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A Supermarket Cinderella?

When Anna Sam, a literature student in France, graduated from college, she couldn’t for the life of her find a job in her field. So she kept the part-time job she had in school—as a supermarket cashier asking if patrons wanted paper or plastic. After years of observing the best and the worst of grocery store anthropology, Anna began blogging about her experiences on a site that quickly drew in 600,000 visitors. It wasn’t long before there was a bidding war between publishers to put a book deal in her hands and designer glass slippers on her feet. Voilà! Her memoir, Checkout: A Life on the Tills, became a best seller in France and has now been translated into 16 languages, including English. Now Anna has handed in her resignation for a life as an author — we hope she’ll live happily ever after. [NPR] Keep reading »

Woman Acts Like Dog, Burglar Runs Away

Listen to this ingenious, cost-effective, do-it-yourself security idea. A Georgia woman was home alone recently when an apparently homeless man began trying to break in. When he opened the door, girlfriend got on the floor and began scratching like a dog, which scared the man off and sent him running. She imitated some other dog behavior, too, but the police report isn’t saying what. Could she have peed on his leg? [AP]

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Elisabeth Moss & Fred Armisen Are The Epitome Of Nerdy Cool Love

Doesn’t it seem like Christina Hendricks and Elisabeth Moss were playing their “Mad Men” characters with their recent nuptials? When Christina, aka Joan, got married in July, she talked extensively to InStyle Wedding beforehand, telling them all about her dress and how fiancé Geoffrey Arend proposed under a chandelier. After the wedding, she released lavish photos to People. Meanwhile, Elisabeth, aka Peggy, was mums the word about her wedding to Fred Armisen of “Saturday Night Live.” But surprise! They got hitched over the weekend in a simple wedding held in Long Island City, New York. Even though Moss appeared on “The View” on Friday, she played ultra-coy about her big day. When Barbara Walters asked her about the wedding date, Elisabeth said, “I can’t tell you that,” even though a more spotlight-loving celeb would’ve barked, “In 48 hours!” In fact, Moss didn’t make any kind of announcement about the wedding at all—Whoopi Goldberg, a friend of Moss’ after they worked on “Girl, Interrupted” together, broke the news as a follow-up on yesterday’s episode of “The View.” Keep reading »

Nightclubs Just For The Plus-Sized?

Plus-size nightclub Club Bounce is kind of like “More To Love” come to life. Lisa Marie Garbo, a big, beautiful blonde, opened the club five years ago, hoping it would be a place where she wouldn’t be “the only fat girl at the local nightclub.” Since then, her creation has become one in a string of nightclubs catering to plus-size partiers in cities along the California coastline. Plus-size patrons make up about three quarters of the women who dance at Club Bounce. Interestingly, only about one quarter of the men who frequent the club are of the overweight variety. Instead, most of them just appreciate the full-figured women on the dance floor. Keep reading »

Should Mischa Barton Retire From Television?

I’m bummed. First, “The O.C.” killed off Mischa Barton in season three (naturally, season four was the show’s last), and now Mischa’s latest attempt at television glory, the CW’s ill-fated “Beautiful Life,” has become the textbook example of early cancellation. And thus, Mischa says she is done with television. “I think I need to back away from the whole TV approach,” she said. “That whole world of network television, probably isn’t, for me, a good idea now. I need to start reading for more serious roles.” But, Mischa, that’s only strike two! Give it one more shot. [Pop Eater]

It feels like we’ve heard this before, from other actresses who were tired of the stress of weekly production and seasonal uncertainty. Let’s see if leaving behind the small screen worked for them. Keep reading »

Madonna And Other Celebrity Neighbors From Hell

madonna 102209 jpg
Central Park West resident Karen George is suing her co-op board because it has not reigned in her “neighbor from hell”—Madonna. George claims that Madonna makes an insane amount of noise, especially when she rehearses in her living space and the dance music literally vibrates the walls. The building super says Madonna’s been threatened with eviction. Um, who throws out the Material Girl? You’d think keeping her around would up property values enough that folks wouldn’t be so concerned about the noise? [All Headline News]

Interestingly, she isn’t nearly the only celeb we wouldn’t want to live next door to.

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