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10 Models Who Died Too Young

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It’s always tragic when young people die, and when it comes to the realm of the beautiful and famous who have passed away before their times, it’s also perplexing to society at large. Well-paid, wealthy models seemingly have everything, right? But an industry built on superficial pressures can be disastrous for the inexperienced, as evidenced by 10 of the most beautiful, tragic casualties of the controversial modeling industry.

Light My (Earth-Friendly) Fire

Ginger Fig sounds like a pretty sweet smell to begin with, but what makes this candle even more appealing is the fact that it’s green, too. The container is made from a reclaimed wine bottle and, once your candle burns out, can be washed and reused. The candle itself is made with pure, non-GMO soy wax that will burn for 70 hours, and even the label is made from recycled materials. Pretty sweet indeed.

[$30.00 Etsy]

Move Over Mink: It’s All About Rat Fur

Pardon me while I throw up in my mouth a little, but Vanity Fair‘s VF Blog reports that nutria, 20-pound river-dwelling rats that tend to thrive in Louisiana, are making a splash (!) when it comes to fur-trimmed menswear items this fall. Cute! And designers are already queuing up to put a super sexy spin on the trade:

“I love the masculinity of it. It’s sort of the bad-ass fur,’ [Alabama-based designer Billy] Reid explains. Gilles Mendel sourced his fall 2010 collection fur in Canada. ‘Tougher than mink,’ he says, adding that nutria’s combination of coarseness and shine lends it ‘a androgynous feeling’ and ‘a certain modernity.”

Well, gee guys, when ya put it that way … As if fur isn’t gross enough, did anyone really need to go there? You have to feel bad for this Billy Reid model, above. Hell, we even feel kinda bad for the rat. [Gawker via VF] Keep reading »

Go Easy, Girls: 7 Simple Bridal Beauty Tips

Maybe it’s because in my former life I was a beauty editor, but this time of year, my bride-to-be friends start developing this strange habit of asking me to do their wedding hair and makeup. It’s not that I have any special training whatsoever or that I’m a particularly talented makeup artist or hair stylist–if I were, then perhaps I would start offering my services professionally–but friends who have never before wielded an eyelash curler feel I have some savvy to bring to the table. Personally, I’m always a bit reticent. After all, it’s a lot of pressure. What if some normally sweet chick freaks the eff out because I messed up and it’s her wedding and stuff? Luckily, that’s never happened, and I think it’s probably because I tend to keep things real nice and simple-like. Here are a few essential less-is-more tips I’ve gleaned over the years that are so easy anyone can do them, even an amateur like me …
Keep reading »

When It Comes To Shoes, How Much Does Size Matter?

Today I spotted an item in The New York Post and could instantly feel her pain: Katy Perry attended some party this weekend and was so determined to wear her new Jimmy Choo Zap shoes, above (P.S. they’re $2,495 — if you manage to work your way up the waiting list), that she hobbled around the party in sample size shoes that were not one but TWO sizes too small. Honestly, I don’t know how she did it, because I recently had a serious problem navigating a half size too small.

See, I’ve fantasized about finding the perfect pair of nude heels (big dreams!) ever since I figured out what a genius styling trick they are … Keep reading »

Rain, Rain Go Away

These April showers just won’t seem to let up, and until we can bust out the spring sandals, an umbrella is going to be our must-have accessory. We love this option because it manages to be cute and creative and totally understated at the same time. Now if only we could find a nice pair of galoshes.

[$15.00 Moma Store]
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