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The Daily Squeeze: Chameleons’ Sexy Colors, Herpes Outbreaks, And A Romantic City

  • Chameleons don’t change colors to camouflage themselves from predators, they do it to impress the ladies. [Telegraph (U.K.)]
  • People who are prone to herpes outbreaks probably inherit that susceptibility, according to a new study from the University of Utah. However, this does not mean you can blame your parents the next time you have oozing sores. [Newswise]
  • Alexandria, VA, is “the most romantic city,” according to data from, but not because residents do really sweet things for their lovers, they just buy the most romance novels, and sex and relationship books. [USA Today's Pop Candy]
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    The Daily Squeeze: Equality In Bras, Smoking’s Side Effects, And An Online Dating Scam

  • A big store in England is no longer charging extra for its larger-sized bras. This is only fair because we’re pretty sure well-endowed men never had to pay more for jock straps requiring loads of fabric. [Reuters]
  • If your boyfriend smokes and it annoys you, just tell him that continuing to puff might make him lose his sex drive–or worse, his erection. [Jamaica Gleaner]
  • If a guy looks nothing like the photo in his online dating profile, that’s disappointing. If a guy you meet online suddenly goes to Africa and asks you to wire him some money, that’s a scam. []
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    Juno Had Mad Pregnant Style

    With a star-making appearance in Juno, hamburger phones have been in demand on eBay. But after seeing the movie, I didn’t yearn for one, or a gallon of SunnyD, or a copy of the Moldy Peaches’ album. No, I wanted the “Evil Taco” t-shirt Juno wore when she visited Paulie Bleeker at the track and they made out. I hope they’re still selling these shirts when I get pregnant many, many years from now, because this is what I would like to wear around month nine. (Technically, you can’t get the exact shirt she wore, because the wardrobe person dyed the shirt pink.) Who’s the most stylish pregnant character, in your opinion? [Kozyndan] Keep reading »

    Who Wore It Better: Ugly Betty Or The Other Boleyn Girl?

    When I first saw the poster for the movie The Other Boleyn Girl with Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, Eric Bana, and Jim Sturgess, I thought, Wow. That necklace looks really familiar. And that it came to me — it’s Ugly Betty’s necklace! But upon further research, I learned that the necklace worn by Ugly Betty (and now Natalie Portman’s character, Anne Boleyn), is in fact a replica of a necklace worn by the real Anne Boleyn way back in the day. Get your own at Parrish Relics. Keep reading »

    Do Nice Guys Really Finish Last?

    sweet nothings by ~Bob-Rz on deviantART

    What do women have against nice guys? Honestly, I don’t think we have anything against them. It’s not like we want to be treated like crap. If a guy we’re totally into is super nice, that’s amazing. But if a guy we’re not quite sure about or completely crushing on starts doing really thoughtful things, it can come across as trying too hard. Yes, sometimes his thoughtful gestures are enough to win our hearts. This happened to me in high school. A guy I didn’t really like sent me 16 roses on my 16th birthday–we started dating and were together for more than a year, which is a lifetime when you’re in high school. But other times he can seem a bit too intense and make us want to exit the situation ASAP. Thoughts? [deviantART] Keep reading »

    The Daily Squeeze: J.Lo Plays Jasmine, Bad Grades, And Reality Porn

  • Marc Anthony takes Jennifer Lopez on a magic carpet ride in one of Disney’s new ads, shot by Annie Leibovitz. []
  • A survey of Cambridge University found that students at poorly performing colleges slept around the most. And students studying medicine had the most sexual partners — guess they like to play doctor! [Telegraph U.K.]
  • Porn director Tristan Taormino is starting a genre: reality porn. In Chemistry, seven porn stars spend 36 hours in a house together without a script. Supposedly, there are no face orgasms — but there is something called a “perv cam.” [The Gazette]
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    Crave: Sharpies, A Simple Heart Ring, And A Poster With An Important Reminder

  • If you need a gift for the person who has everything, personalize a Sharpie. Dirty words aren’t permitted, but we know you’ll find a way around that restriction. []
  • You can barely tell that this ring has a heart hidden on it–perfect for a secret lover. [DesignBoom]
  • Getting involved with a roommate usually creates an icky, awkward mess. Though, I have a friend who is now dating her former roommate–they’re still roommates, actually. But if you’re not that lucky and have trouble remembering to stay away from your good-looking roommate who never does the dishes, this poster might help you remember. [Advice To Sink In Slowly via Core77]
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    The Daily Squeeze: Workplace Romances, REM At Babeland, And The New Word For Lesbians

  • The number of people who would consider dating someone they work with is declining, which is too bad, because 22 percent of the workplace romances in the survey resulted in marriage. [Sperion]
  • REM shot a video for the first single off their upcoming album at New York sex toy store Babeland. Wonder if they took home any goodies — a rubber ducky-shaped vibrator, perhaps? []
  • Some lesbians would rather not be called lesbians. They would prefer being called “gayelle” (pronounced like Oprah’s friend Gayle’s name or a “gale” of wind). [DListed]
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    The Anti-Squabble Toilet Paper Holder

    You know how toilet paper dispensers seem to confound a lot of people? Like, they can’t figure out what to do when they finish a roll of TP and either don’t use the bathroom until someone puts a new roll in it or leave the new roll on the floor instead of in the holder? Well, this commercial toilet paper holder is easy to use, has spots for two rolls, and costs $17.06 on Installing one in your home could lead to world peace. Or at least less bickering. [] Keep reading »

    Time Magazine’s Romance Issue

    Time‘s current special section, “The Science of Romance,” is available online, but if you’re too busy getting busy to read it, here are some highlights:

  • If someone calls you a flirt as an insult, just tell them humans are programmed to do it — if they’re not a flirt, their programming must be off.
  • Scent is a big factor when it comes to attraction — and not just Old Spice vs. Envy by Gucci. Being on birth control can throw off our scent-o-meter and mask our ability to detect incompatibility. So, this might mean that you can either prevent pregnancy or find a guy who’s emitting the right chemicals – tough call.
  • Guys may be able to pass traces of testosterone (nature’s aphrodisiac) through their saliva while kissing, which might be why kissing can lead to, well, getting naked.
  • A deep voice has seductive powers, though it doesn’t seem to work on its own because I’m not really into Brad Garrett. [Time]
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