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What Do Your Musical Tastes Say About You?

Blogger Lauren Leto, whoever you are, I love you. Your snarky list describing different authors and the people who read them made Amelia’s and my morning. Who reads Jodi Picoult? “Your mom when she’s at her time of the month.” Emily Griffin? “Women who give their boyfriend marriage ultimatums.” Sylvia Plath? “Girls who keep journals.” Yes, indeed! In the spirit of your list, I’ve composed my own, based on music … Keep reading »

At What Age Should You Be Able To Hold Your Liquor?

I’ve been able to hold my liquor since college. I drank too much and then imbibed an illegal substance I’d be ill-advised to mention by name here and ended up freaking out at a friend’s party, needing to be taken home and put into bed to ride it off. None of my friends or roommates had much fun that night.

I’ve gotten drunk since then, sure. But that nasty experience was the last time I galloped full speed ahead over my limit. And it was certainly the last time I drank so much I needed other people to take care of me. Keep reading »

Poll: Have You Ever Sexted?

Have you ever sexted—sent or received dirty text messages or photos?

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Today’s Lady News: Washington, D.C. Approves Same-Sex Marriage!

  • Washington, D.C.’s city council approved a same-sex marriage bill today and Mayor Adrian Fenty is expected to sign it into law before Christmas. [Washington Post]
  • To illustrate an article about African-American books, the magazine Publisher’s Weekly chose a cover of a black woman with hair picks sticking out from her head in the shape of a giant Afro. Some might say it’s just a creative image, but others say the cover casts black authors as “tribal.” [Womanist Musings]

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Remember To Turn The Lights Out…

…so this little critter can take a nap! This hamster wheel wall decal is too cute for words and it’s only $36, too. Not bad for a conversation piece. [Hu2 Stickers] Keep reading »

Who’s Worse For Rihanna: Chris Brown Or Her Manager?

An easy story for GQ would have been just another Rihanna puff piece, like the disappointingly bland one Glamour ran. GQ could have just let Rihanna say, “Domestic violence is bad! I wear funky clothes! Buy my album!” and have left it at that. But in the article “Good Girl Gone Badass,” journalist Lisa DePaulo brilliantly captured how Rihanna’s manager positioned herself two feet away from RiRi and DePaulo’s conversation and interrupted the interview not once, not twice, but three times, to instruct Rihanna on how to talk about her life. Clearly, Rihanna’s allowed to reveal more in her photo shoots than she is in her interviews. Keep reading »

A Dubious Sign Of Progress For Women: When Ladies Have High-Profile Sex Scandals Too

It’s 2009, bitches, and women are kicking ass and taking names. We’re outpacing men in colleges, running our own companies, and buying our own homes. But there’s one area in which we girls are sorely lacking: sex scandals. Yes, sex scandals. Poor LeAnn Rimes is one of the only high-profile ladies who has been caught cheating and she’s up against infidelity heavyweights like David Letterman, South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, and, of course, Tiger Woods. Keep reading »

Poll: What Kinds Of Noises Do You Make During Sex?

What noises do you make during sex?

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Going Gaga For MAC

MAC’s spring campaign for Viva Glam is hella tame considering it stars two professional wackadoodles, Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper. But you know what? The tame look suits them both. Sorta. [] Keep reading »

Today’s Lady News: Houston Elects A Lesbian Mayor

  • Holy crap! This weekend, Houston, Texas, elected Annise Parker, an openly gay woman, as their mayor. Parker, a Democrat, celebrated her win with her partner and their three children. Texas, we are sorry we have judged you so harshly in the past. [Houston Chronicle]
  • Women comprise more than half of the entrants in this year’s Whitney’s Biennial, a showcase of contemporary art, compared with 40 percent of entrants in 2008 and only 32 percent in 2000. []

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