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Cheating And Christmas Go Hand In Hand

Sure, this time of year is generally when people tend to remember what they’re thankful for — things like health, work, family, and friends — but the holidays are also ideal for cheating on your significant other. Who knew! With holiday parties and frantic shopping sprees as excuses, we have plenty of opportunities to deceive each other, which is really sad, because if you can’t be faithful around Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanza, when can you? We think cheating around the holidays would make someone an even bigger ass than he would be if he cheated at any other time of year, so if you have a bad feeling about someone being a scumbag, here are a few things to be on the lookout for (and how we think you can prevent such suspicious behavior)…

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Nickelodeon Plans A Teen Sex Special Thanks To Jamie Lynn Spears

As young Hollywood grows up, the young stars are bound to make mistakes, even if they seem perfect on-screen, down to their braces-less teeth and pimple-less skin. But if a show’s core fan base is between the ages of 9 and 14, it’s generally expected that its stars will do their best not to get into any trouble with the law or come across as too sexy in their personal lives. But stuff happens. Disney dealt with it earlier this year and Vanessa Hudgens seems even more popular than ever after taking responsibility for her nude pictures. But can Nickelodeon can do the same after Jamie Lynn Spears’ pregnancy announcement? The network has already said it respects Jamie Lynn’s decision to take responsibility and keep her baby. Now Nick may air a special on teen sex as soon as next month, which could totally make amends for its most popular star getting knocked up — not to mention throw a lil’ sand in the face of those who think kids Jamie Lynn’s age should only learn about abstinence (a lot of good that did!). Luckily, the fourth and final season of Zoey 101 has already been taped and will air beginning in February, so there will be no need to dress Zoey in a wardrobe of empire waists and muumuus or have her suddenly decide to transfer schools and leave her friends at Pacific Coast Academy behind. Crisis (kinda, sorta) averted. [People] Keep reading »

Lindsay Lohan’s Other “Addiction”

When Lindsay Lohan first confirmed she was dating Riley Giles, she told In Touch that she was “really happy.” Well, it’s possible that she meant she was really happy because she had found someone who would feed her sex addiction. That’s what Riley’s telling tabloids, saying Lindsay used sex as a substitute for drugs and made him “go at it for hours…She’d have worn out most guys,” but not you, Riley, you’re a stallion, and classy, too. How right your ex, Bree Tierney, was when she said earlier that you were just using Lindsay for publicity. Though you seemed to seemed to enjoy Lindsay’s butt, as well, waxing poetic on its loveliness: “Her backside is fantastic, perfect, all plump and round.” Whoops, there went our lunch. [Popcrunch]

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Sex Workers Celebrate Christmas, Too!

People holding traditional jobs with company-wide holidays aren’t the only ones who will be spending time at home with their families, sipping hot cocoa, and decorating trees with tinsel this coming week. News 24 in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, reports that sex workers usually take a few days for themselves, and many spend holidays with their children. They deserve a break, too, because December is a busy month — one woman who works in the “adult entertainment industry” said she has five or six clients a day during the month. We just hope she uses one of her days off to get tested for STDs. [News 24] Keep reading »

Female Monkeys Are Screamers In The Sack

Your roommate isn’t the only one under the impression that screaming loudly makes sex better. According to a new study, female monkeys call out before, during, and after doing it. But their screams’ purpose isn’t just to annoy monkeys in neighboring trees. The study concluded that the females’ yells make them more attractive to the guys, helping them ejaculate. When the females didn’t holler, the males ejaculated less than 2 percent of the time. Also, yelling led to more vigorous sex. How did researchers discover this? By channeling their inner voyeur: “Counting monkey pelvic thrusts is admittedly quite weird, but it’s science. You get used to it,” one researcher said. [Times of India]
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Lindsay Lohan: Lesbian Or Not?

Speculation about Lindsay Lohan’s leanings have been gossip fodder before – she has been photographed kissing everyone from Donna Karan to Rumer Willis — so it’s not surprising that it’s the topic of discussion yet again. This time, because she’s been holding hands with Courtenay Semel. But let’s put aside questions about Lindsay’s sexuality and instead focus on the fact that women can’t hold hands without being called lesbians. Last fall, Rihanna was photographed grasping her assistant’s hand, and suddenly she’s interested in girls. It makes us sad that we can’t show affection without being branded. [] Keep reading »

Hopefully, Her Marriage Won’t End Up In The Crapper Like Her Dress

Choosing a wedding dress is something a lot of women obsess about because they want their day to be the most memorable of their whole lives, or whatever. But when someone offers to pay for the wedding and honeymoon, the dress becomes less important…for some people. Take Jennifer Cannon. She donned a dress made from Charmin Ultra Soft and Ultra Strong when she took her vows in a Charmin-sponsored wedding. That took place in a public restroom. In Times Square. Considering the materials that were used, the dress is actually pretty amazing. Not to mention soft on the tush! [Dlisted] Keep reading »

Falling In Love On The A Train

The whole Patrick Moberg, thing really got our hopes up about the possibility of meeting someone on public transportation. It would be such a good use of time since we’re on a bus or subway almost two whole hours every day. So we got really excited about this article in New York about four real couples who met on the subway. One of the couples kept running into each other before they got together but didn’t date for a couple years after they first saw each other on the subway: “Then, in 1999, I went to the laundry room of my building and she was there. I said, ‘What are you doing here?’ She said, ‘I live here. What are you doing here?’ Our first date was at the Museum of Natural History, and we eloped to Iceland in 2002.” Awwwwww. Maybe we’d have more luck if we actually took out our ear buds so people could start conversations with us. [New York] Keep reading »

Give Me An O!

At 1:08 a.m. EST on Saturday, December 22, people all over the world (you’re welcome to join!) will be taking part in a “synchronized global orgasm.” Started by the same people who took off their clothes and spelled “Peace” with their naked bodies in protest of the Iraq War, the Second Annual Global Orgasm for Peace will hopefully “create a burst of positive energy” and “maybe transform the negativity that is rampant throughout the world right now,” according to its organizers. If you’re not feeling up to it on Saturday (or your vibe is out of batteries) the least you can do is buy a “Peaking for Peace” t-shirt. [Global Orgasm]
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Online Dating Is A Lot More Strict In Asia

American dating websites have all sorts of riffraff on them. Students! Unemployed artists! Freelance writers! But if you lived in Taiwan or China you wouldn’t have to worry about meeting those kinds of guys because a singles club there keeps a record of users’ fingerprints and requires male members to have a car, a house, a degree, a monthly salary over $677, and more than $135,000 in savings. Sadly, we don’t know anyone who meets all of those requirements. [Pacific Epoch] Keep reading »

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