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Watch The New Maybelline Spokesmodel’s Audition Tape!

She’s Brazilian (aren’t they all?), she’s gorgeous, and she’s Maybelline‘s newly minted spokesmodel. Meet Lisalla Montenegro, who, according to a company rep, “exudes a natural, fresh yet slightly feline beauty.” Well, good for her! And you’ve heard of model cards, right? Someone dug up this video, which must have landed on a bigwig-at-Maybelline’s desk, helping her to score this big break. It’s very, um, intimate. [Guanabee] Keep reading »

Redheaded Girl Dyes Hair To Escape Death Threats

OK, this is just absurd: Nicole Nagington, a 12-year-old resident of Telford, England, admits that she’s used to being teased for having red hair. But this school year, the bullying escalated to the point where the girl, who also wears a hearing aid, was forced to drop out of school and be tutored at home. A gang of girls not only physically and mentally tormented her on a regular basis, but they have sent her a total of seven death threats, all because of the color of her hair. The distraught girl even dyed it blond in an attempt to escape the harassment, to which these lovely young ladies responded via a note: “You’re still a ginger b****. All gingers should die.” Where do kids get these crazy ideas? And how is there no law that prohibits this kind of torture? We wish these terrifying girl-on-girl bullying stories would end. [Daily Mail] Keep reading »

10 Most Scandalous Madonna Pics

madonna dolce scandal jpg
Dolce & Gabbana managed to make headlines when they got a diva superstar icon to accomplish something as pedestrian as washing dishes. Success tastes sweet, so right now they’re working with Madge again to shoot their fall 2010 campaign in Harlem, and who knows what hijinks and shenanigans they’ll have the Material Girl up to. But honestly, they have their work cut out for them, because Madonna has literally done it all. Let’s take a look back in history at her most scandalous photos ever. Fun, right? [Fashionologie]

8 Models Gone Wild!

Cheapskate: The Beauty Edition

Happy Friday! It’s a special bonus edition of our favorite style column and yours, Cheapskate, this time with makeup. See, yesterday I was in an eyeliner crunch (uh, beauty emergency?) and ran to the drugstore to pick up a replacement. $10, $7.99 … sheesh when did drugstore brands get so expensive!? While I am finicky about what I use on my eye area, I am also at heart, a true cheapskate, and I picked up Jordana’s 99 cent black eyeliner when I couldn’t find the Wet n’ Wild section. And ya know what? It totally gives my Lancome a run for its money! Click through for more cheap beauty thrills that actually work well, too. Keep reading »

The Lederhosen Look Is So Hot (& Sweaty!) For Spring

It’s a trend we’ve naysayed here on the site before (see our “Crazy Spring Trends To Avoid” post ), but the fashion gods have spoken, and the leather shorts trend has officially caught on. While we’ve seen some interesting options from the houses of Chloe, Pucci and Alexander Wang, department store buyers are ordering up the look from Alice + Olivia, The Row and other designers like they’re, ahem, going out of style (which let’s face it, they inevitably will). But right now, it’s the lederhosen’s shining moment, and you can even find a pair for sale at Zara for $99, which is relatively cheap compared to the $3,100 price tag attached to this (pretty trashy-looking, we think) pair by Chrome Hearts, above. While one shop owner insists the shorts are an investment piece, “like a leather jacket,” and others say it’s a work-friendly look (!?), we still have our doubts. Keep reading »

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