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He’s Just Not That Into (Having Sex With) You

Two books out this month assert that women aren’t the ones to blame when a marriage is sexless—sometimes it’s the man’s fault. According to one survey mentioned in He’s Just Not Up For It Anymore, 40 million Americans live in a no- or low-sex marriage (a sexless marriage is defined as having sex 10 times a year or less, SYK). The reasons guys aren’t into doing it with their wives vary—68 percent indicated that it was because his wife wasn’t sexually adventurous enough for him, while less than 1 percent said it was because he’s gay. He’s Just Not Up For It Anymore seems to address the “why” of it (or at least that’s what it seems after reading the first chapter on Michele Weiner Davis’ book The Sex-Starved Wife seems to address the “how to fix it” angle. Her solution is to have sex. Davis told Chicago, “Sometimes you’re not in the mood or the right frame of mind, but if you can be receptive to being stimulated, once you get going, it really feels good.” We feel the same way about going to the gym. [ABC News and Chicago] Keep reading »

Was Oprah Wrong About Promiscuous Teens?

When Oprah talked about oral sex on her show, people were aghast at how slutty today’s teens had become. But author Tim Harford would probably disagree. In The Logic of Life, his follow-up to The Undercover Economist, Harford looks at various hidden human behaviors. One of his findings is that teens aren’t more promiscuous now than before, they’ve just shifted from intercourse to oral sex. Read it and weep, O! [Bloomberg] Keep reading »

Rachel Bilson, Sex Doll

Rachel Bilson strips down to a bra, underwear, and red heels on the February cover of GQ. Normally, we think Rachel is the cutest — and want to steal her clothes and her boyfriend — so why, oh why, did she feel the need to undress and contort herself into awkward-looking (and slightly sexist) positions? Of course, we know the answer: to publicize her new movie, Jumper. But, as our Amelia pointed out, doesn’t her face look like that of a blow-up sex doll? We think it’s the eyeliner. [GQ] Keep reading »

Spiderman Is Single

Together for more than 20 years, a couple loved by many has called it quits. Peter Parker and Mary Jane, who were married in 1987 at Shea Stadium in New York, are no longer together as of this month. Joe Quesada, the editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics, has said that it was time to shake things up in Peter Parker’s life, and it would easier to do this if Spider-Man were single. It sounds as though Spidey is going through a mid-life crisis, but actually Mary Jane agreed to a bargain with Memphisto: He would restore Aunt May’s health, but all the world, including Mary Jane, would forget they knew of Spider-Man’s existence. The life of a superhero’s wife sounds rough. [Fox News] Keep reading »

The Daily Squeeze: Aggression, Chicago Singles, And A Funny Song

  • Do you enjoy throwing left hooks as much as you like making love? A Vanderbilt University study showed that the brain processes aggression similarly to the way it responds to sex, food, and drugs. So, if you want the positive effects that come with lashing out, maybe take a kick-boxing class instead of punching your date. [Fox News ]
  • Chicago magazine is looking for eligible men and women to include in its annual singles issue. If you’re interesting, successful, and, of course, photogenic, hurry up and figure out which is your good side—the deadline to submit is March 10. [Chicago]
  • An odd song about “the lady’s bras” plays when you visit this . [The Lacemaker via NOTCOT]
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    An Illustrated Guide For Buying Lingerie

    As much as we’d like to think we could replace Adriana Lima if she ever called in sick, we don’t all have the figure of a Victoria’s Secret model — some of us have bigger boobs. And just like clothing, certain lingerie styles fit certain body types better than others. Luckily, the guys at Debonair magazine put together a lingerie-buying guide, complete with pictures. (If you’re unsure what a woman with large breasts looks like, there is an example.) The guide is actually really useful for women — Victoria’s Secret can be a little intimidating when you don’t shop for fancy underthings as much as you shop for shoes. [Debonair Magazine] Keep reading »

    The Daily Squeeze: A Brothel Sticker, Dinosaur Sex, And A Cautionary Tale

  • The Design Museum will feature this sticker in its “Designs of the Year” show. Print a copy and tape it to your door so the neighbors won’t have any questions about your lifestyle. [Creative Review blog]
  • Scientists have discovered evidence that three young dinosaurs were having sex (and getting pregnant) while still in their adolescent stage. In fact, the Tenontosaurus they found was just 8 years old, which makes Jamie Lynn’s predicament seem pretty run-of-the-mill. [Reuters]
  • While trying to wave at two (presumably cute) girls while riding in a car, a man has his arm struck by a passing vehicle. Lesson learned: Be careful who you wave at, and whether there’s a huge car coming your way. [Yahoo!]
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    Monster Love for The Weepies

    The Weepies, one of my very favorite bands, recently revealed on their blog that they have a new baby (Congrats!) and just finished recording a new album, to be released sometime this year. In the meantime, watch this uber-cute video for their song, “World Spins Madly On,” in which a lovesick claymation monster waits for a letter from his sweetheart. [YouTube and The Weepies on MySpace] Keep reading »

    It’s Not Fair That Guys Are Incapable Of Getting Pregnant

    The New York Times had an interesting op-ed piece entitled “Sex and the Teenage Girl” in yesterday’s paper. Basically, it brings up the fact that the effects of a pregnancy—whether it is terminated or the baby is given up for adoption—are lasting. The writer says that Juno is a fairy tale, albeit a very entertaining one. In the movie, Juno is able to go on with her adolescent life after she gives up her baby. In the world outside of the movie theater, she would have lived with physical and psychological burdens, whatever her decision had been. And even though it takes two to tango, or whatever people say, the only worry guys have is getting infected with an STI. Since they aren’t bulging in the belly, they can escape association (or claim they’re not the father). Do you think things would be a lot more equal if guys could have babies, like in that movie Junior? [NY Times] Keep reading »

    Ugly Bridesmaid Dresses Still Available

    Do you get excited when one of your closest friends gushes, “I’m engaged!”? Because you shouldn’t. Not because you shouldn’t be happy for her, but because there is a strong possibility that the dress you will be asked to wear as her bridesmaid will cost more than $200 and be utterly hideous. Luckily, “re-wearable” dresses are the big thing now. In a few years, when all brides choose their underlings’ ensembles wisely, the movie 27 Dresses will be completely unrelatable. But that won’t happen until these hideous ‘fits go away — check them out, after the jump! Keep reading »

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