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Going Out For Drinks Is Boring

How many times have I gone out for drinks on a date? More times than I can count. Of course, it’s partly my fault for not suggesting something more exciting. So I asked my friend John, who’s always taking girls out on interesting adventures, to tell me three of his most successful — though I’m not sure I see myself going to a cock fight any time soon.

1) Amateur Boxing Match
“The girl I’m dating is really into blood sport. She gets all excited and punchy afterwards. I’ve been trying to find out about cockfights — the avian kind — but I don’t seem to know the right people. And it might be too much for her anyway.”

2) The Zoo
“I went to the Brooklyn Zoo with a girl I made cry twice. There’s a llama barn there and she loves llamas, so that was a big score. You can feed them and pet them and hope they don’t bite your hand off. I hate animals.”

3) Ping Pong
“I’ve had a couple ping-pong brawls with the girl I’m seeing. She’s pretty good, which surprised me. It was fun at first but it has since escalated into serious business, fraught with anxiety and resentment and loathing. Afterwards, we’re able to put that all aside and be friends again — as long as I win — and it lends some electricity to the, ahem, romance.” Keep reading »

England’s Top Dealbreakers: Dancing Like McLovin’

Sometimes I wonder whether having “dealbreakers” just ruins your chances of finding someone because you’re limiting who you’ll even consider. Catherine Townsend, a sex writer in England, has a list of the top 10 dating don’ts — though she goes on to say that you shouldn’t date anyone who drives a Porsche or can’t dance. If none of us dated non-dancers, wouldn’t we all be sitting at home watching Ugly Betty every night? Keep reading »

Dustin Hoffman Discusses Sex Life With Swedish Reporter

While doing publicity for Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, Dustin Hoffman started going off about topics that don’t seem to mesh with the movie’s G rating. He discussed how to teach kids about sex and even asked a female reporter how often she thinks about doing it. Here’s a snippet of his insights into what he would be like if he were a woman: “One of the things I always used to say is that if I had a vagina, I would have been much more selective. But this thing called a penis is like taking a dog for a walk.” We don’t really get what he means, but we do know that Dustin’s penis also tried to play matchmaker for his son — he apparently tried to hook him up with costar Natalie Portman. Dads can be sooooo annoying! [Sydney Morning Herald]
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All Nerds Are Not Created Equal

Ever since Adam Brody stole our hearts on The O.C. playing hot nerd Seth Cohen, the “smart throb” has been the type-du-jour. Move over bad boys, we want someone who will manage our finances, fix our computers and watch angst-y hipster movies with us. Luckily, Beauty and the Geek: Season 2 winner Josh Herman compiled a list of geeky guy types, where to find them, and how to deal with their Agent Scully obsession. Now where did we put our glasses…? [MSNBC]
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$200 Cash Is Not A Thoughtful Anniversary Gift

Last night on the subway I overheard a woman tell her friend that she had given her boyfriend $200 for their last anniversary and he hadn’t given her anything in return. While I felt really bad for her–it completely sucks when someone gives you a less fabulous present than you give them, so getting no present would be even suckier–I just couldn’t understand why she would have given him $200 instead of spending that money to buy a thoughtful gift. Personally, I would much rather have someone bring me Cheerios and orange juice in bed than get any amount of cash, but that’s just me.
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Hot Piece Of Ass: Jamie Campbell Bower

Seeing Sweeney Todd is on our to-do list, in large part because Johnny Depp is hot. But after watching the movie, everyone is going to be in love with Jamie Campbell Bower, who plays Anthony Hope. Yeah, he’s 19, so you couldn’t go out drinking with him in America, but he has a British accent, he went to boarding school, and he doesn’t have tons of paparazzi following him yet. Plus, he’s hoping to play Tom Riddle in the next Harry Potter movie, which is really cute to us, because we’re dorky like that. [The New York Observer]
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Go To The Philadelphia Airport, Get A Date

Whenever I fly I hope my seat will be 19C, the one next to the cute young guy reading The New York Times Magazine. Sadly, that never happens. But apparently other people are luckier, because a survey found that nearly one in 10 people had gone out with someone they had met at the airport or on their flight. Part of my problem might be that I never fly in or out of Philly — that airport ranked the best for singles to meet, probably because it has comfortable chairs, art exhibits, shops, bars and loads of delays. [P.S. Doesn't this guy kinda look like a better dressed K-Fed?] [MSNBC]
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No Longer Lost In Translation

People either love it or hate it when movies have ambiguous endings, because instead of being mindlessly fed a plot, they have to think for themselves and try to figure out what happens. Like Lost in Translation. In the final scene, Bill Murray whispers something to Scarlett Johansson, they kiss, and then Bill walks away into the crowd as the Jesus and Mary Chain’s “Just Like Honey” plays. We’re sure you debated what he could have possibly said to her for hours on end. Well, you can shut up now, because someone took out all of the ambient noise and you can hear exactly what he says. So, is that what you expected to hear? [YouTube] Keep reading »

Failed American Men Should Not Throw Stones At British Women From Glass Houses. Or Something.

Stereotyping a country’s entire female population is never a good idea. Screenwriter Tad Safran, who has somehow managed to get dates in both the U.S. and Britain, says that English women start off looking hot at 17- and 18-years old, but don’t take care of themselves and become fat and ugly a few years down the line, whereas American women spend tons of money on upkeep and still look good later in life. Is he unaware that England’s female population includes Elizabeth Hurley, Kate Winslet, Victoria Beckham, and other truly gorgeous above-17 specimens? Oh, and a note to British women: Mr. Safran wrote The Long Weekend, starring Chris Klein. Did you see that movie? Probably not, so don’t let him make you feel too bad about yourselves. [The Times]
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Husband Buys Wife Vibrator, Then Regrets It

In an attempt to spice things up, a 50-year-old man bought a vibrator for his wife, but now she seems to have lost interest in him. The husband knows she uses the vibrator, so he thinks it’s the vibrator’s fault that she doesn’t want to have sex with him anymore. This is kind of sad because he was only trying to bring her pleasure by introducing a toy, but maybe he should have known that women are more likely to orgasm from masturbating than from having sex. An Australian study found that 56 percent of women who were sexually active without a partner had an orgasm every time they masturbated, compared with 24 percent of women having sex with a partner. Also, was this his wife’s first vibrator? If so, we’re definitely sadder for her that she missed out on all the fun for 50 years. [The Guardian] Keep reading »

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