess. You can’t beat that! But her recent trip to the States and Canada was full of boring outfit after boring outfit. We’ve gone through and picked out some stylish celebs and leading ladies that Kate might want to look to for guidance and dress appeal. Commence with the strongly worded debate in the comments!

Sweaty Apples, Dance Cards & Dainty Gloves — Dating Rituals From Days Of Yore

Dating is a verifiable mess these days, but oh, it was so much weirder and wilder back in ye olde times (not counting that date you went on with the “Welcome Back Kotter” obsessive). We’ve found some of the more random traditions and customs of days gone by for you to stick your smelly apples into (you’ll see what we mean in a minute)…

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