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Frisky Q&A: Dita Von Teese Talks Vintage Shopping, Tabloids, And Not Performing For Men

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It’s no secret we’ve got a major crush on burlesque performer Dita Von Teese. What’s not to love? She’s got a bitchin’ wardrobe (and an assistant who takes care of her clothes!), an incredible job, and more confidence than we’ve seen in, well … anyone!

Dita was kind enough to talk to us recently about her latest book, Dita: Stripteese, where to get the best vintage, how many pairs of Louboutins she owns, and how often she checks her lipstick … Keep reading »

Today’s Lady News: Lesbian Student In KY Attacked By Classmates

  • High school student Cheyenne Williams of McKee, Kentucky, an out lesbian, claims three female classmates kidnapped her and brought her to the woods where they beat her up and tried to push her off a 50-foot cliff. The alleged attack occurred on April 16, which high schools across the country recognize as the “Day of Silence” in a nod to gay and lesbian students. Police say Ashley Sams, 18, Corrinne Schwab, 18, and a 17-year-old female took Williams against her will to Flat Lick Falls, where they tried to push her off a cliff and she fought them off with a stick before running away. The suspects have been charged with kidnapping and attempted murder; police say they don’t have enough evidence to qualify the attack as a hate crime. [CBS News]
  • Eighty schoolgirls in northern Afghanistan are sick after a strange odor enveloped their classroom. Police are investigating whether extremists may have poisoned the school because they oppose girls receiving an education. [ABC News]
  • A court in San Francisco has ruled that Wal-Mart Stores Inc. must face a class-action lawsuit alleging the store discriminates against female employees. All women who have worked at Wal-Mart since 2001 may join in the class-action lawsuit, which Bloomberg News called “the biggest gender-bias case in U.S. history.” [NPR]

Keep reading »

Eva Longoria Parker Is Too Cute!

Someone on Facebook snapped a pic of Eva Longoria Parker in the outfit she wore while dancing with the Ballet Foklorico Azteca de Mexico in Los Angeles yesterday. We wouldn’t have thought Eva would be the type to do something like that! Doesn’t she look awesome? [Guanabee] Keep reading »

Quotable: Vincent Kartheiser Is Kind Of An Odd Duck NEEDS PHOTO

“I haven’t had a mirror for six or seven years, though I admit that causes a lot of problems when I have to tie a bow tie. Or if I have to, you know, comb my hair for something. I’m forever looking in the mirrors of parked cars.”

— Vincent Kartheiser, who plays Pete Campbell on “Mad Men”>/a> Guardian UK] Keep reading »

Georgia May Jagger Told To Suck In Her Non-Existent Stomach

Hudson Jeans released video from their photo shoot with Georgia Jagger — you know, Mick Jagger‘s daughter? — and it’s your typical soft core hawtness. But if you listen closely, 19 seconds in you can hear the photographer telling Georgia, “Suck in your tummy a little?” Um, maybe my vision is going to pot in my old age, but this model does not have a tummy. [Vimeo] Keep reading »

Are You Old Enough To Bonk Justin Bieber?

Not sure if you’re young enough for 16-year-old teen heartthrob Justin Bieber? The so, so wrong site In-N-Out Bieber is a handy-dandy service that figures out if your Bieber dreams are legal. I’m good to go in Alabama, Kentucky, or Oklahoma — but in New York, I’ve still got 304 days, 12 hours and 44 minutes to wait. (Sorry to disappoint you, Justin, but that stupid haircut doesn’t do it for me.)

Are you too old for Bieber, too? Cheer up: you might not be too old for Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber! [In-N-Out Bieber] Keep reading »

Kim Kardashian’s Secret Life: An Ex-Husband And A Domestic Violence Past

Here’s a little-publicized fact about Kim Kardashian: she eloped in Las Vegas at age 19 with music producer Damon Thomas, only to divorce a mere three years later. Star dug up the court documents filed by “Kimberly Thomas” and, as it turns out, Kim claims she was a victim of domestic violence throughout their marriage. Whoa. Keep reading »

“Pretty Wild,” Pretty Stupid: Alexis Neiers Talks To “Vanity Fair”

I don’t know about you, but the first time I ever heard about Alexis Neiers and “the bling ring” (a group of L.A. teenagers who’ve been accused of breaking into celebrities’ homes and stealing their clothes) was in a pretty condemning Vanity Fair magazine article. This week on “Pretty Wild,” we got to see the interview from Alexis’ point of view and — you guessed it — there were tears involved. Keep reading »

Quotable: Russell Brand On Threesomes, Farting And The Nut Brush

“I would urge people, men especially, unless they’re bisexual, to avoid the two-male threesome. You’re essentially getting less there than you would have got anyway. Half the involvement in sex and at least doubled the risk of someone farting in the room. And the constant threat of what I know as nut brush. … Nut brush is the phenomena where if you take a threesome to its natural conclusion you may very well find your testicles being impeached by another man’s testicles. That’s not my idea of a party.

Russell Brand spells out for us what a threesome with Katy Perry would look like [Rolling Stone] Keep reading »

What’s Next For Levi Johnston?

He’s posed for Playgirl. He’s hawked pistachio nuts. He dictated an article to Vanity Fair. He ripped up the red carpet with Kathy Griffin. What’s next for the nation’s sexiest teen-dad-out-of-wedlock? Levi Johnston sat down with New York magazine over a plate of fried calamari at a pub in Anchorage and explained he’s pitching a reality show “kind of like the Kardashian show.” If the thought alone sounds horrifying, wait until you get a load of the details… Keep reading »

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