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Seeing My Transgender Roommate Transition Changed Me Too

There’s a certain amount of brouhaha amongst some evangelical Republicans over a minor presidential appointment in the Commerce Department. Amanda Simpson will perform a job for the public benefit that I can’t define. I’m pretty sure most of the American public doesn’t know what the Senior Technical Adviser for the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security does. But, because she’s transgender, it’s prompted an associate dean at the extremely conservative Liberty University to propel himself into the media’s light to proclaim that, “This isn’t like appointing an African-American in order to try to provide diversity and right some kind of discriminatory wrong. This is about political correctness.”

Absurdly stupid. Because, of course, it should be no issue at all, because people are people, and work ought to go to the person whose experience best merits it. And stupidity compounded because I’m unsure how obstinately self-blinded someone must be to believe that transgendered people don’t face deep prejudice. The prejudice is dumb, as it is at all times, but especially so when directed at a scattered group with no agenda other than to fit in and be left alone. But I guess there’s always a learning curve. I had one.
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A Decade Of Celebrity Hotness

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I marked the 2000s with an evolving list of cute, hot, and the lust-worthy men. Here’s my list of year-by-year celebrity crushes for the entire decade.

A Decade Of Celebrity Girl Crushes

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It would be a shame to let the end of the year swing by only remembering the most attractive men of the decade, when the ladies are (obviously) so amazing, awesome, smart, and gorgeous. So, please join me on my tour of a decade’s worth of celebrity girl crushes!

The Weird Ways I Know It’s Christmas

This year, I’m doing something different and spending Christmas with my new husband. While I’m super excited for his next great stuffed french toast concoction, it does mean that the days leading up to the big shebang feel a lot different. In years past, there would be the long drive to Dead Coal Mining Town, PA across large swaths of land where the only music on the radio was country. Today, nestled safely away in my own apartment, I have to keep reminding myself that it is Christmas Eve. The tree isn’t doing the trick. All the strange cues are gone, and I’m missing … Keep reading »

Quickies: Amy Winehouse Charged With Assault & T.I. Has Been Released From Prison Early

  • Amy Winehouse is in more trouble after turning herself in for assault charges following an incident at Milton Keynes Theatre. [EW]
  • Kurt Cobain‘s mother and sister have filed legal paperwork hoping to seal court documents concerning the guardianship of Frances Bean. [L.A. Times]

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The Boob Tube: Hot Weekend TV For Christmas Weekend 2009


  • “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” on AMC at 8:45 a.m.
  • “A Christmas Carol” on TCM at 9:00 a.m.
  • “A Christmas Story” on TBS at 10:00 a.m.

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