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I Have Diabetes

This is the first essay in a new column on The Frisky called “I Have _____.” In each piece a female writer talks about her experience with a health issue. Frankly, we’re curious about our bodies and yours, including the medical issues many of us are faced with — in “I Have _____” we promise to bring you the absolute real deal from a real woman.

Eventually, in the course of any new friendship or relationship, I have to reveal that I have diabetes. It’s usually greeted with a quizzical look and the question, “Wow, I thought only old/fat people have that,” or my personal favorite, “OH! My grandma DIED from that!” Um, great. By now I have my response down to an art. And in case we ever meet, I’ll save us the time by giving it here, in layman’s terms:

“Well, there are two types of diabetes, Type 1, juvenile, and Type 2, adult onset. I have Type 1. Keep reading »

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