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Four Wisconsin Women Hold A Cheating Dude Hostage

Usually when a man finds himself tied to a bed, he’s having a freaky good time. But for one husband, who was cheating on his wife with two women, what sounded like sexy time with one of his lovers was really a revenge plot. When she found out her man was sleeping around, instead of going after her husband’s two lovers, the wife contacted them and they banded together in the name of scorned women everywhere. The girls got scheming, and a few days later put their very “9 to 5″ plan into action. The husband thought he was meeting lover Therese Ziemann for a tryst at a Wisconsin motel. He allowed her to tie him to the bed with the sheets and to blindfold him for a “massage.” Ziemann quickly texted the man’s wife, his second lover and, just for kicks, her own sister, who was secretly waiting outside. The women burst into the room and began taunting the bound man. But they really “stuck it to him” when Ziemann super-glued his penis to his stomach. The man eventually got loose by chewing off his sheet cuffs and calling the police. Now, the women face charges of assault and false imprisonment for their creative revenge tactic. Too bad that the whole cheating-on-your-wife-with-multiple-women part isn’t punishable by law. [MSNBC] Keep reading »

Quickies!: Sarah Palin Threatens To Sue Blogger Over Divorce Rumor

  • Sarah Palin is on the war path – the former Alaskan Governor is not only NOT getting divorced, she is now threatening to sue the Alaskan blogger “Gryphen” who posted the divorce rumor unless he posts a retraction/apology. Gryphen refused. [Extra TV] Seriously Sarah, this is not the first person to post a rumor about you on their blog.
  • Michael Jackson’s mother Katherine now has full custody over her son’s three children. A California judge made the announcement after 79-year-old Katherine and Debbie Rowe came to an agreement over the kids’ custody. [CNN] – I just hope the kids can have a more normal life with granny.
  • In a recent interview for the September issue of Vanity Fair, Farrah Fawcett’s former lover Ryan O’Neal confessed to hitting on his own daughter Tatum “on accident” at Farrah’s funeral. [Tres Sugar] Gross enough that it was his own daughter, but hitting on anyone at the funeral of a former girlfriend is just so wrong.

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Mother Finds Her Baby Up For Adoption On Craigslist

It’s amazing what you can sell on Craigslist these days. But instead of being amused, one mother got the shock of her life when she looked online and saw that her baby was up for adoption. A woman tipped off Massachusetts mother, Brenna, after she saw an ad on Craigslist for the adoption of Brenna’s son, Jacob. Worried and confused, Brenna checked out the ad. Turns out some man was using her son’s picture in an online adoption scam. The post advertised the adoption of a Canadian baby boy living in a orphanage in Cameroon, even though Jacob was safe at home in Massachusetts. He’d taken the picture of Jacob from his family’s public blog on WordPress. [CNN] Keep reading »

Being A Redhead Hurts

Don’t get me wrong—redheads are awesome. But they also feel more pain than the rest of the population, are more sensitive to heat, and need 20% more anesthesia to knock them out. And a new study shows another odd side effect of being a redhead—they’re less likely to get proper dental care. It’s not their fault—scientists have found that annual teeth cleanings and occasional fillings just hurt more for them. If dentists don’t up the anesthetic ante for the flame-haired, redheaded patients are twice as likely to skip dental appointments and let problems go untreated. [CNN] Keep reading »

Screech Is Conspicuously Absent From “Saved By The Bell” Reunion

Jimmy Fallon is going to be so pissed when he sees the newest issue of People magazine. After repeatedly begging asking to hold a reunion on his late night show, the cast of “Saved By The Bell” decided to come together on the cover of People. In all fairness, Mario Lopez confessed that People had the 20th anniversary reunion idea before Jimmy and has worked for over a year putting together a feature deserving of the mega-popular ’90s sitcom. And really, can you argue with A.C. Slater?

Even though it’s been 20 years since Zack Morris was “Saved By The Bell,” the entire cast looks as happy and oddly fresh-faced as they did back at Bayside High School. Except for everyone’s favorite geek—Screech. No, Dustin Diamond wasn’t late to the shoot. He was asked not to come. [People/NY Daily News] Keep reading »

Gallery: Celebrity Exes Who Got Away With The Goods

jessica simpson 72909 splash jpg
Jessica Simpson’s break-up with Tony Romo cost her a lot. Her pop-star image is now smeared by relentless media ridicule, she had no Ken for her Barbie birthday party and now everybody thinks she’s bad luck. And now the singer’s out $100K. No, Tony didn’t take it, but he may as well have. Jessica broke the bank for her beau back in April, gifting her football stud with a $100,000 boat. Unfortunately, Jessica and Tony didn’t get to sail on their love boat. But Jessica asking for the boat back. She recently revealed that she’s not “an Indian giver.” [Celebitchy]

Jessica, here’s some advice—get the boat back, cash it in, and go on a tropical vacay to get over that douche. Better yet, sail the boat to your luxury destination. When normal couples break up, it’s hard enough to swap back CDs and t-shirts. For celebrities, I guess the stakes are a lot higher. Whatever Jessica decides to do, here are some more celebs whose exes got away with the goods.

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