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More Than Zero: The 5 Most Underrated Robert Downey Jr. Roles

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“Sherlock Holmes” is coming out this Christmas and I couldn’t be more psyched. The aughts started out shaky for the former teen star, with stints in jail and rehab, battling with cocaine addiction even while winning an Emmy for his performance on “Ally McBeal.” But in the past decade Downey’s turned his image from that of a Rob Lowe contemporary punchline to a bankable leading man, with action hits like “Iron Man” and his Academy Award-nominated performance (in blackface!) in “Tropic Thunder.” And if he was good-looking as a 20-something Brat Packer, he’s even more attractive as a dashing, buff 40-something, still with that hint of a mischievous smirk that made him such a compelling bad boy to begin with. He’s cocky, he’s arrogant, and he’s hot as hell: “Sherlock Holmes” promises to capitalize on this movie star’s best character traits.

But Downey is so much more than just a good leading man with a smarmy quip: He’s one of the most talented actors alive today, almost anti-method in the way that he doesn’t lose himself in a character but manages to make a character so intrinsically Downey-esque. Even at the height of his drug problems, RDJ managed to make even the crappiest films bearable with his mere presence. For example …

Sex & Celluloid: What The Hell Is Wrong With Robert Pattinson?

I’m sorry; I didn’t see “New Moon.” I’m not even one of those too-cool-for-“Twilight” hipsters or anything, in fact, I read the first book in Stephenie Meyers’ Twilight series, saw the first movie, and actually thought, Wow I love vampires and they are attractive and I would like to have sex with them. But then I remembered I could just go watch “True Blood,” which is an equally guilty pleasure, but has a lot more grave-sex and, well, sex in general (thanks HBO!). But just to reiterate: I’m not anti-”Twilight,” and if someone asked me I would probably put myself on Team Edward, even though I might feel some underlying white guilt since, as far as I can tell, “New Moon” is a loose interpretation of the story of the original Pilgrims, what with the Native American werewolves fighting the European clan of vampires and what-not. Just in time for Thanksgiving too! Keep reading »

Sex & Celluloid: In Defense Of Nicolas Cage

Who’s looking forward to the Werner Herzog re-imagining of “Bad Lieutenant,” which has gotten good reviews but has a laughable trailer in which Nicolas Cage talks about his lucky crack pipe? Anyone? Keep reading »

Sex & Celluloid: The Top 5 Chick Flicks With Bite

Megan Fox‘s “Jennifer’s Body” came out last weekend, bringing writer Diablo Cody back into the spotlight we left her in, covered in rotten tomatoes from irate “Juno” haters. Sure, there is “The United States of Tara,” but Toni Collette won that Emmy for a reason: She’s working with so little. But so far, there’s been tentative praise for the horror/comedy “Jennifer’s Body,” where Cody’s quirky dialogue fits right in amongst the bloodshed. Think “Heathers” meets “Rosemary’s Angry Teenage Daughter.”
Keep reading »

Sex & Celluloid: The Best Threesomes That Never Were

While “(500) Days of Summer” is only the latest warm weather flick to explore the delights and wonders of monogamy, there’s been a relative dearth of love triangles in recent cinema. Are ménages à trois no longer in fashion? It seemed like the ’90s were full of threesomes, coming (so to speak) in all different shapes and genders: Was Gregg Araki’s “Splendor” really that bad that it signaled the end of a decade-long exploration into the not-so-single life? Below, four films that promised us the magical number 3 but never delivered on the company, much less the crowd. Keep reading »

Sex & Celluloid: Harry Potter & Muggle Sex

It’s time for a new Harry Potter movie, which opened at midnight last night/this morning, and judging from the posters/trailers, this will be the one with all the sex in it. Right? I don’t really follow the Rowling’s continuum but from what I gather, when young wizards hit puberty they make out and have sexual urges just like you and me.

While I can still recall the first HP film and how young Harry and Ron and those kids looked, that was (almost) a decade before last fall, when the titular actor showed off his little Daniel Radcliffe to audiences on two different continental stages in the play Equus . That was a big deal! We’re in an era in which Jason Siegel flashing his penis in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” or seeing a quick glimpse of manhood from Kim Cattrall’s lust-object in “Sex and the City” barely garners an R-rating. Yet there was something about Radcliffe’s decision to bare-all in that horse sex play: It was almost the boy’s Bar Mitzvah. Last fall, Daniel Radcliffe made the decision to become “a man.” Keep reading »

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