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The Daily Squeeze: Lady On A Leash, Protests At Heath’s Funeral, And Sexy Church Billboards

  • A British woman is upset because she and her boyfriend weren’t allowed to board a bus – because she was being led around on a leash. Maybe she should keep the S&M in the bedroom. [Asylum]
  • Members of the Westboro Baptist Church plan to protest at Heath Ledger’s funeral, saying Heath’s role in Brokeback Mountain made him a “fag-enabler.” So nice of them to bring the doom, gloom, and total effing nuttiness to an already tragic affair. [Queerty]
  • A church in Jacksonville, FL, is using super sexy billboards to attract people to its series of sermons on sex in Christian life. “[God] wants us to have great sex, but he wants us to have it in his parameters,” the church’s pastor said. Like that time we boinked in the confessional? []
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    One Intense Subway Kiss

    People who make out excessively in public places annoy me, so when this couple had a tongue-fest in a Shanghai subway station and the security video of all the action was released on YouTube, I couldn’t help but laugh to myself. I feel a little cruel since the guy quit his job because he’s gotten harassed so much about it, but really, he should own his performance and deal. [YouTube and All Headline News] Keep reading »

    Go Ahead, Yell At Him

    If you’re pissed at your boyfriend, stop sulking and say something…or you might die. Preliminary results from a University of Michigan study show that couples in which both spouses suppress their anger at the other when unfairly attacked are twice as likely to die earlier than couples who were more communicative about their anger. So, if it really annoys you when he leaves his dirty, sweaty socks on the floor or doesn’t put a new roll of TP in the bathroom, speak up now or risk dying young. [Newswise] Keep reading »

    Five Years ‘Til Sex With Robots

    David Levy, the author of Love and Sex with Robots went on The Colbert Report recently to talk about the book, which people have been discussing non-stop since its publication in November. While the audience and Colbert laughed hysterically, David was completely serious, saying that we will be having sex with robots in five years and be capable of falling in love with them in 40. Not only will these robots be able to simulate humans well enough to get us to fall in love with them, but they’ll also be better in bed. Unlike humans with our handful of lovers from which we draw experience, the robots will be programmed with all of the information and tricks from all of the books ever written about sex. David says this is one of the major problems he sees, “…in particular with men having some sort of sexual anxiety because If they realize their woman has had the most fantastic sex of her life with a robot, guy might think, ‘I wonder if I can perform that well.’” But women will have something to worry about as well, because men will be able to program their robots to want to have sex with them. And at only a couple hundred dollars by mid century, a robot could be a better investment than a wife. [Comedy Central]

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    Poll: When Did You Last Get Laid?

    Sunday Is Sappy Love Night

    Keep your Sunday nights open for the next four months, as you have dates with Mr. Darcy, Henry Tilney, and all of the other dashing gentlemen from Jane Austen’s books. Starting last week (Sorry, you’ll have to rent Persuasion to catch up.), PBS began airing an Austen movie every Sunday at 9:30 p.m. EST, and that will continue until early April. Perhaps you could start a Jane Austen Movie Club? (FYI: Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth begins on Feb. 10.) [PBS] Keep reading »

    The Daily Squeeze: Stealing Bras, Stylish Condoms, and Everyday Corsets

  • There’s a new condom with a cutesy name in town. Proper Attire condoms, which are “Required for Entry” were inspired by the world of fashion—from the name and female-focused packaging to the fig-leaf logo (“clothing in its most primitive form,” according to the brand manager). The condoms will soon be available in boutiques, chic hotels, and Planned Parenthood health centers and online, with the proceeds going to Planned Parenthood. [PR Newswire]
  • If you’re a lingerie thief, the best time to strike is during the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day when stores stock up on all things lacy. One California crook hit the same store twice in eight days, stealing thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. But the first theft was just two items: a camisole and a two-piece bathing suit taken right off the store’s mannequins. The store’s owner said the thief is in his mid- to late-20s, slightly stocky, and blond. Could it be Spencer? [ABC News]
  • Corsets are the thing to wear Down Under. [Sydney Morning Herald]
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    The Daily Squeeze: Rose Trends for Valentine’s Day, Vibrator or Bomb?, and Long Legs All Around

  • An Australian florist has noted two trends for Valentine’s Day this year: requests for black and beheaded roses and people sending flowers to themselves. [PR Web]
  • A Swedish bomb squad was called to the scene after a janitor discovered a suspicious, buzzing package. Turns out, there was only a sex toy inside. Next time you mail a vibrator, don’t forget to remove the batteries. [Yahoo!]
  • Both sexes are more attracted to leggier specimens, but not people with ridiculously long legs. Those were a turn-off. Someone get us a ruler. [Earth Times]
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    Denzel As A Dad

    Denzel Washington’s kids are growing up and he’s getting a little nervous. “My oldest girl has got a boyfriend, who is at the school where she is. He is obviously very bright, but has too many earrings for my liking.” How many earrings does Denzel think is too many? We’re guessing one. But despite sending his oldest son to terrorize his daughter’s Yale boyfriend, he admitted that he has a bit of a double-standard. When it comes to his sons dating, he praised them when they started, saying, “That’s my boy.” [Star Pulse] Keep reading »

    Teacher’s Sexy Ad Gets Her In Trouble

    When you’re a struggling actor, getting cast in a commercial is a big deal. But when you go on to become a teacher and the commercial gets posted on YouTube and discovered by your students, it’s an even bigger deal. Especially when your “acting” means pretending to do it on a desk. British teacher Sarah Greene has been suspended from her job because of her participation in a racy commercial for a clothing company years ago. We think the commercial is kind of amazing — plus, she advocates safe sex in the ad by pulling out a condom. [The Daily Mirror] Keep reading »

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