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“Sex And The City 2″ Premiere: A Subdued Yet Sparkly Affair

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Sex and the City 2” premiered last night, and in case you didn’t get to watch the red carpet live, take a look at who was attended the event (a strange assortment, from Liza Minnelli to Gabourey Sidibe) and what they wore. We must say that compared to the fanfare that ushered in the first movie, the sequel hasn’t caused quite the same amount of commotion. But the dresses the stars wore still looked nice.

Stars Love Piling Their Hair Into Topknots

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Lately we’ve noticed quite a few female celebs wearing their hair in topknot buns. Piling all the strands you’ve got on top of your head seems to be the thing to do these days, from Jennifer Lopez‘s knotty beehive at a premiere for “The Back-up Plan” to Kate Hudson‘s errand-running updo. E! hilariously called this look “funky cinnamon-roll hair,” and we can’t decide how we feel about the hairstyle. Take a look at celebs rocking topknots, then tell us if it’s a hairdo or a hair don’t.

Watch The “Sex and The City 2″ Premiere Red Carpet Extravaganza Live!

If you didn’t get invited to the premiere of “Sex and the City 2” (don’t feel bad, we didn’t either), you can still feel like you’re there. Right now, the video above should be livestreaming what’s going down on the red carpet. So, stay tuned to hear what Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kim Cattrall, and Kristin Davis have to say about what they’re wearing, and, you know, life and stuff. Keep reading »

Style By Jury: What Do You Think Of Kirsten Dunst’s Cannes Outfit?

What Do You Think Of Kirsten Dunst's Cannes Outfit?

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Leaf Cord Ties: Functional Or Frivolous?

Keeping electronics’ power cords organized is really annoying, so we’ve gotten in the habit of wrapping them up with rubber-bands. The nice thing about rubber-bands is that they don’t cost much (especially if you steal them from work), but they aren’t very cute, and sometimes the rubber rots, causing them to snap out of nowhere. Lufdesign’s Leaf Ties do the same job as rubber-bands, but in a rather elegant, nature-inspired way. But is it silly to spend $7 (plus shipping) for 12 ties? [Lufdesign via Design Scene] Keep reading »

Shopping Guide: Floral Button-Downs For A Flower-Filled Spring

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Since the whole world seems to be in bloom right now, we’ve decided to swap our plaid and plain-colored button-downs for tops covered in floral patterns. These spring shirts look just as good with skirts or nice pants during the work week as they do with shorts on the weekend. Plus, some cost as little as a bouquet of real flowers, and they won’t wilt after a few days.
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