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Gallery: Celebrities Stepping Out In Michael Jackson Gear

“Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince” Has A Soggy World Premiere

Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson stepped onto a very soggy red carpet last night for the world premiere of “Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince” in London. Even completely soaked and standing under umbrellas, the cast still looked magically delicious—except Helena Bonham Carter who wore an unsurprisingly witchy ensemble. But the torrential downpour was not the only hurdle to clear for the premiere. [Daily Mail] Keep reading »

That’s Crappy: Woman Gives Birth In A Port-A-Potty

Most women like to rest right after giving birth, but after popping one out on July 4th in a Port-A-Potty, Maryland mama Candy Michelle Vignari walked right out and asked a nearby construction worker for a ciggie. That’s right. She gave birth in a Port-A-Potty. Left the baby inside. And then smoked a cigarette. She only revealed that her newborn was clogging up the toilet when a construction worker tried to get inside the portable pooper after noticing Candy covered in blood. The worker immediately called the police, and Candy was promptly arrested. Her baby was taken to where it should have been in the first place: the hospital. Candy was charged with child abuse and reckless endangerment. Luckily, her baby is in stable condition. [DListed]

While Candy is a moron who should never be around children, let alone have one, even loving mothers get stuck in weird places when it’s time to get birthing. Their stories, after the jump.
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Porn Stars Up In Arms That Production Companies Are Going Plotless

Not that pornos are exactly known for their profound plot lines, but as more people prefer to get off online, “scripts” and “acting” in porn videos and DVDs are being replaced by more raunchtastic sex. In probably the lamest complaint ever, porn stars are whining that adult video production companies are losing the storyline by tailoring to online technology. Gone are the days of 1970s favorites like “Deep Throat” and the 2005 hit “Pirates.” Now porn production companies are catering to viewers by making shorter, more easily downloadable clips and using themes or mini-plots to tie the disparate pieces together, like “Girls ‘n Glasses” produced by New Sensations. We’ve always thought porn plots were pretty amusing, so we don’t know if we’re excited about this change. Also, what about all those porn stars hoping that their work will launch them into a mainstream acting career? Wait, has that happened to anyone besides Sasha Grey? Regardless, if you’re a true “movie buff” then don’t miss “2040” by Digital Playground. The company’s president told the NY Times “2040” is “an almost Romeo-and-Juliet story between an aging porn star and a cyborg.” Sounds like a real tearjerker. [NY Times] Keep reading »

Gallery: Hayden Gets A Bust Boost Plus Other Celebrity Enhancements.

hayden movie poster splash movie goods 7709 jpg
Hayden Panettiere‘s upcoming movie, “I Love You Beth Cooper,” should probably be renamed “I Love You Boob Cooper.” I normally don’t notice things like this, but in this case, you can’t quite help it—the 19-year-old actress looks way bustier in the movie poster than she does in real life. Honestly, I don’t think they needed to up her bra size to pack nerds into the theater to see the movie—after all, she is the invincible cheerleader from “Heroes.” [Daily Mail]

Yeah, yeah, we all know that celebrities are airbrushed in advertisements. But sometimes photo editors get a little trigger-happy with their “enhancements.” Gratuitous boob jobs seem to be pretty common, but photo retouchers can also alter a star’s face, their hair, or even their butt. Read on to see who else got (digital) work done.

7th Grader Is Forced To Take Off A Pro-Life T-Shirt

A California 7th grader is fighting for her right to…wear a T-shirt. Anna Amador is representing her daughter in the lawsuit against McSwain Elementary School after her daughter was forced to take off her pro-life T-shirt back in April 2008. Celebrating “National Pro-Life T-shirt Day”—which I didn’t even know existed—the girl sported a graphic (pun!) tee with two pictures of a fetus followed by a square of black, along with the words, “Abortion. Growing, Growing, Gone.” Definitely a strong statement, but was it disruptive enough for the school to shirt-shame her and force a wardrobe change? Keep reading »

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