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9 Celebrities Under House Arrest

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Roman Polanski has been sprung from Swiss jail cell. But don’t lock up your 13-year-olds just yet. Polanski had to pay about $4.5M in bail, plus he now has an electronic tag that he must wear 24 hours a day. And he is under house arrest, confined to his Swiss chalet. Wait, doesn’t that sound better than Club Fed? [Hello! Magazine]

It seems like a lot of celebrities have been under house arrest lately? After the jump, let’s take a look.

10 Celebrities On Their Favorite Snacks

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Ashley Greene of “Twilight” is addicted to Cheez-Its. “I can’t live life not enjoying food,” she says. “So my solution is to get baggies and zip locks and Tupperware and give myself only one portion to take with me during the day.” That’s great discipline—and a great snack. In fact, I want a bag. [People]

After the jump, let’s look at other celebrity snackers.

10 Famous Former “Fatties”

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Former “American Idol” finalist, Adam Lambert, kissed a man onstage at the American Music Awards. While I’m fine with a little spicy guy-on-guy sprinkled over my award show, Adam keeps feeling the need to justify his performance. His newest defense? That he’s a former fattie and his racy show was part of him compensating for his old image issues. “I suffered from a little bit of an ugly-duckling complex in my early 20s,” Adam told a radio DJ. “When I was in high school I was 250 pounds and that creates some stuff, some confidence issues. And I got a lot of my confidence from the validation I get as a performer.” [CNN]

If his controversial performance was just a case of Adam feeling his new body, how are other once-overweight people feeling theirs? After the jump, a look at some of the most fabulous former fatties of note.

UPDATE: We’ve added quotes around the word “fatties” in the title of this post — which we should have done to begin with — to indicate that this is a roundup of celebrities talking about their weight loss and that the title was meant to be sarcastic. As many of you — and our text — have pointed out, most of these people were never actually very overweight. No offense was ever intended with the title.

Does Sexting Lead To Teen Car Crashes?

Did you guys know that water is wet? Yep, it’s true. Also, sexting is really popular with teens, according to an Associated Press and MTV poll. But really, there are some surprising findings here. A quarter of youngins have sent a salacious photo or video to another’s phone, and experts think sexting is related to the same reasoning that leads to high rates of teen car accidents. Sociology professor Kathleen Bogle calls it an “invincibility factor that young people feel.” Of the kids who admitted to sexting, half didn’t think of it as an infraction with serious consequences. The other half consider sexting a big problem, even though they participate. What I’d like to know is whether sexting actually causes car crashes? Like they’re so distracted by the sight of naughty images that they lose control of the wheel? [AP] Keep reading »

The Mayor Of Baltimore Is In The Dog House—Over $630

My boyfriend, who always votes for the third party candidate, says that the only difference between Democrats and Republicans is their price tag. He’s forever explaining to strangers that Republicans would never get caught with only $90K worth of bribe money in their freezers. And maybe he’s right? Democrat Sheila Dixon, the first female mayor of Baltimore, has been convicted of fraudulent misappropriation. She stole $630 worth of gift cards intended for the poor. Apparently, she solicited the cards from a wealthy developer and then instead of donating them, bought stuff for herself. That’s great, Sheila. Now I’ll never shut my guy up. Couldn’t you just have had an affair? Or at least switched party affiliations before pushing the self-destruct button? [Newser] Keep reading »

Those Australians Wouldn’t Have Boycotted If They Knew Britney Sounded This Bad Live

We all know that Britney Spears is a seasoned pro. Like all “Mickey Mouse Club”-launched superstars, she’s been singing onstage since childhood. Which makes this video kind of baffling. Supposedly, it’s Britney’s microphone feed isolated during a concert in Vegas, though we know the “original audio” could have easily been doctored. While my first instinct was to plug my ears and laugh, it does make me squirm a little when I think of how I would sound, taken out of context, singing while dancing my ass off. I have the shower stall acoustics and appreciative backup vocals by my cat, though, so I know I always sound hilarious fab. [Live Leak] Keep reading »

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