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What Your Snacks Talk About When They Talk About Critical Theory

Kim Funk is an awesome illustrator and comic maker I met this week at the opening of the art show BIG MOUTH: contemporary voices in feminist art + illustration. Her comics are smart, funny and unapologetically feminist. Check out more of her work on her rad Tumblr, and if you’re feeling inspired, crack open a notebook and get to making some comics of your own! [KimFFFunk] Keep reading »

Infographic: Ranking The Week In Crazy Celebrity Fashion

What to say about this week’s entrants in le crazy fashion competition … I love them all in their unique, sartorially-challenged ways. Mary Murphy, your leather lady Girl Scout get up … I have no words for the sheer horror/joy this outfit invokes. Well done, but how will you top yourself on your next red carpet go ’round? Given you’re Mary Murphy–a woman who’s made a name for herself screaming like a banshee on dance competish show “So You Think You Can Dance–I’m sure you’ll find a way. Keep reading »

The Good, The Bad & The WTF: The “Conan The Barbarian” Premiere

conan 081211 m jpg
Not gonna lie. I will probably never see “Conan the Barbarian,” the new film starring some man hulk named Jason Mamoa [Khal Drogo! RIP! -- Editor] reprising the role made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1982 original. Nope, I’m not going to watch this new one, but I did watch the original, and I can tell you, it is a gem, seriously. Especially if you watch it with the director’s commentary on. Arnold does all the commentary and says the most asinine, incredible things (just wait till he gets to the part about screwing the wolf witch, it’s so good). That said, I will of course spare no expense in analyzing the fashion goings on at the premiere. Keep clicking to check out the good and bad looks…

Kate Moss Got Married Because Of “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding”

“I am so romantic about Gypsies. They’re not allowed to do anything until they get married. So they all get married really young, at sixteen. You can’t believe the dresses. They’re like blinging butterflies times 10; they can’t move down the aisle! It’s so genius. I was just watching Jamie, so cute, and I was like, these girls, they just spend their whole life waiting for that day—let’s do it!”

Kate Moss on what compelled her to walk down the aisle and wed new husband Jamie Hince. Wow, Kate, “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding”? Really? Sheesh. [Vogue] Keep reading »

A Wedding Dress For One Cent? Yes, Please!

Dating blogger Yue Xu was wandering around Nordstrom Rack minding her own biz when she spied a gorgeous Jessica McClintock wedding gown on sale for one cent. The strapless dress had been erroneously marked down from $275 to only a penny. Several Nordstrom employees gathered around as a manager furiously entered the dress’s SKU into the register. Again and again, the price came up as one cent. After several minutes and dozens of attempts, Nordstrom actually honored the price on the tag. The only problem? Yue has no plans of getting married anytime soon and, well, she thought it might be a little crazy to buy a wedding dress when she wasn’t even engaged. So Yue did something extremely cool — she bought the dress and is now giving it away. Keep reading »

Kate Moss-Inspired “Nothing Tastes As Good As Skinny Feels” Kid’s Shirt Banned

You’ve got to wonder, sometimes, what marketing people are thinking when they make decisions like the one Brit company Zazzle made to allow a children’s T-shirt to be sold with the words “Nothing Tastes As Good As Skinny Feels.” When the T first came to light, Zazzle claimed that it was simply “a custom products platform, it enables all users to create their own products that feature their own content. In this way, Zazzle is an outlet for users to express their personal opinions and viewpoints.” In effect, it was simply a platform for users, but not responsible for what users created with its platform. Well, Zazzle’s card has been pulled by Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority, who have deemed the shirts “harmful to children.”

You think, guys? Keep reading »

10 Hot Dudes From Threadless Whisper Sweet Nothings in Our Ears

threadless 081111 m jpg
After spending yesterday exploring the worst that the online T-shirt industry has to offer, we were delighted to become e-acquainted with the fine dudes of indie T-shirt company Threadless. Even better, Threadless features regular guys (and ladies!) modeling its wares — and many of them seem like adorable dudes plucked off the streets of Chicago, where the company is based. We picked our 10 favorite hapless Threadless models for you to ogle and enjoy. Check ‘em out after the jump!

10 Stupidly Offensive T-Shirt Man-strosities

tees 081011 m jpg
You really can’t walk down the street these days without seeing a guy wearing some kind of patently stupid or offensive t-shirt. It’s really incredible that some men feel so comfortable, so entitled to wear shirts all about their genitalia, their sexual prowess, date rape (or straight up rape) or violence against women–and even worse, that companies make a killing selling this crap to ignorant dudes. With that in mind, I’ve selected a few of the most egregious — and ridiculous — and given them a little bit of the ol’ dialectical analysis, for your enjoyment, of course.

And tell us: have you seen one of these stupid Ts lately? What did it say?

Emma Stone And Olivia Wilde Unite In Prettiness For Revlon

Just like Gretchen in “Mean Girls” kept trying to make “fetch” happen, the world just keeps insisting that Olivia Wilde happen. And why not? She’s gorgeous, catlike and the daughter of leftist politco thinker Alexander Cockburn, so sure. Emma Stone, on the other hand, is a sparkly, keen-eyed redhead with great comic timing who yes, you’d want to be your best friend. Together, the two will serve as global brand ambassadors for cosmetics giant Revlon this next year. No, this doesn’t mean they’ll be attending the interplanetary makeup conference on disgraced former planet Pluto (but don’t you wish there was one?)–it just means you’ll be seeing a whole lot more of these two, so get ready. Yay pretty ladies! Keep reading »

Style 911: “I Need The Perfect Dress For A ‘Casual, Elegant’ Beach Wedding!”

Next month, I will be traveling halfway across the world for my boyfriend’s sister’s wedding, and it will be the first time I meet most of his family. It’s a beach wedding, and the only style guidelines I’ve received from my fashion-challenged man are that the wedding is “casual and elegant” (though, frankly, I think it’ll be more elegant than casual). I’m envisioning a drapey, colorful dress (coral? royal blue?) with a defined waist and a plunging neckline, or maybe a beautiful print, though any two of these variables would do. I need to look good! My ideal price point is somewhere below $250. –Smalls

Ahh, boyfriends — not always the best communicators when it comes to letting us know what we should be wearing. Dress too dressy, and you’ll upstage the bride. Not dressy enough, and your boyfriend’s family might think you have no taste. Never fear, there are ways to make this work! First off, I’d recommend steering clear of certain “prom dress-y” fabrics that may come off as too formal, such as satin, lace and taffeta. Stick with a more neutral fabric like linen or cotton to keep things on track. Remember, this is a beach wedding, so you’re going to want to be comfortable. You’re also most likely going to have to wear sandals, and that will help better define what your options are. Keep reading »

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