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Sneak Peek: The J.Crew Fall Preview Was Gorgeous, Obvi

Even though spring weather is just peeping out from the layers of yesterday’s ice and we’re just barely defrosting, the fashion world works in mysterious ways, kids, and editors are busy checking out upcoming fall collections. Last night we scoped out J.Crew‘s deliciously styled fall line and at least we can say we have something to look forward to when it gets chilly out again. The sequins trend continues with drool-worthy bedazzled pants and skirts, and spots of denim, leather, wool, tweed, yummy jewelry and hats are all on the menu. Another look (and the ultra sharp men’s collection), after the jump. Keep reading »

Check This Out: Bacon-Flavored Baby Formula

It’s not a secret that the pork lovers over at J&D’s adore their bacon so much they’ll go to extreme lengths to spread the love. They’ve made Bacon Salt, Baconnaise, Bacon Lip Balm and even Bacon Lube (um, yeah), so it was entirely plausible that their latest launch, Bacon Baby Formula, was as real as Frito Pie. Launched with a press release detailing supposed scientific research on the competitive edge babies who drink this smokey concoction will have — “It ensures that your infants get the fat, proteins and complex nutrients that they need to excel at an early age, all in a savory, delicious tasting formula.” — the new product caused a veritable internet s**t storm yesterday and blew up on Fail Blog. Alas, it was too good (or bad) to be true. Late last night we received an email straight from J&D’s headquarters, fessing up that it was all an April Fool’s Day hoax. However, judging from all the attention it got, we wouldn’t be surprised if they went ahead and moved forward with production. Keep reading »

Natalia Pulls A Paris

Back in the day, Paris Hilton was always photographed dancing on tables. Today, we’re in love with supermodel Natalia Vodianova kicking up her own heels (and skirt). [Fashion Gone Rogue] Keep reading »

Like Father, Like Son

Kingston Rossdale has the quintessential rock n’ roll hair, Suri Cruise loves to dress up like her famous mommy, and make no mistake, little Levi McConaughey, Matthew’s spawn, is a chip off the old block, too. We predict this little man will be spotted playing bongos in a public park very soon. [Malibu, 4/1/10] Keep reading »

10 “Easter Bonnets” (Or Just Plain Chic Hats)

easter bonnets jpg
When I was a really little kid, my mother must’ve thought it was the cutest thing ever when she dressed my little sister and I up in identical dresses for Easter. We were game enough. It was kind of fun to pretend we were twins even though we were four years apart, and along with the dope threads came not just the promise of hunting dyed eggs and gorging ourselves on chocolate bunnies, but also the fun Easter bonnets to match. They were usually white, old-fashioned in style, and made us feel like we were extras on that old show our parents seemed to be so keen on, “Little House On The Prairie.” Similar bonnets are best left to little girls and Laura Ingalls Wilder characters, but we were inspired to shop for some updated versions that are sweet as marshmallow Peeps and perfect for any spring weekend.

America’s Next Top Vampire

Anyone catch “America’s Next Top Model,” the vampire edition? While I’m shocked they never thought to do this before (like back when vampires were a huge craze and stuff?), I am super glad they waited until Andre Leon Talley was on the show and could call out specific moments of “dreckitude” involved in shooting these looks. [Star Pulse] Keep reading »

Hair Model Citizen: The Messiest Bob Ever

Whilst perusing Paper magazine’s “Beautiful People” issue (which by-the-by should be called “Beautiful People You Have Never Heard Of”), one particular genetically gifted soul caught our eye: Sure, Belgian model Hanne Gaby Odiele is a looker, but it’s her haircut we’re seriously obsessed with. The zig-zagged part, the trippy ends, that perfect shade of honey and the overall dishevelment gets an A-plus in our book. Getting the look, however, is not a cinch, as I have tried for years to get this hair color shade and numerous colorists have insisted it’s God-given and damn near impossible to re-create and that I should move on with my life. Whatever. But you could ask a stylist to cut a jagged bob, right? Then rub a dollop of Redken Rough Paste between your palms and work it into the ends. Tousle and go. [Paper Mag] Keep reading »

Terrifying Trend We Hope Goes Away Quickly

Brooklyn is kind of the birthplace of numerous hipster trends. Why, the streets of “artist” neighborhood Williamsburg were flooded with mustached men in skinny jeans and girls who looked like American Apparel models long before these unfortunate looks trickled down to the masses. So what’s the next big craze? No, it’s not tie-dye (over before it began) or ironically Bedazzled denim: Behold, the beloved-from-childhood coonskin cap. On a recent expedition across the pond known as the East River, a group of brave Gawker reporters couldn’t walk the city streets without running into one of these bad boys. One guy explained that he was going for a “nouveau Johnny Cash-meets-Bono look” (omg), while a young lady cited the benefits of the tail, claiming she could wave it at people she thinks are “cute.” Let’s just hope the slowly warming weather nips this trend in the bud, hey? (Also, I am sorry to report that this is not an April Fool’s thing. At least, I don’t think so.) [Gawker] Keep reading »

What Beauty Treatment/Product Would You Never Try Again?

When it comes to media jobs, beauty editors have a pretty sweet gig. They’re literally paid to be pampered and try out all the latest and greatest beauty innovations on the market. Of course, being a professional guinea pig has consequences. Facials gone wrong, terrifying injections, and weird cellulite treatments that don’t even work are par for the course. During my stint covering the market, I got Botox in my armpit to see if the treatment kept people from sweating (it didn’t and the area turned into a bruised welt), numerous facials that broke me out, a scary pummeling by a topless woman in a Turkish bath, and a seriously excruciating series of bikini area laser treatments that left me wondering if I had been rendered infertile. And that’s just the beginning of my list. Keep reading »

Beauty Before And After: INOA Hair Color Makeover

erin roots jpg
Meet NYC literary agent, blogger, Frisky reader and all-around It girl Erin Hosier. Meet Erin Hosier’s roots. She’s been dying her trademark fire red hair herself for years, and while she’s certainly mastered the art, lately things (namely, roots, fading and a bit of repeat color damage) were getting a little serious. We’ve been obsessing about L’Oreal Professionnel’s latest baby, INOA, a gentle-yet-effective ammonia-free haircolor line that only a handful of salons currently have access to, ever since we heard about it a couple of months back. Our friends at the Ted Gibson Salon asked us to come try it out, but since we’re au naturel when it comes to dye, we volunteered Erin H. for the job. She was fully up to the challenge.
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