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Some “Twilight” Star Gets Naked For PETA

Dang, the naked celebrities sure are coming out of the woodwork today, heh. Nineteen-year-old “Twilight” (heard of it?) star Christian Serratos poses nude for a new PETA ad, just in time for the “New Moon” opening next week. Um, yeah. [PETA] Keep reading »

Eva Mendes Lets It All Hang Out

You have to wonder what the hell is going through a celeb’s (and her stylist’s) mind when she’s looking to settle on an outfit for the red carpet and someone gets the bright idea to wear a white shirt, buttoned below the rib cage, and no bra. Because in that situation, you’re kind of just inviting a wardrobe malfunction. [NYC, 11/10/09] Keep reading »

Gwyneth’s Pullover Proves Celebs Are Not Just Like Us

Have happy memories of your mom picking you up from school when you were little? (Unless you were a latchkey kid like some of us, in which case you are screwed up for life, but anyway.) One thing we do not remember is mom wearing ultra stylish designer clothes to the school grounds. Here, Gwyneth Paltrow looks deceivingly casual whilst collecting little Apple and Moses, but look again! That dressed-down fleece pullover? It’s actually called the Cocoon, it’s by Obakki, and retails for $782 at Scoop Nationwide. Why, we can’t even remember the last time we spent 800 bucks on a sweater. [Popsugar] Keep reading »

12 Celebrities Show Off Their Jetsetting Airport Style

12 Celebrities Show Off Their Jetsetting Airport Style
Regular folks like you and me can throw on a Snuggie and some sweats and hop on a plane without having to worry about a throng of photographers and fans waiting to pounce on us once we land. Sadly, poor celebrities have a much, much tougher time in life. So they’ve developed a very distinct style formula when it comes to air travel. As you click through, you may notice it has a lot to do with dark layers (because how else are you gonna cover up wine and potato chip stains all over your shirt?) that don’t sacrifice comfort, seriously buttery leather bags, and, of course, sunglasses at all times, to make even the most thrown-together ensemble chic. The latter may also be considered helpful when it comes to throwing off the paparazzi, but come on guys, ya gotta know it’s a dead giveaway, right? Because as everyone knows, only a-holes and famous people refuse to take their sunglasses off inside.

Slutty Shorts Take The Zipper Trend Too Far

I love a zipper on my jeans. Way better than button fly. Hell, I’ll even take the odd zipper on a pair of shoes, or even those zipper earrings everyone was loving last year. But zippers on the side of these booty shorts in a style that has been dubbed “Boy Candy”? Well, everyone has their limits. [Inventor Spot] Keep reading »

Demi Moore’s Youth Extending Beauty Secret Revealed!

While most of us suspect Demi Moore‘s exceptional ability to seemingly grow younger-looking by the day has to do with scalpels and needles, she insists there’s a far more natural (yet creepier) regimen at hand: “I was in Austria doing a cleanse and part of the treatment was leech therapy. These aren’t just swamp leeches though — we are talking about highly trained medical leeches. These are not some low level scavengers — we’re talking high level blood suckers,” she said. Highbrow indeed! We know leeches have been used in the medical field for years, but have no clue how they improve your complexion. In other beauty news, Moore will likely be the next to debut a celebrity line. She’s reportedly in talks with beauty giant Helena Rubenstein to develop a new product range. No word on whether blood-sucking worms will be utilized as key ingredients. [IOL] Keep reading »

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