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A few months ago, I was waiting for the subway after work. It was one of those days when all of the lines were screwed up. A guy next to me turned and asked, “How was your day today?” I was taken by surprise since, nine out of 10 New Yorkers waiting for the subway are either plugged into their iPod-Phone-Pads or have their faces buried in Kindles. To kill time, it was refreshing to have an actual conversation with a seemingly nice person. And I was happy I did, quickly learning he was an experienced financial reporter. As a fledgling journalist myself, we had a lot to chat about.

Twenty minutes later, the train came and our conversation turned personal. We started talking about our friends and relationships. He asked me if I was in a relationship. I said yes, long-distance, since my boyfriend is in Hong Kong for a year. He proceeded to tell me how he prefers his relationships to be more “convenient” and that he is currently single. I ended up leaving the train with his card and emailed him a few days later about officially meeting to talk about his media experience and any advice he might have for me as a beginning journalist. We decided to meet for a drink. He picked the place. Arriving at what turned out to be a dimly lit restaurant, he said, “Hey, sorry, there’s a wait for dinner.” Keep reading »

11 Famous Roommates We Wish We Lived Next Door To

roommates rob and tom jpg
Someone at the Plaza should really put a plaque up in the room that Rob Lowe and Tom Cruise once shared. Back in the day, when Rob was 17 and auditioning for “The Outsiders,” he and Tom were briefly roommates, along with several other wannabe actors. And it sounds like the two didn’t have nightly pillow fights. “[Tom] had bloodless focus, an intensity that I’ve never encountered before,” Rob remembers, before launching into a story about their first moments in the room together. “Cruise is on the phone with his agent, Paula Wagner. ‘Paula, they are making us share’ … The rest of us are staggering around like happy goofs … ‘Thank you very much,’ [Cruise] says like a 50-year-old businessman.” And we’re surprised the guy is now a Scientologist? [NY Post]

But Rob and Tom aren’t the only interesting celebrity pairs who at one point split the rent. Here are some other famous roommates we’d love to live next to.

Girl Talk: My Boyfriend Moved To Hong Kong

It was over a year ago, last January, when my boyfriend of almost four years said, “So I have something to tell you” over a Friday night dinner in Chinatown. My appetite instantly evaporated and my stomach suddenly ached with anticipation over what would follow those words. Immediately I thought, This is the break-up dinner, and my mind whirled into a frenzy of what could be wrong when I thought we were so happy. We caught a cab and went back to his Brooklyn apartment, quickly saying hi to his roommates and disappearing into his room to talk.

Sitting on his bed, I prepared myself for the worst. Did he cheat on me? Did he lose his job? Just looking at him, I couldn’t tell. He wasn’t mad, but he wasn’t happy either. He’s usually calm, but at that moment he was nervous.

“So, I’m moving to Hong Kong for work,” was the next thing I heard. Keep reading »

Best Hangover Cures: Water, Advil, And … Asparagus?!

Being a girl who likes to get her party on from time to time, I am no stranger to the painful head-throbbing of a hangover. And catching a glimpse of my messy hair and exhausted face in the mirror on the way to make coffee doesn’t make things any better. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Along with drinking gallons of water, the newest hangover cure to hit the streets is: asparagus. That’s right. A new study shows that eating the green veggie (more commonly known for making your pee and, ahem, other substances smell unpleasant) the day after your booze-fest can help ease hangover pain. South Korean researchers found the acids in asparagus help protect your liver from toxins. [Health]

While the vitamin-packed vegetable is a surprising hangover fix, it’s not the weirdest. Here are a few more “alternative” hangover remedies people have tried the morning after.
Keep reading »

Whitney Houston: The Greatest Album Of All?

I fell in love with Whitney Houston the first time I saw the “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” video. I stuck with her forever, through “The Bodyguard” and “Just Whitney.” But circa 2000, we hit a bumpy road as her marriage with Bobby Brown got seriously rocky and the rumor mill seemed pretty convincing that she was having drug issues. Then there was “Being Bobby Brown,” and no one ever thought she’d come back from discussing Bobby’s poop. But finally, she’s put out a new album, I Look To You, out today. The album is a collaboration with music mogul Clive Davis, and features ditties from the likes of Akon, R. Kelly and Alicia Keys. And, phew, the reviews look good. Here’s what the critics are saying. Keep reading »

Gallery: Queen Latifah And Other Celebs With A “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Policy

queen latifah 8709 splash jpg
Queen Latifah may have a loud voice, but the singer stays tight-lipped when asked about her sexuality. The Queen was recently seen partying at Country Club in New York City with some lovely ladies. And while every woman enjoys a night out with her girlfriends, Queen Latifah and her posse went to Country Club two weeks in a row on a Wednesday—which is lesbian night at the joint. Curious as to why the Queen prefers Wednesday-night partying, a reporter asked her about her preference, but the singer/actress kept hush-hush. [NY Post]

While some celebs are very open about their sexual preferences, others keep very quiet about it. Here are a few others with a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

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