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The 8 Weirdest Fashion Show Moments Ever

A few weeks ago, guests at Dolce and Gabbana’s show for Milan Men’s Fashion Week got an eyeful when a male streaker jumped on the runway. The naked prankser, who was wearing only his red sneakers, gallivanted onto the runaway after the designers’ final bow until he was caught by security. According to reports, attendees were unfazed by the naked man … probably since strange things happen at fashion shows more often than you would think! For example… [GQ]

Of Course Bling Ring Member Alexis Neiers Has Gotten A Book Deal

Meet Alexis Neiers
This LA party girl-turned-burglar is the inspiration behind the film. Read More »
"The Bling Ring"
Check out the official trailer! Read More »
Alexis Neiers In Rehab
Alexis Neiers sexual abuse
The "Pretty Wild" reality star was addicted to opiates. Read More »
Emma Watson Pole Dances
emma watson pole dancing
... in "The Bling Ring." Read More »

When thinking about the list of celebrities to play me in a movie of my own life, Emma Watson is pretty close to the top of my list.  Apparently Alexis Neiers — one of the inspirations behind the new film “The Bling Ring,” directed by Sofia Coppola — does not feel the same way. The bratty former reality star vows to shed light on the truth about “The Bling Ring,” both the movie and the original Vanity Fair article by Nancy Jo Sales, in her upcoming book.  Keep reading »

Wisconsin Newspaper Censors The Word ‘Vagina’ From “Vagina Monologues” Ad

iTunes Censors "Vagina Monologues"
iTunes censored the word "Vagina" in the "Vagina Monologues" ebook Read More »
Ensler's One Billion Rising
Watch Eve Ensler's anti-violence short film. Read More »
WI Anti-Abortion Bill
north carolina advances anti-abortion bill
Governor supports mandating transvaginal ultrasounds. Read More »

A Wisconsin newspaper just made “The Vagina Monologues” a whole lot dirtier: changing the title to XXXXXXX. The Ashland Daily Press censored the word “vagina” in an ad for the upcoming production of the famous Eve Ensler play.  In the ad the word “vagina” was marked out repeatedly with Xs in order to obscure the word.  The paper also removed the full description of the production and an additional warning that the play contained material about violence against women, sexual content, and graphic language.  At least on their web site, the Ashland Daily Press explained that in the play women “reference subject pertaining to women’s bodies, different experiences both good and traumatic, self image and empowerment.” It looks like they could use a little empowerment of their own if they’re still treating “vagina” like a dirty word. [Jezebel]

Could Your Face Shape Be Hurting Your Love Life?

Awkward Guys Rule
Here are some reasons to love awkward dudes. Read More »
Ovulation Study
A study says we treat our nice boyfriends like crap when we're ovulating. Read More »

Maybe it turns out your last relationship really DID end because you were “too attractive for him”.  A recent study done by the University of Stirling and and Benedict Jones from the University of Glasgow found that when choosing long-term mates men prefer women with with “less feminine/attractive faces” and when on the hunt for a fling men tend to look for women with more feminine features such as a smaller jaw and high cheekbones.  Feminine features are closely related to a woman’s perceived attractiveness and studies have found that the more feminine-looking the face, the more attractive a woman is perceived. Keep reading »

Yet Another Example of Paula Deen’s Racism: She Allegedly Paid African-Americans In Booze, Not Money

Paula Deen's Racism
Paula Deen has jumped the racism shark
She wanted middle-aged black men to dress as "slaves." Read More »
Deen Loses TV Show
paula deen fired from food network
Food Network didn't renew their contract with Paula Deen. Read More »
Paula Deen racism

“Paula and Bubba just gave us beer and alcohol and I don’t even drink.  It was insulting and unfair.  I was like, ‘Pay me! She knew I had just gotten married.  I had a baby on the way.  I needed the money and I was the only one to step up and complain over it because half of the kitchen just needed their jobs.  I was fired over it in the end because I’m not afraid to speak my mind.”

––Oh, Paula, Paula, Paula. This is the new claim made by an African-American oyster cook that was employed at one of Paula Deen’s restaurants from 2008 to 2010. He claims that Deen threatened to fire her employees if they did not work overtime at the parties she held at her Savannah, Georgia, mansion. It’s been a (rightfully!) rough week for Deen, who last week publicly apologized for racist comments and lost her show at the Food Network. Stay tuned for more dodgy stories coming out. [Radar Online]

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