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Today’s Lady News: Bill Clinton (And Gender Equality!) Makes Us Swoon

  • Gender equality got its due today at the former president’s Clinton Global Initiative. Diane Sawyer moderated a panel with the head of Women For Women International, the head of the World Bank and several big-time CEOs. Clinton himself told guests at the session, “Whether the issue is improving the involvement of young women and girls in education, to climate change and all political, economic, and social issues in between, I think empowering women is central to what the world has to do in the 21st century.” Damn straight! [AP]—He probably thinks people could start by showing some respect to his wife!
  • Christina Aguilera talked about the domestic abuse her father wrought on her family in an E! documentary, explaining how she has dealt with his abuse of her and her mom and how she has dealt with the after-affects as an adult. [Guanabee]—I caught most of the show on E! this weekend and respect Xtina so much for how she has overcome that crap!
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    Crave: Trash & Luxury “Glamour Is The Drug” Tee

    We’ve never advocated actual drug use on The Frisky. (Seriously, have you ever read Valley Of The Dolls? Not fetching.) But the idea of a glamour drug completely intrigues us. Imagine not having to spend all that time gluing on false eyelashes and coloring your lips bright red! So we’re digging this “Glamour Is The Drug” shirt with big Rolling Stones lips, which looks like the perfect tee to wear under one of this fall’s hip leather jackets. You might even say we find its awesomeness totally addictive. [$39, Revolve Clothing] Keep reading »

    First Time For Everything: A May-December Romance

    We met when I delivered his mail, a task performed by all the interns. But I liked to think I was different: I was an eager little NYU journalism student, desperate for attention, and I chatted with all the editors as I passed their cubicles. Many magazine editors on the top of the masthead are a bit standoffish and see interns, especially ones who want to talk while they’re busy, as an annoyance. But the Older Man was actually inquisitive and kind; we’d chitchat a little bit, a welcome reprieve from the other editors who could be cold and snappish. Keep reading »

    French Women Don’t Get Fat! Politicians In France Propose Airbrush Warnings

    You believed French women looked gorgeous naturally, didn’t you? Quel suprise! Airbrushing is causing unrealistic body images and encouraging eating disorders, said a French politician on Monday as she proposed warning labels on digitally enhanced images. Parlimentarian Valerie Boyer and 50 other French politicians want a “health warning” on airbrushed pics. All enhanced photos would be accompanied by this line: “Photograph retouched to modify the physical appearance of a person.” Under the proposal in France, a company that didn’t include the warning on their retouched ads would be slapped with a trés mal fine of a $54,930, or up to 50 percent the cost of the advertisement. The French proposal comes on the heels of a suggestion by British pols for warning labels of their own. But what we want to know is how long until such a proposal comes to the States, where we just love our Photoshop? (And can you imagine what Anna Wintour would have to say about it?) [Yahoo] Keep reading »

    Today’s Lady News: The Tucker Max Funny-Making Formula

  • Amanda Hess at The Sexist blog braved “I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell” scribe Tucker Max‘s website for a mathematical breakdown of his hilarious jokes about Mexicans, gays, women and the disabled. A general formula for Tucker-ian humor: [Universally recognized bad thing] + [surprise reversal] x ["edge"] x ["shock value"] = Tucker Max joke. [The Sexist]
  • Brigham Young University, a Mormon college, canceled a Greek tragedy hours before curtain at the Annual Greek Festival. Content in “The Bakkhai,” to be performed by the University of Utah, was deemed inappropriate for BYU students. Director Larry West indicated this referred to sex, wine and “losing one’s inhibitions.” []—Seriously, this school didn’t realize a Greek tragedy wouldn’t involve lots of sex?
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    The World’s Gayest Animals

    gay animals slide4 jpg
    Like any fag hags worth their weight in pink cocktails, we know all about “bears” — big, broad-shouldered men who throw gay pals into a tizzy. And when it comes to koala bears, we’re delighted to hear the females like to swing both ways in groups! Yup, lesbian koala orgies—steamy, sexy and cuuuute—are rockin’ the eucalyptus trees. Researchers have found female koalas reject their male suitors and pleasure each other, sometimes in groups of five at a time! Interestingly, though, female koalas appear to only go gay when they’re not in the wild. A study of 130 koalas in captivity found 15 cases of straight koala sex and 43 cases of gay koala sex among lady koalas only. (You’d better hope none of these frisky critters had chlamydia—it can be a koala killer!) [New Zealand Herald]

    But koalas aren’t the only critters who indulge in the love that dare not speak its name. Don’t tell Charles Darwin, but the animal kingdom is pretty gay.

