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Joan Rivers’ Family Will File A Wrongful Death Lawsuit

  • Joan Rivers’ daughter Melissa plans to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the endoscopy clinic where she went into cardiac arrest during a procedure. Melissa “wants answers” about her mother’s death and is searching for closure. [MSNBC]
  • Queen Latifah canceled her upcoming interview with Bill Cosby on her show due to allegations that he raped 13 women. While Cosby has never been charged with sexual assault, he’s been sued in the past. The allegations have been public knowledge for years and no new accusations have surfaced lately, but comedian Hannibal Buress mentioned it during a stand-up performance last week, reminding the world that Cosby is not as wholesome as his TV persona. [TMZ] Keep reading »

Life Dream Status: You Can Take Care Of Baby Elephants In Thailand

How’d you like to play with elephants for free? is allowing one lucky wildlife lover to get the dream-come-true chance to spend two weeks assisting with conservation work for endangered Asian Elephants in Thailand. The volunteer will visit elephant camps throughout the country and care for the critters hands-on while working on developing ethical businesses that do elephant tourism. Housing and travel expenses will be paid for — all you’ll have to do is show up! In the past hundred years or so, Thailand’s elephant population dwindled from about 100,000 to 3,000-4,000, so you’ll be doing crucial work to keep the species afloat. Conveniently enough, you’ll get to explore a beautiful, fascinating country while doing so! DreamJobbing is taking applications for the next month. Can I come along as a stowaway? [Image via Shutterstock]

Is The Selfie App The Answer To Social Media’s Human Connection Problem?


Selfie, an app that launched a few weeks ago, wraps up the tried-and-true methods of Vine, Instagram and Tumblr all in one. That may sound exhausting, but the experience encourages organic connection between strangers in a way that is oddly refreshing. Users record up to 24-second videos of themselves, and other users who follow them are able to reply with their own Selfie videos for a pseudo face-to-face chat. Other users can view those conversations on their feed and contribute as well, which makes for new connections and new friends — it’s like a message board come to life, and just like those types of forums, it can be used to discuss any topic under the sun. My limited experience with it so far has taught me that it’s something like a cross between a chat room and brunch with friends. Users can ask for advice, share expertise, tell stories, or strike up conversations with potential new friends — which often prompts people to eventually meet up in person. Keep reading »

Beauty Test Drive: Nails Inc. Matte Top Coat

Matte Nail Polish

When I first got my hands on a bottle of Nails Inc. Westminster Bridge Matte Top Coat, my first question was why anyone would even care whether their nails were matte. The matte trend has come around several times these past few years, but it never really made any sense to me. Most of the polish I use isn’t all that shiny to begin with, so wouldn’t a matte look just dull it down even more? After trying this top coat, though, I’m definitely a fan. There’s something understated and chic about a matte nail. Keep reading »

27 Perks Of Being Short

Tip Toes

At 4’11″, I am about as petite as it gets, and I love it most days. At this point, it’s a major (and welcome) part of who I am, and I can’t really imagine my life any other way (tall girls, perhaps you can relate). Fellow short friends, this is your PSA reminder that tiny is a great way to be. Being short definitely has its downsides — looking small and defenseless seems to make people more inclined to treat my body like public property, and I might lose my mind if I have to endure one more person using my shoulder/head as an armrest while giggling manically as if they are the first person to come up with this novel idea until it finally registers that they are being rude as hell. But I digress. Let’s talk positives, because in my mind, they outweigh the bad stuff. There are so many great things about life as a short girl, and here are just a few of them. Keep reading »

Would You Buy A Typewriter With A Modern Twist?


Would you like to own a twee ’90s-style word processor that looks analogue enough to impress your hipster friends but still has a computer in it so you don’t get the shakes from glowing screen withdrawal? Would you like to sit in your local coffee shop with thick glasses and a furrowed brow, pounding away into the keyboard with abandon as your soy latte gets cold? Look no further. The Hemingwrite is here, named after your favorite brooding hero and ready to whisk you back to the “good old days” of writing when Facebook wasn’t sitting open one tab to the left taunting you with distraction. Jokes aside, I actually think this is a great idea. There’s some kind of nostalgic glory wrapped into that satisfying sound an old-fashioned keyboard makes as you type, and it I imagine writing would be a much more relaxing experience when it isn’t so directly connected to technology. The typewriter does sync your work to Google Docs, Evernote, and the cloud, so it’s not all that technology-free, but it does a better job then a glowing laptop screen. It also brightens my Michigan girl heart to know it was designed in Detroit. What do you think? Could you get into some old-school word processing? [Laughing Squid, Uncreate] [Image via Hemingwrite]

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