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32 Signs You’re Not A Hipster Anymore

I’m just gonna go ahead and come out and say it: I used to be a card-carrying hipster. And back in the day, I had a lot of fun with that. For one, the group wasn’t as universally loathed as they are now. If you can even believe it, kids, it was actually considered kind of cool to be one. Parties were filled with really hot skater dudes and fun, gorgeous chicks with edgy style and everyone was really into art and music and fashion and it was pretty rad. American Apparel was still some T-shirt shop in L.A., new bands like The Strokes and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs made going to see live music in NYC fun again, Friendster made hooking up a cinch, Chloe Sevigny always brought the party; and Williamsburg, Brooklyn really was a humble yet cool place where real live artists moved because Manhattan was too expensive.

For better or worse, my 20s are over, I’ve been shacked up with a great non-hipster dude who I am going to marry, I’m renovating a property I purchased, I did my taxes a month early, and I’ve started to notice some other major indicators that I can no longer identify as a hipster. (Guess I’m a yuppie now? Shudder.) Anyhoo, here are a few ways to tell if you too have grown up and are no longer a hipster. Keep reading »

10 Bridesmaid Dresses That Won’t Bum Your Girls Out

bridesmaid dresses m jpg
This weekend, some friends of mine had to skip brunch because they were tasked with having to go buy bridesmaid dresses for a wedding. They weren’t just annoyed about not being able to get their mimosa on — the dresses in question were, quite simply put, atrocious. Of course, nothing shocking there. Bridesmaid dresses have a pretty bad reputation. But have you ever fantasized about wearing something that wasn’t electric blue and made of taffeta? Click on for picks and ideas for the kind of get-ups that you’d actually want to wear to other occasions long after the wedding ceremony is over. And brides? Take notes!

Britney: Before & After Airbrushing, Photoshop Madness

Seems like the visuals here just speak for themselves, but we’ll give you a little context: Apparently, Britney Spears wanted to reach out to her fans by releasing un-altered images from an old Candie’s fashion shoot. Uh huh. Raanndom, but we’ll take it! Public awareness of just how much goes into Photoshopping images for advertising and editorial has skyrocketed in the past few years, but we’ll never get tired of seeing stuff like this. Another image, after the jump! [Daily Mail] Keep reading »

How To Get It On With An Uncircumcised Dude

Back in the day, as single girls, my roommate and I were kind of obsessed with uncircumcised guys. Not that we had encountered any, but we just wondered what the hell we would actually do if, say, we met a fine young fellow who wasn’t cut and how we would handle the “situation.” (Ah youth, so innocent! So naive!) Countless Google queries didn’t begin to deliver any concrete answers. Eventually, I started dating a British guy, and was faced with the “situation” first hand. Here is what I discovered. Keep reading »

10 Things You Shouldn’t Be Caught Dead Wearing This Spring

pucci jacket jpg
Sure, we’ve addressed the top 10 spring trends that are best avoided, but let’s look at some more specific options that are cropping up at e-retailers everywhere. Actually, you will be shocked and appalled at what we’ve managed to dig up. Seriously, kids, it’s a minefield out there–and at some of our favorite stores too!

For example, how sad is it that living creatures had to die for this? Besides how tacky this fringed Pucci jacket is, the real fashion crime is that it costs $13,435. For serious.

Style Buzz: Hello, Isabel Marant & Tavi Turns 2?

  • The queen of cool French girl fashion opens her first stateside store in NYC today. Could e-commerce be next? (Please?) []
  • You already know how to make The Sartorialist’s cut. Here’s how to get The Selby up in your piece. [Refinery 29]
  • RIP, punk fashion provocateur Malcom McLaren. [Stylelist]

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