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Color Your Face With Makeup Markers

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I like to keep my makeup routine as low-maintenance as possible, which means I’d rather not spend large portions of my day touching up and reapplying. This explains why I’m all over the new crop of makeup markers. These felt-tipped pens deliver color that does a good job of staying put, and a number of brands make them for lips and eyes (the latter gives the effect of liquid liner but requires less skill to apply). I haven’t had this much fun with markers since my mom bought me my first set of Crayolas back in the day. Click through for nine makeup makers for lips and eyes.

Hunter Makes Wellington Boots For The Hard-Core Festival-Goer

Wellington boots are such popular footwear for summer music festivals, like Bonnaroo in Tennessee and Glastonbury in England where mud and dirt abound, that Hunter decided to create a special “Festival” take on the basic rubber boot. These badass wellies, which feature crocodile-stamped panels and silver-tone rivets, resemble tough-looking motorcycle boots. In our opinion, these $200+ rubber rain boots would make wearers look like they’re trying too hard, but maybe super fashion-conscious concert-goers will go for them. [ via The Vie Society] Keep reading »

Is Minnie Driver Secretly Married?

Minnie Driver spent Mother’s Day playing in the park with her son, Henry Story Driver, and, interestingly enough, she was photographed sporting a ring on the finger normally reserved for engagement rings and wedding bands. Minnie’s been mum about her son’s father — and her love life — since announcing her pregnancy back in 2008. Could she have secretly gotten married? We doubt it.

Minnie seems to be one of those people who doesn’t care too much about convention. At her father’s funeral last year, for example, she wore red, rather than the standard black. Why should she be required to save her left ring finger for marital jewelry? Further proof that Minnie hasn’t gone off and wed behind our backs: She was photographed wearing a different ring on the same finger last May. Keep reading »

Former Supermodel Beverly Peele In “Very Serious Condition”

Former supermodel Beverly Peele was rushed to the hospital last night after a car crash in LA. A source told TMZ that Beverly is in “very serious condition” at the UCLA Medical Center. Beverly appeared on more than 250 magazine covers and in ads for Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Versace, and more, retiring from modeling in 1995 after giving birth to her daughter, Cairo. Our thoughts are with Beverly and her loved ones as she recovers. [TMZ] Keep reading »

Her 10 Best Looks: Michelle Williams

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Michelle Williams isn’t one to attend events on a nightly basis, so it’s a treat whenever she brings her quirky, quiet elegance to the red carpet. The former “Dawson’s Creek” actress, who now stars in mostly independent films, tends to go for dresses with interesting details and adds minimal accessories. Click through for Michelle’s ten best looks.

Love Vandal: Sweet Bus Stop

Reader Samantha snapped this, saying, “Who knows how long ago someone stumbled upon the wet cement and wrote this in, but it makes my daily wait for the bus just a little bit sweeter!”

Have you seen graffiti that’s kind of sweet (even if it is against the law)? Send your pic to Keep reading »

Kate Gosselin Liked The Pedicure Slippers So Much She Wore Them Home

Kate Gosselin got a pedicure yesterday, and, not wanting to mess up her paint job, she wore the foam slippers home and carried her heeled sandals. Do you plan to wear certain shoes when you get your toes done so that you don’t encounter similar issues? Keep reading »

Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel Petanque Tournament

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Besides bringing celebrities down to Saint-Tropez to view his short film, “Remember Now,” and Chanel‘s latest resort collection, Karl Lagerfeld also got everyone from Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson to Vanessa Paradis to play pétanque, the French equivalent of the backyard game bocce. The designer organized a Chanel Pétanque Tournament at the Place des Lices, inviting celebrities to throw their best shot with logo-emblazoned boules. Click through to see who really got into the game.

Above: Karl dressed down for the event in super light denim.

Don’t Mess With The Bronte Sisters

Here’s an idea for how to get students more interested in authors like the Brontë sisters (Anne, Emily, and Charlotte), whose novels are normally only read when they’re forced upon kids in school: Turn old, dead writers into action figures! This fake commercial makes the Brontës seem downright tough, like WWE wrestlers. [via The Gloss] Keep reading »

Which Celebrity’s Shades Match Your Style?

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Celebrities know a thing or two about sunglasses. After all, many stars are seldom seen without a pair, wearing them to shield themselves from the paparazzi on sunny and cloudy days alike. Click through to figure out which shades match your style and where to find similar pairs.
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