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Notes From Sundance, Take 1: Just Off The Plane

Sundance Film Festival excitement was throbbing way before I hit Utah. As usual, the airline overbooked, and they wanted passengers to relinquish seats in exchange for travel vouchers. As usual, it was a hard sell. None of the passengers I spoke to volunteered. My friends and I resisted the temptation of sweet free travel vouchers so we could all get here together. Half of us headed for the ski lift, but I raced to the wait list line for a chance at a miracle ticket to see the premiere of “Howl.” The film stars a yummy James Franco as seminal beat poet, tasty-in-his-own-time Alan Ginsberg. It’s on my top-three must-see list for Sundance Twenty Ten. This made me different from exactly no one. I didn’t get in. Keep reading »

Let’s Play A Few Rounds Of Celebrity Mad Libs®

Doesn’t celebrity gossip sometimes feel like a game of Mad Libs? There are definite repeated themes—couplings, uncouplings, rehab, infidelity, and general scandal. And yet, there’s so much sheer randomness at work that it sometimes seems like all of the underlined words were picked out of some cosmic grab bag by a kid who has been told to choose celebrity names, adjective, location, types of cats and film genres. After the jump, a few celebrity Mad Libs games for you to try. Give your versions in the comments, mkay? Keep reading »

2009: The Year In Celebrity Deaths

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8 Ex-Pat Celebs Enjoying Life Abroad

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When “Scream” actress Neve Campbell married Royal Shakespeare Company actor John Light, she moved to London and dropped off the radar. “People are always surprised to see me in England and ask me what I’m doing here,” she says. “I have been living here for five years.” After early TV acting success, and years as a movie star, we bet the anonymity is like being on vacation for her. [Telegraph]

After the jump, let’s look at more celebrities who are living abroad.

The Disturbing Last Movies Of Stars Who Died Young

As the sad, eerie story of Brittany Murphy really only starts unfolding, Renegade Pictures has just released a trailer for her final movie, “Abandoned.” Brittany’s performance in it is pretty intense. She plays a woman under psychiatric evaluation whose husband has vanished. [Ace Showbiz]

Has anyone noticed that in show business, when stars die young, their last movie never seemed to be anything warm and fuzzy? After the jump, let’s look at the almost prescient movies of stars who died young. Keep reading »

Crazy Woman Arrested For Threatening To Kill Michelle Obama

Kristy Lee Roshia is not in the Christmas spirit. Last month, she called the Boston Secret Service and told some poor receptionist she had plans to “blow away” Michelle Obama. “I will kill Michelle Obama,” she said. “I will kill Marines.” This weekend, Roshia took things further and was arrested two miles away from the Hawaii vacation home where the Obamas will spend the holidays this week. She is being charged with threatening a family member of the president—and with assaulting a federal agent, since she struck one in the arms and face when they caught her.

Roshia, it turns out, is a woman with a dark past. Keep reading »

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