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The Best Rock Star Abs

Jessica Goldberg | December 11, 2009 - 12:30 pm

The Continuing Joy of Rock Star Abs

I’m involuntarily licking my lips, because “Men’s Fitness” has put out a list at least partially covering the best rock star abs of all time. Thanks, guys. This is delicious…

Jessica Goldberg | December 10, 2009 - 4:36 pm

Would You Sue The Other Woman For Alienation Of Affection?

If you ever, like Elin Nordegren, have the misfortune of finding out that an “outsider” has been interfering in your marriage, and you happen to live in Hawaii, Illinois, Mississippi,…

Jessica Goldberg | December 9, 2009 - 8:45 pm

Get An Advanced Degree At “Lost” University

Everyone at The Frisky is anxiously awaiting the premiere of the sixth and final season of “Lost.” We mark our calendars with big Ls for every day that brings us…

Jessica Goldberg | December 8, 2009 - 7:10 pm

Pinkstinks Boycotts Kids’ Stores That Sell Pink

Since I’ve always been a blue girl myself, I’ve never gotten the appeal of pink. So I’m kind of intrigued by Pinkstinks, a grassroots group in the U.K. that calls…

Jessica Goldberg | December 8, 2009 - 6:10 pm

Free Sex With A Postcard For Delegates At The World Climate Summit

Giggle. Talk about a hilarious attempt by Gropenehagen Copenhagen’s Lord Mayor Ritt Bjerregaard to keep a somber tone while hosting the World Climate Summit (COP15). She sent postcards out to…

Jessica Goldberg | December 8, 2009 - 5:10 pm

Does Sexting Lead To Teen Car Crashes?

Did you guys know that water is wet? Yep, it’s true. Also, sexting is really popular with teens, according to an Associated Press and MTV poll. But really, there are…

Jessica Goldberg | December 3, 2009 - 4:40 pm

The Mayor Of Baltimore Is In The Dog House—Over $630

My boyfriend, who always votes for the third party candidate, says that the only difference between Democrats and Republicans is their price tag. He’s forever explaining to strangers that Republicans…

Jessica Goldberg | December 2, 2009 - 6:10 pm

Those Australians Wouldn’t Have Boycotted If They Knew Britney Sounded This Bad Live

We all know that Britney Spears is a seasoned pro. Like all “Mickey Mouse Club”-launched superstars, she’s been singing onstage since childhood. Which makes this video kind of baffling.

Jessica Goldberg | December 2, 2009 - 3:20 pm

10 Things You Didn’t Know (You Wanted To Know) About Jesus Luz

A year ago, 21-year-old Jesus Pinto na Luz (that’s his full name) was a sizzling Brazilian fashion model, pulling in $500 a day, and assigned to a high-profile photo shoot…

Jessica Goldberg | December 1, 2009 - 6:10 pm

The New Blood Of “True Blood”

The skies are blue, HBO’s hit vampire show is true, and a few casting notices buzzing around the net have me cornier than springtime in December. I just can’t help…

Jessica Goldberg | December 1, 2009 - 5:20 pm

Grand Theft Fashion: Heiress Casey Johnson Accused Of Burglarizing Model’s Home

Model Jasmine Lennard came home to her Hollywood home after six weeks away to find her apartment trashed, her closet and jewelry box ransacked, and a used vibrator in her…

Jessica Goldberg | December 1, 2009 - 4:10 pm

iPhone App Investigates Your Date

Good news — well, depending on your definition of good. Two new iPhone apps, “Is He Really Single?” and “Stud or Dud,” act like an electronic private eye to collect…

Jessica Goldberg | November 25, 2009 - 8:30 pm