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Whatever Works for Woody Allen

It’s official. We fell in love with Woody Allen’s latest acclaimed movie “Whatever Works”. Despite its seemingly downer nature it lied because we left the movie theater feeling good after all. Now aside from how amazing the movie was we noticed starlet Evan Rachel Woods and her southern over the top outfits that just worked somehow. Woody Allen loves the siren leading lady in almost impossible love triangles where she ultimately foolishly risks her life. For this reason there is always a fun wardrobe filled with a little bit of funa nd a little bit of mystery. After some thinking we realized that Woody Allen loves having a bombshell dumb blonde in his movies and while the darker Evan Rachel Wood played the part for this movie its traditionally held out for Scarlett Johansson. Playing similar characters in “Scoop”, less so in “Match Point” and again in “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” there is something special about their whole persona. We thought we’d break down the clothes that make the woman….and the woman underneath.
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Gallery: The 5 Weirdest Lipsticks That Have Ever Puckered Up

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When it comes to bad news, as Holly Golightly famously quipped in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, “A girl doesn’t read this sort of thing without her lipstick.” Women have enjoyed an intimate relationship with their lip tints ever since Cleopatra used henna and seaweed to make her lips extra sexy-looking. Here’s a round up of some beautiful and bizarre incarnations of our favorite cosmetic product. The Celebrity-stick and artist Willard Wigan designed this lipstick to honor Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt for being voted the most kissable couple in their online poll. This impressive feat in the world of beauty products was auctioned off to benefit breast cancer research.

Shoes by Zandile

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MAC Hearts Artists

MAC (which stands for Makeup Art Cosmetics) has always done an amazing job of sticking to their artistic roots and at its heart, it’s a company that truly values the creative. That’s why the style department here was stoked to go check out their latest project: MAC commissioned three mega artists–photographer Marilyn Minter, illustrator Maira Kalman, and painter Richard Phillips–to interpret their fall color collections, and the results are kind of amazing. While we’re already huge Minter fans, we especially fell in love with Kalman’s apartment, which was filled with white walls, light wood grain floors, and Dada-esque suitcases and shoes lined on the windowsills as decorations. (There was also plenty of man candy in the form of tight shirt-clad models serving mini-sushi and pomegranate drinks, but we assume they were just there for the event and not always present.) Also, we saw Isaac Mizrahi! Pics from the event after the jump… Keep reading »

The Inspiration Board: Bruno

Okay so not everyone loves Bruno (or even likes him), but you have to give him props both for his insane newfound mainstream popularity and willingness to make ridiculously bold fashion choices. He’s inspired us to live in a world of spandex, fur, sequins, and hot pants … all at once. Despite steadfastly refusing to take the subtle route, the beauty of Bruno is that he demonstrates that when it comes to taking style risks, confidence is everything. Keep reading »

Six Weird Fashion Trends That Prove Men Are The New Women

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Crave: Poketo Duct Tape Wallet

Duct tape wallets usually sound like a brave idea, but tend to turn out sticky, ugly, and rather useless. We love this Poketo Duct Tape Wallet because at $20 a pop, not only is it affordable and indestructible, but oh-so-good-looking. The wallets are designed by artists from all over the world, and each is screen printed with a different work of art. We almost like reading the bios of the artists as much as buying the actual product. The name comes from one of the creators’ grandmothers and her mispronunciation of the word “pocket.” Thus Poketo, or as the grandmother would say “poh-kay-toe,” was born. These wallets fit right into our pockets for our own personal traveling art-show entertainment. [$20, Poketo] Keep reading »

Homemade Beauty Secrets

Ugh, I always manage to be “that girl” at the party, whether I’m drinking or someone else is drinking somehow wine spills onto my clothes. Thanks to my mom though I know that if I grab some salt from the kitchen I can scrub it out before the stain sets. After talking to a few of my other mom’s friends and neighbors I’ve rounded up some homemade beauty secrets that have been passed down from moms to daughter over the years.

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The Inspiration Board: Bloody Vampires!

Angelina Jolie may have started the whole blood-wearing trend with that infamous vial of Billy Bob’s bodily fluids she used to wear back in the day, but thanks to society’s newfound obsession with all things vampire, the trend is now more mainstream, not to mention popular, than ever. People are literally ravenous (ha) for it: Etsy seller VonErickson’s $4 blood choker just got picked up on Buzzfeed. A few hours later, it was sold out, but a $16 version is now available. (How convenient!) And people (like us) have already been buzzing about DuWop’s much-anticipated bloody version of Lip Venom, $16, so the company is offering a sneak preview to US Weekly Readers. Here’s how hot it is: The website currently says, “Due to the extraordinary response to this product we are experiencing shipping delays.” Are you feeling it, too? After the jump, it’s blood chic!
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The Official Hot Dog Round-Up

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