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Kate Moss’ Topshop Collection Includes Wedding Dress-Appropriate White Gowns

kate moss topshop ss g5 jpg
The Kate Moss for Topshop video aimed at promoting the spring/summer collection didn’t reveal much — besides Kate’s bum. But this morning we saw photos of the entire collection, and, as usual, Kate delivers an eclectic mix of vintage-inspired clothes, from a 1920s-style bias-cut maxi dress to luxe nightwear featuring lace paneling. We couldn’t help but notice that long, white gowns figure prominently into the collection (maybe Kate has weddings on the brain?), and if you’re in the market for a white dress but don’t want to spend thousands, you might find these dresses appealing, as they’re priced between $170 and $370 and hit stores May 20. Plus, the feather capelet would be a nice touch on top of any wedding dress.

Cousin Itt Attacks Your Feet

Wear these Bruno Frisoni fringe-covered heels, and your feet will look like members of the Addams Family. Keep reading to check out the black version, which features even longer “hair.” [Bruno Frisoni] Keep reading »

The Worst Facial Hair In Major League Baseball

mlb facial hair g jpg
Baseball may be America’s pastime, but growing gross facial hair seems to be the preferred hobby of Major League Baseball players. For reasons unknown to us, goatees and flavor savers reign supreme in ballparks around the country. Click through to see what which baseball players have facial hair we’d like to shave off (if they haven’t already done it themselves).

Love Vandal: It’s A Trap

Reader Laicy snapped this while walking across the Aurora Bridge in Seattle.

Have you seen graffiti that’s kind of sweet (even if it is against the law)? Send your pic to Keep reading »

Marion Cotillard’s Take On Rockabilly Hair

For last night’s party in Cannes celebrating fancy jewelry company Chopard’s 150th anniversary, Marion Cotillard paired a metallic jumpsuit with a French twist that wound its way up her head, ending in a bang-like bun. What do you think of Marion’s rockabilly hairdo? I think the front part resembles a croissant or some other delicious French pastry. Keep reading »

Norma Kamali’s Frightening Eagle Tank Perfect For Independence Day

The Fourth of July is just over a month away (47 days, to be exact), which means you still have plenty of time to order this scary Norma Kamali eagle tank top from Walmart. Dressing in red, white, and blue is easy and expected; wearing our national bird shows true patriotism. [$8, Walmart] Keep reading »

10 Mannequins Gone Strange

mannequins g9 jpg
Mannequins are meant to represent us, because it would be, you know, inconvenient for a real human to stand around all day, displaying clothes. But these substitute humans are often strange and occasionally scary. Click through for 10 interesting mannequins.

Above: To celebrate Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” coming to theaters, French department store Printemps put out mannequins with human bodies and rabbit heads. How creepily fantastical! [FocusOnStyle]

Cannes Film Festival Delivers More Fashion Hits

cannes fashion2 g12 jpg
The Cannes Film Festival continued over the weekend, and so did the glamorous red carpet looks. “Blutiful,” “You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger,” and “La Princesse de Montpensier” were among the films that premiered, with Naomi Watts and Evangeline Lilly looking amazing in multiple outfits apiece.

How To Get More Bang For Your Buck In The Bathroom

When I’ve shelled out big bucks for beauty products, I’d like them to last as long as possible. But what can you do besides turn bottles upside down when products get down to the end? Brokelyn compiled a list of suggestions for how to make items in your medicine cabinet go the distance. While some were extreme (we don’t think we’d want to use a 17-cent disposable razor for a whole year anyway), we’re going to follow the four suggestions after the jump. [Brokelyn] Keep reading »

Just Say No To Dry-Clean-Only Clothes

Today, I’m going to put an end to one of my worst habits. Thankfully, I don’t smoke, so I don’t have to worry about ditching a nicotine addiction. No, my habit isn’t so obvious; in fact, I’ve been doing it for years without noticing. I buy clothes with tags that read “Dry Clean Only” — but not anymore (if I can help it). Keep reading »

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