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Transsexual Inmate Has A Beef With The System

Here’s a brainteaser: If someone is born a man, but becomes legally female aside one special male part, and then they kill someone, which prison should they be held in—male or female?

Well, according to a transsexual inmate in this specific situation, she says she should be hanging with the ladies. Currently held in a men’s prison in the UK, this inmate claims her human right to “respect of her private life,” as stated in European Law, is being violated by having to stay in a men’s facility. And she’s suing over it. Not only is the she-mate unable to wear skirts or make-up—she also says its a glaring violation of her human rights not to be able to have gender reassignment surgery. And she’s so close—she has hormonally grown breasts and has lasered off all the hair on her face and legs. But doctors have repeatedly denied her the final surgery because she must live as a female for a certain period of time before being eligible—something she cannot do being held in a men’s prison. [Daily Mail] Keep reading »

Rhode Island Lets Teenagers Be Strippers

When I was sixteen, most of my friends were working retail jobs at the mall while I answered phones and sorted mail as a receptionist after school. Great spending money, but admittedly a snoozefest. But a loophole in Rhode Island law allows 16-year-old girls a different kind of job opportunity. “Lucky” ladies in RI under the age of 18 are free to strip—as long as they stay indoors and are home by 11:30pm. Come on, they still have algebra to do! [CNN] Keep reading »

Runners Drop Their Drawers To Break World Record

A group of people in New York finally give us all a good reason to run around in our underwear. Not only is it fun, but the 500-person panty-run going on tonight in NY’s Central Park has a purpose! If all 500 runners drop trough tonight, they will officially break the world record for the “largest gathering of people wearing underpants” currently held by the 146 English men who depants-ed last month. Runners who finish the 1.7 mile run, appropriately led by NY mayor candidate, The Naked Cowboy, will win a pair of boxers, further encouraging their undie exercise. But for some athletes in tonight’s run, not only are they breaking a world record, they are also warming up for the Nautica NYC Triathlon happening on Sunday. [Huffington Post]

This undie-run is a pretty fantastic world record goal, but I think Frisky readers can do better!
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Britney Puts Candies On Your “Radar”

Britney Spears first debuted her manufactured makeover in an ad for Candie’s shoes. Standing next to yummy desserts and a pink polo-ed prince charming, Brit-Brit’s “Barbie” look is admittedly better than, well, being bald. Now Candie’s has released a new commercial featuring Britney. In it, Britney keeps up the Barbie fairytale, eyeing a polo-playing prepster who will hopefully fall for her because of her rockin’ Candie’s shoes. In true Britney style, she follows her man around a mansion singing a Britney exclusive, “Radar.” Is it just me or does the song sound oddly similar to “Womanizer?” [via Jezebel] Keep reading »

Gallery: K-Fed Gives Reality TV A Second Chance & Other Reality TV Double-Dippers.

kevin federline tv 72309 splash amazon jpg
The future of reality TV just got a little more crappy. In an effort to pull himself out of the has-been bin, Kevin Federline is in talks to film another reality show about himself—this time replacing the part of Britney with his new girlfriend, Victoria Prince. But honestly it doesn’t matter who K-Fed’s co-star girlfriend is. Britney and Kevin’s 2005 reality train wreck “Chaotic” sucked the big one, and I doubt K-Fed Reality Round Two is going to be any better. He must flatter himself thinking people actually care so much they want to waste their time watching him try to rap. Oh and his little boys—Sean and Jayden will join daddy on the show. Holy exploitation! I hope these kids still have a chance to be normal. No official paperwork has been signed on this show, but I’m really curious to see what network will pick up K-Fed’s new show. And will he call it “Pathetic?” [NY Daily News]

K-Fed is just one of the C-list celebs whose back for more reality television. Here’s more reality TV double-dippers.

