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“Pullin’ A Miley”: Celebrities Who Have Actions Named After Them

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Toby Keith was just at the Nobel Peace Prize party to have fun, right? Drink a little, dance a little, slant your eyes with your fingers, just as Will Smith raps the word “yellow” during a live performance. It’s all, um, in fun? Now, Asian American groups are speaking out against Toby. And people are saying that Toby “pulled a Miley” when he made that racist-looking gesture since she notoriously did the same thing in a photo earlier this year. [NY Daily News]

I’m thinking that having an action or behavior named after you is not the kind of publicity you’re looking for when you’re a high profile celebrity. Let’s look at other celebs with actions named after them, and see if there’s a pattern.

13 Men Jessica Simpson Has Supposedly Flirted With

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This week, Star came out with a “shocking story” about the latest lady who was supposedly involved with Tiger Woods. No, it’s not a VIP hostess, porn star, or waitress this time. Nope, the mag outlandishly claims that Jessica Simpson was after Tiger this summer, flirting with him in front of her then-boyfriend, Tony Romo. According to the Star timeline, Tony dumped Jessica shortly after he supposedly saw her with Tiger. [Us Weekly] But how seriously can we take this rumor, with all of the crazy flirtations Jessica has been accused of? Seriously, according to the tabloids, Jessica is flirt-a-saurus rex. Let’s take a look at the many (supposed) flirtations of Jessica Simpson.

Can We Lock Up Ashanti And Jennifer Garner’s Stalkers?

Poor Tina Douglas, mother and manager of Ashanti. Millions of fans are crazy for her daughter, and Tina can handle most of them. Except one guy, Devar Hurd, who got a lot crazier than the rest. He’s charged with aggravated harassment for sending Tina pictures of his penis, as well as long, creepy texts and voicemails about his obsession with Ashanti, who doesn’t even know him. Clearly Devar needs help, and he’s facing two years in prison, if convicted. [NY Daily News]
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8 Rebounding Don’ts When The Media Is Watching Your Every Move

Alex Rodriguez is amassing a pile of three-strikes-you’re-out puns after a report that he hit on an all-legs blonde at his favorite Miami restaurant, only to be ignored by her three times in a row. This is just days after his highly publicized split from Kate Hudson, and less than a year after his even more publicized divorce from wife Cynthia. [NY Daily News]

Now we know that as a talented, rich, good-looking man, A-Rod is totally entitled to keep on keeping on in the romance department. But he knows that the media is watching his every move, so you think he’d keep it under wraps for, oh, at least a week. After the jump, let’s take a look at some other celebrity men who show us how not to get back on the horse. Keep reading »

Girls Flashes Car, Then It Hits Her

Cherelle May Dudfield, my new favorite extrovert, is in a little less trouble today than she was in September, when shortly following her drunken stroll into traffic, she was struck by a car. The driver apparently found Cherelle standing in the middle of a traffic island, flashing him, a little distracting. The car did slow down, but it still ran right into her. “She rolled up onto the hood and cracked the windscreen before she came down with some minor injuries and was taken to hospital,” said the police.
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Cheers! Champagne Is Good For Your Brain And Heart

How many times while I was growing up did my mother exhort me to get more polyphenols into my diet? So many! If I’d been paying better attention, I probably would have heard her explain that fruits and vegetables with high levels of polyphenals supposedly increase nitric oxide levels, which widen blood vessels and ease pressure on the heart and brain. Green and white teas also have oodles of polyphenols. Now, I enjoy a chocolate-dipped strawberry as much as the next guy, but tea has never been my thing. No need to worry any longer though, Mom, because British academics report that champagne is packed with the stuff. Cava and prosecco also provide similar benefits. I’ll be responsible here and advise the obvious moderation, because the American Heart Association says the health benefits of alcohol are limited to one to two servings a day, but I guess some of us have been taking better care of ourselves than we thought. And ‘tis the season to get my polyphenols on. [Daily Mail] Keep reading »

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