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Lord Have Mercy, Blake Lively Is Insufferable

Blake & Ryan Shack Up
Blake Lively Ryan Reynolds photo
Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively bought a $2 million home in 'burbs. Read More »
Blake Lively, Rules Girl
blake lively photo
Blake allegedly read dating guide "The Rules" to seduce Leo. Read More »
Blake's Breakup Advice
Blake Lively photo
What are Blake Lively's tips for getting over a breakup? Read More »

“Maybe it sounds jerky, but I’m lucky to be on such a fashion-centric show. There’s no designer I don’t have access to. … What I planned [for a wedding] before I got into the business has changed. It used to be that my mom or I would make my dress. Now I’m like, ‘Hmm, I wonder what shoes Christian [Louboutin] is going to make me. and which couture house I should go to?’”

– Decisions, decisions for poor Blake Lively in Marie Claire — who, I might add, has not even officially announced she is engaged yet. Which $650 heels will you have custom-made for you? Which couture house will make your gown?! What a terrible life you and your vagina do lead. (And yes, you do sound jerky.) [Marie Claire]

That Chris Brown/Drake Fight Was Cuh-Razy

Chris Brown Fight
Chris Brown fight Drake Twitter pic
Chris Brown injured in a fight with Drake's entourage. Read More »
I'm F*cking Rihanna
Drake and Chris Brown photo
Drake allegedly sent a nasty note to Chris Brown at a club. Read More »
On Abused Women
Facts about Rihanna and other abused women. Read More »
  • Whoa, it sounds like the rumor that Drake sent a note to Chris Brown — “I’m fucking the love of your life,” referring to Rihanna — at a New York City club on Wednesday night, prompting a bloody fight, may be true. A model who was at Brown’s table told The New York Post that Chris Brown sent Drake a bottle of expensive Ace Of Spades champagne and Drake had a waitress carry back a note. Chris supposedly threw the note on the floor and Drake and his friends, including rapper Meek Mill, gave him the finger. Then bottles started flying from Drake’s pals and all hell broke loose. [New York Post]
  • Beyoncé penned a poem on Tumblr about how she chose the name Blue for her daughter. [PopCrush]
  • Rumor has it that Sofia Vergara’s on-again-off-again boyfriend Nick Loeb is a sex addict who attends orgies in luxury penthouses with cocaine and prostitutes. Sheesh. [Stupid Celebrities]
  • Here are shirtless Abercrombie & Fitch models lip synching “Call Me Maybe.” Now don’t say I never did anything for you. [Refinery29]
  • Jane Pratt of xoJane on her beauty writer Cat Marnell leaving the blog to go on a rooftop and smoke angel dust and write a book. Or something. [xoJane] Keep reading »

Dads Raising Daughters: On Teaching Girls That They Can Do Anything Boys Can Do

Father's Day!
Everything you need for a happy Father's Day. Read More »
Dads Raising Daughters
On teaching girls they are smart and beautiful. Read More »
I Love My Dad, But...
...I don't want him to walk me down the aisle. Read More »

Yesterday, we heard from real dads about teaching their daughters that they are smart and beautiful. Today, real dads tell us how they teach their daughters that girls can do anything boys can do.

For advice, I turned to Tony, the father of three girls under the age of nine; Adam, the father of two daughters under the age of four; Jim, the father of a nine-year-old girl; Joe (AKA Frisky commenter _JSW_), the father of two girls under the age of twelve; and Jesse, the father of three girls under eight. Over the next several days, I’ll be sharing with you some of their fab (and adorable) advice.

How a dad can teach his daughter that “girls rule!” after the jump: Keep reading »

Drake To Chris: “I’m F**king The Love Of Your Life, Deal With It”?

