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Shopping Guide: 10 Super Statement Rings

rings 072711 m jpg
“More is more” is the mantra for the week, and as such, statement rings are definitely on the menu. We’ve selected 10 chunky, blingy, totally rockin’ rings to make your hands go “pop!” Keep clicking to check ‘em out!

Flowchart: What Hobby Should I Pick Up?

It’s Get a Hobby Week, and you’ve got a lot of potential hobbies to consider. From team sports to serial killer stalking, and everything in between, we give you a bevy of hobby options, based on what you already love. Why? Because we’re helpful like that! Keep reading »

Nail Tattoos: A New Thing You Can Do To Your Nails

Manicures and nail decals are so over. Enter the next big thing: Nail tattoos. Our Philadelphia buddy Jacci, who runs the blog Being Perfect is Hard, hit upon the idea and met up with a local tattoo artist friend recently to get her nails tattooed. She drew a variety of cute and quirky designs and had them tattooed directly on her fingernails. “I chose a bunch of my favorite things which include Bart Simpson heads, a Wu Tang symbol, a Chanel logo, a diamond, an eye, a pizza slice, a smiley face, a dollar sign and a heart.” But did it hurt? No, says Jacci, who also explained that the art is semi-permanent, as in, it’ll last only until your nails grow out, so if you get bored, you can simply paint over the designs. The tattoo process itself took around 35-40 minutes for all 10 nails, and cost Jacci around $60. And this is why Philly girls rule so much. [Being Perfect Is Hard] Keep reading »

Julia Roberts Is Too Airbrushed For The U.K.

Julia Roberts airbrushing ad photo

Breaking News: Julia Roberts and model Christy Turlington — both women in their 40s — are not the dewy, fresh-faced nymphs these ads for Maybelline and Lancome would have you believe. In fact, these airbrushed within-an-inch-of-their-lives ads have gotten both cosmetics companies in trouble with the United Kingdom’s Advertising Standards Authority, which regulates truth in advertising. Though Maybelline’s Christy Turlington ad features tiny print at the bottom which clarifies that the image offers an “illustrated effect” of how its product works, that wasn’t enough for the ASA. Ditto regarding Lancome’s ad, which the ASA claims did not “accurately illustrate what effect the product could achieve.” Further, the ASA couldn’t conclusively determine whether digital retouching had been used to alter the image. Keep reading »

In Which We Learn That Balmain’s Concept Of Affordable Is Very Relative

In the world of super high-end designer Balmain, it’s not unusual to charge upwards of $5,000 for a pair of leather pants or $7,000 for a coat. So, the fact that Balmain has decided to release a lower-priced line sounded like good news to us. Until we found out that the price point for this “affordable” line was going to be not so affordable. Prices start at $172 for a T-shirt and run to $1,291 for eveningwear. And that’s not the only thing disappointing about Balmain’s diffusion collection. Judging from photos of the pieces (like the outfit at left), the Pierre Balmain line (as the lower-priced collection is being called) looks like nothing more than chintzy Topshop designs. Diffusion doesn’t have to equal boring, especially from a designer who’s known for his punky, glamorous frocks. And who buys a $172 T-shirt, anyway? Even if we had that kind of money, that would be crazy. [Fashionista] Keep reading »

Hobby Road Test: Becoming A Skateboarder

I have been plagued — yes plagued — by skateboarders since I was in middle school. That’s when I first became friends with/attracted to skater boys. It’s also when I first became acquainted with the stultifying boredom of sitting around waiting for your friends to finish up at the damned skate park so you could go to the movies or the mall. Ahh, the loneliness of being one of a couple of girls that was part of the skater boy posse. Yes, I knew who Ricky Oyola was and could attest to the fine-ness of Mike Vallelly, but watching your buddies hit their balls over and over again while trying to grind on a handrail wasn’t that fun. Oh, what am I talking about. It was pretty fun. Keep reading »

The Bumbys Will Judge You For Being Boring

“It’s definitely better to do something awful with your outfit and your personality than nothing at all — middle of the road, that’s always bad.”

–Jill Bumby, one half of the duo, The Bumbys. I know this sounds crazy, but Jill and Gill Bumby go to parties and will, if you ask, compose “a fair and honest appraisal of your appearance.” They’ve procured hundreds of paid gigs — including at Art Basel in Miami — doing just that. To quote Minka Kelly quoting Yves St. Laurent in “The Roommate”: “Fashions fade. Style is eternal.” Our own Amelia received a Bumbys appraisal once — read it, after the jump! [NY Mag] Keep reading »

The Year In Shocking Celebrity Hair Transformations So Far

Women always be changing their hair. It’s a maxim you can set your watch to. And celebrity ladies are no different. In fact, whether it’s for a role, because of a breakup, or simply because their agent told them putting blue streaks in their locks might garner them an extra bit of press (looking at you, Lauren Conrad), famous ladies are just as guilty as the rest of us of making impetuous hair moves. After the jump, we review some of the big hair changers so far this year — women who have gone from long to short, from short to long, from blonde to red and right back again. And don’t forget to tell us whose hair you covet and who you think should probably be sporting a paper bag over their head these days.

The Year In Shocking Celebrity Hair Transformations So Far

Scarlett Johansson
We can imagine Scarlett Johannson‘s hair transformation has something to do with her split from hubster Ryan Reynolds and then boyfriend Sean Penn. That’s just a guess, considering some of the things we’ve done to our hair after a breakup. Red or wrong?


Be My Boyfriend: Guy Who Wears A Dribble Bib

After the jump, three reasons why me and a dribble bib wearer should date. Keep reading »

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