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A Mother Is Allergic To Her Baby

Right after giving birth to her son, James, new mama Joanne Mackie started finding blisters on her arms and legs. A few days later, she winced whenever anything touched the painful rash and the tiny blisters that had blossomed into painful welts. Joanne was in such agony she could no longer hold her baby and daddy took over. The new mother was stumped, but a trip to the doctor was even more baffling. Joanne was allergic to her baby. The 28-year-old mother suffers from a rare but painful and dangerous skin disease, Pemphigoid Gestationis. Keep reading »

Gallery: The Celebrity Doll House

sienna miller doll 72809 ap amazon jpg
Like any new action flick, the characters of “GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra” have been cast into plastic in a slew of action figures you can currently find on the shelves of toy stores around the country. While the movie and its merch should be a hit with 10-year-old boys, Sienna Miller won’t be purchasing her character’s doll any time soon. While Miller plays sexy spy-badass Baroness in the movie, the actress is less than impressed with her action figure. “My doll is cross-eyed and has the biggest chin you have ever seen. She looks sort of possessed,” said Miller. [NY Daily News]

On a scale of 1-10, we say Sienna’s doll is an 8. The makers nailed Sienna’s teeny frame and and cut her hair the right length, even though her character is technically a brunette. The chin is honestly not that bad, but how can Sienna see her doll’s eyes, since she’s wearing glasses? In other words, quit complaining, Sienna! Your doll is not nearly as bad as some of the celebrities who’ve been forever immortalized in plastic. Take a look at our Frisky Celebrity Doll House.

Quick Pic: Steamy Swimmer Buns

Right before his Olympic qualifying race in Rome yesterday, US swimmer/cutie Ricky Berens tore his swimsuit in just the right spot. Ricky and his bare buns qualified for the 2012 London Olympics and won the race. He should probably just race like that all the time, because obviously it works! Enjoy. [Huffington Post] Keep reading »

“The Hills” The Movie? Well, Sorta.

Lauren Conrad’s debut novel, L.A. Candy still has a cozy spot on the New York Times best-seller list. But if that isn’t sweet enough for you, it looks like the first installment of Lauren’s “fictional” story might go from printed page to silver screen. Oh, yes, LC has been quite the little writer monkey lately, editing her second novel and penning the screenplay adaptation of the first one. It’ll be movie about a girl who moves to LA, gets a reality show, and works in the entertainment industry. In other words, it’s basically a two-hour marathon of “The Hills,” only a fictionalized version of the semi-fictional show. Naturally, it will star Lauren as Jane Roberts—the lead character based on … herself. How meta. [Daily News] Keep reading »

Couple Almost Hit By Lightning During Sex

Some lucky couples feel electricity during sex. That’s not quite what happened here, but the ground did shake around Jens Gottlieb and Lisa Gruhn as they were getting hot and heavy in the woods as a storm rolled in. A bolt of lightning struck the ground, almost toasting the coital couple. They got up and bolted (ha!), running completely naked. But they got lost in the rain and couldn’t find their car. Thankfully, another driver saw the nakie couple bumbling around the woods and called the police. The adventurous pair were found and led back to their car in dry clothes. I’m guessing the officers who found them are still telling that story around the station … and to everyone else they know. Because, hey, it got around to us. [Metro UK] Keep reading »

Celeb Love-aholics: Orlando Bloom Chooses Girlfriend Over “Pirates”

Ahoy, Captain Cuteness! In a truly romantic gesture, Orlando Bloom is refusing to star in a fourth “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie because he wants to spend more time with his girlfriend. Admittedly, most men would opt out of work if their girlfriend were Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr, but still, this kind of decision sounds more out of a chick-flick than real life. Apparently, Orlando’s “love-hiatus” is also his third effort to convince Miranda to be his wife. [Daily Mail]

Come on, Miranda! Turning down a multi-million dollar movie franchise to be with you has got to be a convincing factor. But Orlando is not the only celeb choosing love over all. After the jump our favorite celebrity love-aholics. Keep reading »

Fox News Interview Dissolves Into Flirtfest

Here’s another example of the “quality journalism” that goes on over at Fox News. In a segment about finding jobs, anchor Ainsley Earhardt interviews Uri Man on advice for job seekers. Ainsley starts out on the right path, but is immediately sidetracked when Uri compliments her yellow ensemble. Uri returns to the topic, for a sec, creepily mentioning how he read about Ainsley and knows where she went to college. Then Ainsley comments on Uri’s pink shirt and flirts with him. Click above to watch the first date interview. We wonder if they did it after this segment? [Huffington Post] Keep reading »

Kelly Clarkson Gets Beyonce’s Sloppy Seconds

Kelly Clarkson‘s new single, “Already Gone,” probably sounds a bit familiar. That’s because you’ve already heard the music in Beyonce‘s love ballad, “Halo.” Evidently, music producer Ryan Tedder stupidly gave both ladies the same track, although they wrote very different songs to go with it. Beyonce beat Kelly out of the gate and by the time Kelly heard “Halo” and tried to stop the release of her song, it was too late. This snafu is causing all kinds of radio confusion—when Kelly’s song starts to play, people are expecting to hear “Halo.” And Kelly is very worried that people will label her a copycat. [Huffington Post]

Compare the two videos for yourself after the jump. Keep reading »

Woman Offers Reward For Missing Christian Louboutin Heel

A woman in England is handing out fliers, questioning residents, putting up “lost” posters, and looking high and low in a desperate search for her precious missing…leopard print pump. That’s right, shoe-addict Louise Bawn lost one of her Christian Louboutin heels after a long night out and is so distraught that she launched an all-out hunt for her lost left shoe. She was gifted the heels by her husband and it was only the second time she wore them. So this psychotic Cinderella isn’t stopping at normal search methods. Come on, these are Louboutins! Bawn is also offering a reward for the person who returns the heel to her, since when she called Louboutin stores to see if they still make the shoe, she discovered that it has been discontinued. For now, Bawn’s right shoe sits cold and alone. The other one is probably sitting in the sewer, somewhere. At least now Bawn can up her home décor and use the right heel as a cool bookend? That way she’ll look fashionably creative and not like she belongs in the loony bin. [Daily Mail]

Would you scour the streets after losing designer footwear? Keep reading »

Gallery: Zac Efron Bungee Jumps, And Other Celebrity Thrill Seekers

zacefron 72109 splash jpg
As if red carpet premieres, gala balls, constant partying, and jet setting weren’t enough, some celebrities need more excitement in their lives. Exhibit A: While filming his new movie, “The Life and Death Of Charlie St. Cloud,” in Vancouver, Zac Efron took a fall—while strapped to a bungee cord. The actor got his adrenaline pumping after bungee jumping with friends. [People]

Taking the plunge is not the only way to satisfy a thrill seeker. After the jump, some more celebrities with wild sides.

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