I Am A Test

Excerpt:I am a test. I am a test. I am a test. I am a test. I am a test. I am a test. I am a test. I am a test.
By: SourBall / December 23, 2008

Table Test

i am excerpt…
By: SourBall / May 1, 2008

A page!

This is a page…
By: SourBall / March 18, 2008

Link To The Frisky

By: SourBall / March 18, 2008

Can Sex Prevent Colds?

The next time you catch a cold, your doctor's advice may be, "Have two orgasms and call me in the morning." According to a study conducted by Carl J. Charnetski, professor of psychology, and Francis X.
By: SourBall / March 1, 2008

Breaking Shocker: Drunk People Get Their Freak On

The crackerjack reporters at Reverend Moon's UPI have unearthed quite the scoop: ST. LOUIS, Dec. 4 (UPI) -- A clinical diagnosis of alcohol dependence in young adults is associated with having a high number of sex partners, U.S. researchers found. First author Patricia Cavazos-Rehg of Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, found alcohol…
By: SourBall / December 5, 2007