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An Ode To “As The World Turns”

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I discovered “As the World Turns” as a tiny tween, the first time when I was genuinely sick enough to stay home from school and my working mom decided I was old enough to stay home alone. After I got well, I would sneak a peek at the forbidden non-PBS afternoon show every chance I got and was always thrilled by the constantly rotating cast of characters. For 54 years, “As the World Turns” was a training ground for future movie and TV stars. But its fan base of stay-at-home-moms evaporated and now the oldest surviving American soap opera is donezo as of next September. I was shocked and confused when I heard the news. Why was this happening? “As the World Turns” has so many fans. But then I realized I couldn’t remember the last episode I’d watched from beginning to end. Sure I still tune in for a minute or two, when I’m home sick, but mostly I just take Dayquil and go to work anyway. That’s no way for a network show to keep advertisers. [BBC]

In a way, the actors who worked on “As the World Turns” over the years have treated the show the same way. Just look at the famous people whose careers the soap launched.

The Continuing Joy of Rock Star Abs

I’m involuntarily licking my lips, because “Men’s Fitness” has put out a list at least partially covering the best rock star abs of all time. Thanks, guys. This is delicious lunchtime reading, as long as the boss isn’t around. My only complaint is that you missed at least a few. After the jump, let’s look at a few more names that simply can not be left off the list of best rock star abs. [Men’s Fitness]
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Would You Sue The Other Woman For Alienation Of Affection?

If you ever, like Elin Nordegren, have the misfortune of finding out that an “outsider” has been interfering in your marriage, and you happen to live in Hawaii, Illinois, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Dakota or Utah, there is something you can do—sue said third-party for “alienation of affection.” These laws date back to the days when women were considered their husbands’ property, so seducing your neighbor’s wife would have been regarded kind of like theft. Archaic as the attitude is, the alienation of affection laws are still used by both sexes today, in the states where the laws are still on the books. Keep reading »

Get An Advanced Degree At “Lost” University

Everyone at The Frisky is anxiously awaiting the premiere of the sixth and final season of “Lost.” We mark our calendars with big Ls for every day that brings us nearer. Did Locke get Jacob killed? Did Juliet survive? Will we ever get an actual explanation on the polar bears? In the name of higher education, I guess, ABC is getting together real college professors to bring us the internet-based Lost University. It’s a community, it’s a conspiracy, it’s a second chance for those of us whose inferior college opportunities didn’t include courses like Philosophy 101: I’m Lost, Therefore I Am. “It’s the perfect marriage of entertainment and education,” says professor Sean Carroll of Caltech, whose Introductory Physics of Time Travel will be one of the online video courses for students who find their way to Lost U. I’ve gotta go do beer bongs at a frat kegger now, to drown my sorrows. Lost U rejected my enrollment application without even letting me take the placement exams. [Slate] Keep reading »

Pinkstinks Boycotts Kids’ Stores That Sell Pink

Since I’ve always been a blue girl myself, I’ve never gotten the appeal of pink. So I’m kind of intrigued by Pinkstinks, a grassroots group in the U.K. that calls for boycotts on shops selling pink toys and clothes for girls. They say that the “pinkification” begins a narrowing of attitudes for girls—they fear pink may be the beginning of a convention where girls prefer being pretty to being smart. Pinkstinks hopes that by calling for boycotts, girls in the “pink stage” will be more aware of issues like “self esteem and confidence, raise their ambitions and ultimately improve their life chances,” according to the organization’s website. This seems like a bit of a reach, but Pinkstinks feels that forcing pink costumes and princess dresses on girls’ “is leading our daughters up a ‘pink alley.’” Despite that unfortunate phrasing (euphemism for vagina?), I have to admit that sounds plausible. Would I be a heavy metal drummer or a spelunker if I hadn’t been afraid of getting my dress stained or sweaty in my formative years? But then again, can a color really have such influence on anyone? What do you think—worthwhile group or total overreaction? [Daily Mail] Keep reading »

Free Sex With A Postcard For Delegates At The World Climate Summit

Giggle. Talk about a hilarious attempt by Gropenehagen Copenhagen’s Lord Mayor Ritt Bjerregaard to keep a somber tone while hosting the World Climate Summit (COP15). She sent postcards out to local hotels urging COP15 guests and delegates to “Be Sustainable—Don’t Buy Sex.” Which is strange because prostitution has been legal in Denmark for 10 years. The local prostitute union was not amused. So they are now offering free sex for anyone bearing a COP15 badge and one of these now highly coveted postcards. I wonder if guests like the Backstreet Boys have cashed in their free gift? [Calgary Sun] Keep reading »

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