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Pussy Riot: Everything You Need To Know About The Case That’s Rocking Russia

Pussy Riot Pleads
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The feminist punk band has pleaded "not guilty." Read More »
Madonna Defends
madonna on pussy riot
Madonna spoke out in defense of Pussy Riot at recent concert. Read More »
Frisky Feminism!
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Back in February, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Maria Alyokhina, and Ekaterina Samutsevich — three members of the controversial Russian feminist band Pussy Riot — walked into Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Savior and engaged in a raucous performance at the church’s altar. Shedding their winter clothes, the girls, clad in colorful dresses and balaclavas, danced and jumped around. The women then turned the 30-second clip into a music video for their song “Punk Prayer: Holy Mother, Chase Putin Away,” a raucous, punk-tinged rant against Russian president Vladmir Putin. Within days, the video had gone viral — and the women of Pussy Riot had been arrested.

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“Small Town Security” Recap: God Don’t Make No Junk

Small Town Security Love
The second episode exposes a bizarre love triangle. Read More »
10 Reasons To Watch
Why we love "Small Town Security." Read More »
My Mother Is A Hoarder
An essay from a woman with a hoarder in the family. Read More »
"Why Are You Looking At Me Like That?"

I was too traumatized by last night’s “Breaking Bad” to watch “Small Town Security,” so apologies for getting this recap to you late. “Breaking Bad” is so stressful! But “Small Town Security” is like a sweet, soothing salve on the nerves. As long as you can handle all the uncomfortable sex talk.

And oh, what sex talk!

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Go Ahead Big Spender, Buy Your Own Town

Most Expensive Day
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If a $90 million dollar apartment (5,000 square feet! On Central Park South!) doesn’t do it for you, perhaps you’d like something a bit more expansive. These days, the total ballers are blowing their loads not on single residences, but entire towns. For a mere $900,000, a Vietnamese buyer purchased the town of Buford, Wyoming. But that’s not really a deal, compared to the couple who bought the tiny town of Wauconda, Washington, for $360,000. And of course, Kim Basinger famously purchased the town of Braselton, Georgia for $20 million in 1989 — and then sold it five years later for $1 million. Whoops!

If you’re looking to purchase a small town or two, may we suggest Garryowen, Montana? The town, population two, features a gas station, one building, and the dubious distinction of being the starting point for Custer’s Last Stand, otherwise known as the Battle of Little Big Horn. The auction for the town starts on August 15, and the opening bid is $250,000. And if you’d like to own a town abroad, there’s Valle Piola, Italy. Nobody lives there, but there small town is made up of 11 stone buildings, several of which date back to the 13th century. It’s just $800,000, which comes out to less than $100,000 per structure. But if you’re really looking to be lord of the manor, try Toomsboro, Georgia, population 700. At only $2.5 million, it’s a veritable bargain. Plus it has its own barber shop and 18-room hotel. Free haircuts for life! [CNBC]

For The Novice Stripper: Paper Nipple Tassles

You’d like to indulge your skanky side, but don’t even know where to begin, right? Enter paper nipple tassles, by artist Bert Gilbert, a London-based creative interested in taking paper arts to a whole new place. “More fun than you thought possible with paper,” he says. To which we reply: You underestimate our kinky paper ways. [Bert Gilbert]

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Penn Badgely Completely Destroys “East Of Eden”

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"We're Identical In Every Way -- Except One"

Penn Badgely, like the rest of the “Gossip Girl” cast, is just biding his time until that abomination of a show is over. And in the meantime, he’s made this perfectly awesome parody of Steinbeck’s East of Eden with the guys from Periods films. Periods makes super funny, anachronistic renditions of great works of literature (my favorite is their take on Edith Wharton’s Ethan Frome). Enjoy Badgely as the totally dickish twin in Eden. [YouTube]

Must Haves: 10 Perfect Pieces From Oasis

Oasis Clothing is synonymous with refined British style, and is one of our favorite imports from across the pond. Oasis’s style is classic and pretty, but never stuffy. We’ve picked ten awesome items from their latest collection, so you can dress like a classic British lass.

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