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Quickies: Ke$sha And Nicki Minaj Are Going On Tour With Rihanna & Elin’s Pissed At Tiger Again

Rihanna has invited Ke$ha and rapper Nicki Minaj on her “Last Girl on Earth” North American tour. [Starpulse]
Travis Barker and DJ AM’s plane crashed because of bad tires. [E! Online]
The suit O.J. Simpson wore the day of his acquittal will be placed in the Newseum, a journalism museum in D.C. [TMZ]…

Edo Chorm / April 6, 2010

Quickies: “Booty” Is Ryan Gosling’s Word & Jessica Alba Isn’t Too Miserable To Adopt

Is Ryan Gosling an expert on relationship advice if all he seems to say is the word “booty”? [TMZ]
Has Charlie Sheen quit “Two and a Half Men”? [New York Post]
Check out Scarlett Johansson wearing a catsuit in another “Iron Man 2” poster. Hot!

Edo Chorm / April 2, 2010

The Boob Tube: Hot Weekend TV For April 3rd-4th 2010

Shear Genius” on Bravo at 9:00 a.m.
America’s Next Top Model” on Oxygen at 10:00 a.m.
Jessica Simpson’s The Price of Beauty” on Vh1 at 11:00 a.m.
“Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer” on FX at 12:00 p.m.

Edo Chorm / April 2, 2010

Quickies: Madonna And Ellen DeGeneres Are Distant Cousins & Khloe Kardashian Gone Wild

According to a genealogist for Ancestry.com, Madonna and Ellen DeGeneres are related. [NY Daily News]
Miley Cryus thinks that her new film will be an instant classic since her real-life boyfriend plays her love interest on screen. [Fox News]
Who are the “eight elite teen heartthrobs” vying for best heartthrob of all time and who…

Edo Chorm / April 1, 2010

Quickies: Community Has Non-Eco-Friendly Way Of Detering Forest Sex & Dish On The Jolie-Pitt Family

A community in England cut down trees to deter people from having sex in the woods. [The Stir]
New Yorkers, you’re invited to cocktails and light refreshments at Macy’s Herald Square with Rachel Roy and Estelle. [Newsday]
Did you know that Marc Jacobs’ favorite American designer is Ralph Lauren? Here are 8 other unknown fact…

Edo Chorm / March 31, 2010

That’s One Crafty Necklace

This groovy Beaded Cluster Necklace reminds us of some kind of Martha Stewart holiday decoration–in the best way possible. But this piece of artwork is way cooler and more functional since we actually get to wear it on our necks. Did we mention how affordable it is? Now that’s a good thing.

Edo Chorm / March 31, 2010

Quickies: Ke$ha Regrets Bashing Britney Spears & James Franco Seeks Ph.D.

Rather, Ke$ha says she actually admires Britney Spears. [Starpulse]
Madonna turns to daughter Lourdes for inspiration to create Material Girl, a juniors clothing line. [NY Daily News]
Will Smith will do two more sequels to “Independence Day.” Gee, we’re so psyched. [Sify News]…

Edo Chorm / March 30, 2010

Pretty As A Rosebud

Betsey Johnson never fails to deliver when it comes to making super fun yet utterly feminine clothing. However, this particular skirt (part of her Opening Ceremony collection) not only cries out Betsey, but we think it’s perfect when trying to conceal any tummy bulge. You know, if we cared about that sort of thing.

Edo Chorm / March 30, 2010

Quickies: Chloë Sevigny Regrets Criticizing “Big Love” & The Prostidude Quits

Chloë Sevigny regrets and apologizes for critiquing “Big Love.” She blames the outburst on exhaustion and provocation by the reporter. [Ausiello Files]…

Edo Chorm / March 29, 2010

Things That Make Ya Say “O”

We don’t know why but objects that are “O” shaped always seem to catch our attention. It can be interpreted as having something to do with the circular flow of life or, hell, it just plain reminds us of a doughnut. Either way, both theories feed our minds and bodies with energy and renewal, and…

Edo Chorm / March 29, 2010

Quickies: David Beckham’s Achilles Inspires Poetry & Miley Cyrus Is Done With Music

A poem compares David Beckham’s injury to the one that brought down Achilles. [Telegraph]
Japanese officials refused to allow Hayden Panettiere to speak about whale conservation in Taiji, a town known for its annual whale hunt. [Newser]

Edo Chorm / March 26, 2010

Ginseng Wakes You Up In The Morning

Feel like you need a more invigorating wake-up call after you’ve pressed the snooze button three times? We love how Molton Brown’s energizing Suma Ginseng Bath & Shower gel blends juniper berry, cinnamon, oak moss, armoise, and geranium together into one refreshing and sexy scent! The gorgeous bottle means it looks great in the shower,…

Edo Chorm / March 26, 2010

A Video Camera That Isn’t Afraid Of Getting Wet

Planning a tropical getaway this spring? Don’t leave home without this underwater video toy. Kodak’s PlaySport HD Waterproof Pocket Video Camera comes in three colors–black, blue and purple–and features a full 1080p video with electronic image stabilization so you can capture everything in HD without worrying about a low quality result. For those of u…

Edo Chorm / March 25, 2010

Natalia Vodianova Is A Goth Fairytale Princess

Natalia Vodianova’s photo shoots seem to always tell an interesting story. This time she appears as some sort of a goth and glamorous fairytale princess with fiery long red hair in April’s Vogue Paris. We’ve always been partial to that look. [Fashion Copious]…

Edo Chorm / March 25, 2010

Quickies: A Jailed Woman Calls 911 For Help & “Secret Life” Tackles Abortion

A jailed woman allegedly used her one phone call to dial 911 in the hopes of being rescued. [TruTV]
Doug Reinhardt is creating an E! reality show that will be about his sister, Casey, not his girlfriend, Paris Hilton. [NY Post]
St. Martin’s Press will publish a “Jersey Shore” book based on beauty advice from…

Edo Chorm / March 24, 2010

A Ring That Shows The Motion Of The Ocean

We bet you’ve got a ring made of gold or silver, but have you ever worn glass on your finger? Doubtful, but there’s no time like the present. This Antica Murrina Laguna ring looks very similar to the plastic rings we used to buy from the gum ball machines as kids, but is much more…

Edo Chorm / March 24, 2010

Quickies: MJ’s Doc Stopped CPR To Hide Drugs & Porn Co. Wants To Rescue Nadya Suleman

Dr. Conrad Murray allegedly stopped CPR on Michael Jackson and delayed calling 911 to dispose of drug vials. [Celebitchy]
We hear Paula Abdul is in talks to headline a flash mob dancing series for NBC because she shines brighter than “Star Search.” [Ausiello Files]
Mo’Nique has offered her support to Sandra Bullock, saying “Sandra, if…

Edo Chorm / March 23, 2010

(Pretend To) Experience Country Nostalgia

The white linen curtain flaps as a warm spring breeze makes its way into the bedroom, caressing your face. You wake to hear the birds chirping and see the leaves on the trees blowing gently in the soft wind. The feeling of happiness engulfs you while laying there staring out at nature. You’re up to…

Edo Chorm / March 22, 2010

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