India’s First Porn Cartoon Is Banned

Thousands in India are mourning the loss of a very “public” female icon. Animated Indian porn star Savita Bhabhi was admired for her beauty, her wifely obedience and … her various sexual exploits. The not-so-ordinary housewife allowed fans into her home to watch her get hot and heavy with the neighbors, her boss, and even a bra salesman. (Really?!) But, unfortunately, India’s first cartoon porn star has met her end. After discovering the popular site posting Savita’s animated escapades, the Indian Department of Telecommunications declared the site obscene and forever banned Savita and her raging libido. Fans tweeted the news of Savita’s end, inspiring numerous eulogies and showing the government that Savita was more than a website of raunchy animated sex. Women, sociologists, and media personalities praised Savita’s inhibitions as a symbol of freedom, women’s rights, and a new type of sexuality in India. Seriously, the government probably should have left the site up. Apparently, tech-savvy folks are already trying to relaunch Savita. And now she’s got that hot forbidden fruit factor! But, for now, we’ll have to wait and see if Savita makes her naughty return. [Huffington Post] Keep reading »

What Tastes Better: A-Holes Or B-Holes?

North Carolina does not like A-holes … or B-holes. Several NC media companies have their panties in a twist over a new Hardee’s ad and are refusing to run the hilarious/suggestive ad which asks whether people prefer the taste of A-holes or B-holes. But get your mind out of the butt-er. (Ha!) I’m talkin’ about doughnut holes. The ad pits regular doughnut holes (A-holes) against Hardee’s new Biscuit holes with icing (B-holes) in a random taste test. The results: “A-holes are too small,” says one man. “I’m just a B-hole kind of guy.” [News & Observer] Keep reading »

Katherine Heigl’s Trash Talking Could Get Her Killed Off “Grey’s Anatomy”

katherine heigl 72209 splash jpg
Katherine Heigl gave David Letterman the “Ugly Truth” last night. While promoting her new movie on the “Late Show,” Heigl revealed that her first day back at “Grey’s Anatomy”—where filming stretched to 17 hours—was “cruel and mean.”

Last time we saw Heigl’s character, we were left wondering whether Izzie Stevens would survive brain surgery. Heigl hinted to Letterman that she’s still around this season, either as a miraculous survivor or a ghost. But I’m thinking what the writers decide for Izzie lies more in what comes out of Katherine’s mouth than the hours she works. Heigl backed up her labor complaint saying she hopes the “Grey’s” producers will be embarrassed now that everyone knows they are forcing actors to work such long days. But if Heigl keeps up her trash talking, I’m sure Izzie Stevens will “take a turn for the worse.” And Heigl’s workday will be much less taxing. Even non-existent. [MSNBC]

As a warning to Katherine, here’s a few other celebs who’s real-life beefs on set got them killed on-screen.

South Korea Parliament Turns Into WWF Match

Shattered glass, broken furniture, biting, shoving, beating, jumping and throwing blunt objects — just another day in Parliament in South Korea. Yesterday, a female lawmaker was rushed to the hospital with injuries after an ordinary session turned into an episode of “UFC Ultimate Fighting.” The rampage began when members of the majority party, the Grand National Party, tried to enter the building to vote on a bill loosening restrictions on media ownership of TV networks. Men and women from the opposing parties began stacking up furniture to block the ruling members from entering the National Assembly. When that didn’t work, they took to clawing each other’s eyes out. Peeps who opposed the bill attacked anyone trying to approach the podium by throwing heavy objects and even body-slamming them.
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10 Reasons Why We Are So Ready For Alicia Silverstone’s Comeback

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen “Clueless.” I always adored Cher Horowitz’s valley girl awesomeness. And don’t even get me started on her computerized revolving closet. Obviously, I was elated to hear that Alicia Silverstone is back, at least on Broadway. The ’90s It girl is leaving her pink boa and Beverly Hills behind and hitting the stage in New York City, to play an editor’s girlfriend in the play “Time Stands Still.” I am so hoping that this is the beginning of her comeback. Let me count the reasons why. [The Huffington Post] Keep reading »

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