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David Faustino Is A Dickhead (Or Wears A Dick On His Head)

Christina Applegate has done well for herself following her 10-year run playing Kelly Bundy on Married with Children. But aren’t you curious what Kelly’s brother Bud has been up to? David Faustino has been picking up ladies on the streets of Hollywood with a dildo strapped to his head, of course! David and Corin Nemec, the former star of Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, appear in a video series on MySpace to promote Neil Strauss’ new book The Rules of the Game. The two try out rules from the book to show how well they work, but we don’t understand why Strauss would even suggest that guys who wear sex toys could have any luck hitting on women. Would you give David your number? Stay tuned for more episodes…[MySpace]
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South African Teenagers Aren’t Getting Any

South African teenagers will have to delay any kissing or canoodling until they turn 16, or else they’ll be criminally charged. A new law makes it illegal for those under 16 to kiss or engage in any sexual activity (including oral), even if it’s consensual. Will this affect plot lines on the CW show Life Is Wild, which is kind of like 7th Heaven meets The Brady Bunch in South Africa? [IOL] Keep reading »

Syphilis Is a Nasty, Nasty Disease

The number of cases of syphilis is on the rise. In Britain, there are 10 times the number of cases there were a decade ago, and France has almost 16 times the number of cases that it did just three years ago. Thankfully, we have antibiotics these days, so if you get syphilis, you most likely won’t die from it like poet Charles Baudelaire and painter Paul Gauguin might have. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have safe sex, because we just looked up “syphilis” on Wikipedia and this disease can do some nasty things to you — and these photos just show the PG version! [Note: Don’t look if you’re easily grossed out.] [International Herald Tribune]
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Keira Knightley and James McAvoy In The Library

Before seeing Atonement this weekend, I watched a segment on TV that went on and on about the super hot sex scene where Keira Knightley and James McAvoy get it on in the library. The show had an interview with James, who said that something like seven or eight of the barely there emerald green dresses were destroyed during the filming of the passionate sequence—they kept tearing. Well, that kind of ruined it for me. Watching the scene, all I could do was wonder how so many dresses could have been destroyed during the scene, which was less steamy than I expected it to be. And then I read an interview in which Keira said the director actually walked them through the scene, calling out instructions as they went along. Kind of makes you think less about the passion between the characters Cecilia and Robbie, and more about some old guy yelling, “Now, grab his groin!” [Monsters and Critics and The Deadbolt] Keep reading »

The Hills Is A Sexless City

Some people say that The Hills is a younger, reality version of Sex and the City. We don’t really see how this can be true: There was actual sex (sometimes kinky) on SATC, but the most Brody Jenner has gotten from Lauren is a little make out action when they were in Vegas celebrating his birthday. Towards the end of this season we thought Lauren seemed a little cold and detached. For example, when Brody came over, she had tons and tons of candles all over her apartment, but despite the romantic lighting, he had to convince her to cuddle with him! We would cuddle with Brody any day (and kiss him with tongue, another rare occurrence on the show). [E!]
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UPDATE: Pamela Anderson’s Relationship Fluctuates More Quickly Than Her Breast Size

So, it’s possible that Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon aren’t calling it quits quite yet. Apparently, the two had a huge fight and Pam was a bit hasty in filing for divorce, because the diary on her website says, “We’re working things out…” We can only hope that there will be an Anderson-Salomon make-up sex tape in our future. [TMZ and The Official Website of Pamela Anderson] Keep reading »

President Sarkozy Says “Bonjour!” to Carla Bruni

It seems that French President Nicolas Sarkozy has a type, and that type is ex-models—his ex-wife Cecilia used to pose for Schiaparelli, and this weekend he was seen with singer and former model Carla Bruni. He got divorced in October and he already has a hot new lady friend? Clearly, he lost no time. The two were photographed together at Disneyland in Paris on Saturday, though the Prez hasn’t copped to them being an item yet. We think the two would be an excellent match: While Cecilia didn’t accompany Sarkozy around town during the last presidential campaign, Carla probably wouldn’t mind making the rounds since she’s already famous and it could help her singing career — she’s ranked number 12,718 in music on, up from 13,156 earlier today. (We adore her and think she should be selling at least as many albums as the Enchanted soundtrack, which is ranked 83rd.) [AFP and Carla Bruni on MySpace ]
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Pamela Anderson’s Marriage Vanishes

After just two months of marriage to Rick Salomon, Pamela Anderson has filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. How different can the two be? They’ve both been previously married (and divorced) and they’re both into making sex tapes. While it seems like they have a lot in common, perhaps the marriage was doomed from the moment the two said their vows: The wedding took place between the 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. shows of Hans Klok: The Beauty of Magic, where Pam was the magician’s assistant. It’s too bad Hans can’t make the marriage disappear. [Perez Hilton]
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Crave: Hairy Underwear, Dirty Cookie Cutters, and Mirror Kink

  • This underwear looks like you forgot to shave/wax/laser off a bunch of hair down there. The look is kind of asymmetrical actually. Wear a pair right after getting a bikini wax to mix things up. [Miss & Lady’s Boutique]
  • When baking gingerbread men gets old, whip up a few sex position sugar cookies. Bet they’re extra tasty! [Pipparkakan]
  • People are always associating mirrors with kinky sex, so why not buy one that says it outright (in a tasteful manner, of course)? This black framed mirror would be oh-so-subtle if hung above your bed. Nighty-night! [Comunistar]

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Carrie Bradshaw Might Be Sleeping Around When She’s 60

Fifty might become the new 20 if the rumors are true that the Sex and the City movie might become a trilogy. A source says that a script for a sequel is already in the works, with the possibility that there will be a third film in the series, meaning Sarah Jessica Parker might be playing Carrie Bradshaw until she goes gray. Luckily, the character is already accustomed to dressing like a crazy old lady! [MSNBC]
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