    My Slut-Called Life: NJ High School Girls Circulate A “Slut List”

    Hazing: It’s not just for Chuck Bass at the Skull & Bones Society anymore! High school girls in New Jersey are now pretending they’re badasses by putting younger girls on a nasty “slut list.” The New York Times reported that catty seniors at Millburn High School in wealthy Millburn, New Jersey have circulated a “slut list” on which they scribble dozens of names of “pretty and popular” incoming freshman with “crass descriptions” on loose-leaf paper. The school principal, Dr. William Miron, said the tradition has taken place for over a decade, but this year hundreds of copies of the “slut list” written up by sports team members apparently made the rounds in the hallways. Why is the Times calling this “hazing”? This sounds like full-on bullying to me. Keep reading »

    Today’s Lady News: Michelle Obama Says Women Face Bias In Health Care

  • On Friday, First Lady Michelle Obama spoke in favor of health care reform, reminding us that women still face bias from insurance companies which can still legally deny coverage to women based on “preexisting conditions like having a C-section or having had a baby.” Studies have shown women can be charged more than men of the same age when shopping for the same insurance policy. [Washington Post]—You tell ‘em, Michelle!
  • A 12-year-old boy in England, who hopes to be the youngest person in the world to have a sex change operation, came back to school this year donning a dress with his hair in pigtails. When bullies began picking on him, his school called the kids together for an assembly and told children only to refer to the boy by his new name. Now some parents are complaining that the school tossed a “hand grenade into the room” because they’re stuck answering their kids’ questions about gender-reassignment surgery. [Daily Mail]—Hey, it’s a teachable moment, parents.
  • Brigitte Harris, 28, of NY told Queens Supreme Court she castrated and then killed her allegedly sexually abusive stepfather last year so he would not abuse anyone else. Harris said she got the idea from Lorena Bobbit, who castrated her husband in 1993. [NY Post]
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    Yes, You Will Use “Yes, We Can!” Michelle Told Barack

    A new book says Michelle Obama advised Barack Obama to use “Yes, we can!” as a campaign slogan, even though the president apparently hated his chief advisor David Alexrod’s catchphrase. According to Barack and Michelle: Portrait of an American Marriage, by Christopher Anderson, the president dissed the now-famous slogan, calling it “childish” and “corny,” and insisted, “I don’t like it.” Barack then ordered his staff to think up a better slogan, but Michelle assured her hubby, “It will work. Trust me.” Smart lady! Anderson also says that Michelle put the kibosh picking on Hillary Clinton as a vice presidential candidate and urged her husband to pick Joe Biden as a running mate instead. “Do you really want Bill and Hillary just down the hall from you in the White House? Could you live with that?”, she allegedly told Barack. (Guess he couldn’t.) We always knew Michelle was one of the president’s greatest assets! [Times of London] Keep reading »

    Attention, White Women: Your Bitter Ex-Boyfriend Has Discovered Blogging!

    “American white women can suck it, right, brah? They’re such ‘fat, whiny feminist bitches’—I mean, every single one that I dated wanted to eat food and be treated with respect and ridiculous stuff like that. Total feminazis, right? Cuz, you know, white women invented feminism and they’re the only people in the world who believe in things like equality in health care and education. Like I said on my blog, ‘I’ve lost ALL sexual interest in them, in fact I just about puke walking down the sidewalk on any day, seeing all those s**tty, rude, mean, snotty American women!’ Yeah, brah let’s go write more on our blog about how much American white women can totally suck it!

    But first, let’s get out of the basement and see if Mom cooked me some dinner….” [I Hate White Women] Keep reading »

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