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The Daily Squeeze: Pamela Anderson Strips, Women Allowed To Complain, And A Tartily Named Bed

  • Pamela Anderson will perform at the famous nude review Crazy Horse in Paris this Valentine’s Day. A “Gold Francis” level ticket costs about $355, which sounds like a lot until you realize that she’ll be performing a striptease on a Harley-Davidson. [Reuters]
  • The author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus has a new book out about how stress kills relationships. One of the things he recommends is “Venus Talk”: A woman tells her significant other about her problems for 10 minutes without interruption, three times a week. Would a guy be able to handle all of that complaining? [Sydney Morning Herald]
  • After an online uprising, Woolworths has stopped selling a line of girl’s bedroom furniture named “Lolita.” Something about the name being sexually charged…? [Times Online]
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    Jane Austen’s Men

    Maybe because she never settled down herself, Jane Austen created some mighty fine specimens for all of us to drool over – Fitzwilliam Darcy, George Wickham, and Frederick Wentworth to name a few. (If you’re not familiar with these names, you aren’t watching Masterpiece’s The Complete Jane Austen Sunday nights on PBS.) Now you can find out what their online dating profile might have looked like back in the day and pick your Austen man at After 40,010 votes, Mr. Darcy is currently on top. Surprisingly, Mr. Collins (the annoying clergyman/cousin to the Bennets in Pride and Prejudice) ranks seventh. I voted for John Willoughby from Sense and Sensibility. See his profile after the jump… Keep reading »

    Senior Citizens And STDs

    Apparently, we do not get wiser as we get older. Reuters U.K. just reported on a new survey revealing that 12 percent of sexually active people over 50 don’t use contraception with their partner while not knowing their sexual history. Are they not concerned about getting STDs since they are through having kids and such? Because we’re pretty sure that having chlamydia would suck just as much at 62 as it would at 26. [Reuters U.K.]
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    The Daily Squeeze: Paint Ball Wedding Photos, Cell Phone Porn, And An Anti-HIV Gel

  • The usual wedding photo options aren’t satisfying couples these days, so they’re playing paint ball and visiting water parks in order to ensure that their photos will not look like their friends’. Hope they know that paint ball stains are really hard to get out of $5,000 dresses. [The Jamestown Sun]
  • Researchers have been given permission by Pfizer to use on of the company’s HIV drugs to try to develop a gel or cream that would invisibly protect women from getting infected with the virus. [Reuters]
  • Americans haven’t gotten into the cell phone porn thing yet, but that may soon change. In Europe last year, cell phone porn brought in $775 million, compared to $26 million in the U.S. But don’t worry, you’ll be able to get your daily dose of Jenna Jameson soon – U.S. phone companies are planning on loosening control on their networks this year. [Reuters]
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    Sex In Design/Design In Sex At The Museum Of Sex

    The word “Lapjuicer” is not in most people’s vocabularies, but it should be. Essentially, a Lapjuicer is a stool on which someone can perform a lap dance on piece fruit (an orange or lemon would work nicely) and juice it simultaneously. Quite genius, really. The Lapjuicer, designed by 3eyes, is one of many intriguing products on display in Sex in Design/Design in Sex, which opens today at New York’s Museum of Sex. The exhibit features sex toys through history (some made with horse hair), merkins (originally worn by sex workers following outbreaks of lice or syphilis), and beautifully designed everyday products by Karim Rashid and other designers that conjure up sexual images. Consider this a chance to round out your education.

    Sex in Design/Design in Sex continues through April 2008. [Museum of Sex]
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    Love On A Park Bench

    A plane flying over a stadium with a banner flapping behind it reading “Will you marry me?” is not our idea of romance – does everything have to be so public? However, the benches in Central Park are another story. There are more than 9,000 benches in the park, and you can adopt one for $7,500 and pick what you want the plaque to say. Yes, there are a couple marriage proposals, but they seem sweet since the bench will remain there as long as the park does. [Central Park Conservancy via Gothamist] Keep reading »

    Oscar Music Strategy

    Besides the opening monologue, the best part about the Academy Awards is the musical performances. My all-time favorite was Three 6 Mafia doing “It’s Hard Out Here For a Pimp,” from Hustle and Flow. Looking at this cool graphic, it seems like there might be a method for winning an Oscar for Best Song — including the words “love,” “heart,” dance,” or “remember” in your lyrics seems to help. (There are definitely exceptions, like the aforementioned tune.) Out of this year’s nominees, we’re rooting for “Falling Slowly” from Once, despite the fact that it contains none of these words. [Entertainment Weekly] Keep reading »

    Romance On TV: Dating A Millionaire Means No Sex

    There is something fascinating in seeing how the obscenely rich live. Who hasn’t drooled over the mansions in Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous or obsessed about Tony Hawk’s personal skate park on MTV Cribs? And now, with Bravo’s The Millionaire Matchmaker, you get to see how they date. Or at least how they date on reality TV. The series premiered last week and I’m kind of hooked. Unlike Matched in Manhattan, there’s less take-away advice for the average viewer, because dating a millionaire is not like dating a normal man. Not everyone can date a millionaire, but the requirements aren’t as stringent as you might think. You just can’t be a gold digger, and you can’t be ugly.

    In the series premiere, third-generation matchmaker Patti Stanger introduces one of her millionaire clients to one of her rules: No sex until they’re in a committed, exclusive relationship. What would happen if everyone followed this rule (besides less STDs going around)? []
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    The Daily Squeeze: Naked Flights, Cougars Find Love, And Online Dating Science

  • A German travel agency is offering a flight for nudists. For about $735, passengers can fly from Erfurt, Germany to Baltic Sea resort Usedom in the nude. They’ll have to keep their clothes before boarding and disembarking, but who can resist “flying free?” [Yahoo!]
  • Pretty soon there will be loads of Demi/Ashton-type couples running around. A speed-dating event taking place in NYC in February will pair up rich, older women with younger boy toys. More than 5,000 men applied to be included in the event. [Brisbane Times]
  • What’s behind online dating sites like eHarmony and Algorithms, baby. [NY Times]
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    Parents Want Kids’ Doc To Talk To Them About Sex

    Talking to kids about sex must be tough. It’s probably not something that I would look forward to if I were a parent. Actually, I can’t even remember being given “the talk” when I was a wee girl. So, it’s not surprising that sexual topics were among the top 10 that parents hope doctors will discuss with adolescent patients, according to a national poll on children’s health — if the doctor covers menstruation and hair growth, parents don’t have to, right? Sexually transmitted diseases and the physical changes of puberty made the top 10, but, interestingly enough, sexual abstinence did not. [University of Michigan] Keep reading »

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