Chris Brown Fight
Chris Brown fight Drake Twitter pic
Chris Brown injured in a fight with Drake's entourage. Read More »
Chris And Rihanna
A timeline of Rihanna and Chris Brown's relationship. Read More »
On Abused Women
Facts about Rihanna and other abused women. Read More »
  • New details on the Chris Brown/Drake entourage fight: the blog Stupid Celebrities claims Chris sent a bottle of champagne to Drake’s table and Drake sent the bottle back with a note that said, “I’m fucking the love of your life, deal with it.” Referring to Rihanna, of course. Allegedly, later in the evening as Drake was leaving the club, Chris Brown supposedly got physical with the rapper Meek Mill, who was presumably with Drake’s encourage. Drake’s rep issued a statement claiming Drake wasn’t involved at all.  So confusing.  [Stupid Celebrities, MTV]
  • However, a witness to the fight tells a different tale: Drake looked “pissed,” some unknown provocation occurred, and then someone in Drake’s entourage picked up a bottle and threw it at Chris Brown, hitting him directly in the face. The witness said Chris and Drake never touched each other, but that about 15 people at the club were involved in the fight, including one of Chris’ bodyguards, who suffered a nasty head wound. (Warning: gross pic of aforementioned head wound at the link.) [Gossip Cop]
  • Kanye West supposedly bought Kris Jenner a $200,000 Bentley, thus making all of our boyfriends’ gifts to our moms look horrible. What is it with rich people buying each other cars? [PopCrush]
  • The plague — yes, the plague — is going around. And one Oregon man got if rom rescuing a mouse from the mouth of his cat. [The FW]
  • A letter to a future gay son, from a future gay father. [Mused Mag]
  • Our very own Amelia on how her luuuurve for soap operas gave her some unrealistic ideas about relationships. [HLTV]
    Keep reading »

Gretchen Carlson Jokingly Walks Off “Fox & Friends” After Sexist Comment

Today's Lady News photo
  • “Fox & Friends” co-host Gretchen Carlson walked off the set after her co-hosts made sexist comments regarding the U.S. Navy Band now including women. When Brian Kilmeade said, “Women are everywere. We’re letting them play golf and tennis now. It’s out of control,” Gretchen stormed off-camera — albeit with a smile on her face. Good start, Gretchen. But instead of doing this as a joke, we need to get you peacing out for real. [Think Progress]
  • As punishment for speaking out about the anti-abortion “superbill” ekeing its way through Michigan legislature, the male Republican House leader silenced female reps from speaking about the bill. [Think Progress]
  • On how the Olympic Games are obsessed with policing femininity. [Feministing] Keep reading »

It’s Time You Knew: No One Feels Bad For You

Chris Brown Fight
Chris Brown fight Drake Twitter pic
Chris Brown injured in a fight with Drake's entourage. Read More »
Boring Bristol
Life's A Tripp
Bristol Palin's reality show "Life's A Tripp" needs a double espresso. Read More »
John Trashes Taylor
Summer Beauty Inspiration From The Stars
John Mayer "humiliated" by Taylor Swift's "Dear John" song. Read More »
I don't feel bad for you

Last night, domestic abuser and homophobe Chris Brown got in a brawl with someone who was possibly in Drake’s entourage, supposedly over Rihanna, and he lost a bloody piece of his chin in the melee.

This morning, The New York Post reported xoJane writer Cat Marnell is leaving the blog to smoke angel dust and “write a book.” Like, she actually said that to a reporter. This is the new plan because she doesn’t want to stop using drugs, as she has been asked to do by her employer.

Then, this South African couple told the Daily Mail about how they keep an adult pet Bengal tiger inside their home as a pet and he sometimes chews up their sofas. This couple also owns several tasty-looking pet dogs.

Typically, I  have boundless reserves of empathy, if not outright sympathy, for others. But it is time for some real talk: None of these people are deserving of our sympathy. I mean, it sucks when bad things happen to people, like when your Bengal tiger eats your couch. It would suck if more bad things happened to these people, like if your pet Bengal tiger eats your dogs. But do we feel bad for these individuals for the hard knocks coming their way? No. No, we do not.

After the jump, more people we do not feel bad for at all. Not one little bit. “Unbad,” you might even say: Keep reading »

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