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Love Vandal: Fortress Of Feelings

Writer Judy McGuire snapped this scrawled on the wall of an ancient fort while sightseeing in Puerto Rico. Apparently it translates to: “Jumaris: I want to know what sets your heart on fire so that I can be that and more. I love you, Jose.”

Have you seen graffiti that’s kind of sweet (even if it is against the law)? Send your pic to Keep reading »

Nerd Girl Porn: Long-Haired Dudes

long hair g13 jpg
No women have the same exact taste in men, so while some of us prefer guys with Army-style buzz cuts, others prefer dudes with long, luxurious manes we can run our hands through (if they’re not a tangled mess of knots, of course). These 12 guys have the long-haired look down, whether they’ve got curls, waves, or stick-straight strands.

Dakota Fanning Is A Chic Geek

Dakota Fanning probably just wore glasses and a cozy outfit for her flight, but she looks quite sophisticated, no? Keep reading »

Never Change, Courtney Love

Years may go by, but Courtney Love will always look the same: glamorous and slightly out of it. [Design Scene] Keep reading »

Vidal Sassoon Doc Shows The Man Behind The Famous Hairdos

The Tribeca Film Festival comes to an end this weekend, and among the scores of movies shown during the 12-day film fest, I’m looking forward to the hair documentary “Vidal Sassoon: The Movie.” You might know the name Vidal Sassoon from the haircare commercials with the tagline, “If You Don’t Look Good, We Don’t Look Good,” but the story begins way before the celebrity hairstylist had a line of products.

Vidal grew up in a Jewish orphanage in London, served in the Israeli army, and became one of the first stars of the hair world in the ’60s, developing a new geometric technique for cutting hair (the “five-point”) and making news when he cut Mia Farrow’s hair for “Rosemary’s Baby.” I love how documentaries give an insider-y view of aspects of glamorous industries we don’t normally see (i.e., “The September Issue“) so I’ve already added “Vidal Sassoon: The Movie” to my Netflix queue. Keep reading »

If It Doesn’t Come From An Animal, Can We Call It Milk?

This morning on “Good Day New York,” the anchors were discussing how to refer to drinks like soy milk that don’t actually come from a cow. Should we still call them milk? Learn the interesting alternative anchor Rosanna Scotto suggested in the clip above. [via Gothamist] Keep reading »

Why Do People Who Work In Fashion Have Such Weird Hair?

fashion weird hair g11 jpg
The people who work in fashion — from editors and designers to stylists and models — have a way of putting themselves together that doesn’t work for most of us mere mortals. And it’s not just their clothes that blow our minds; it’s their hair, too. Since these people are the style makers who decide what we wear, are we supposed to follow suit? Because we’re not sure we want to.

Above, the people over at The Huffington Post took note of Elle editor-in-chief Robbie Myers’ messy beehive on this week’s episode of “The City,” but she rocks this bedroom hair/rat’s nest on a regular basis.

Inspiring Hair Art That’ll Pull You Out Of Your Ponytail Rut

hair portraits g2 jpg
“Bridgett,” $20, Etsy

I’ve been in a hair rut lately, mostly pulling it back into an unattractive ponytail, but artist Maria Gil Ulldemolins’ Hair Portraits are inspiring me to experiment with some new styles. Each of the black and white drawings shows the back of a woman’s head, her hair styled in a chic, effortless way (and Maria wrote a story about the ladies whose hair she drew, ex: Jo “liked being rained on when she was bathing in the sea, and she liked apples in autumn, with cinnamon”). The Hair Portraits make trying cute new ‘dos look easy, and I might have to buy one and hang it beside my bathroom mirror for inspiration in the morning. Click through to see two more of Maria’s portraits, including one that explains how you can stylishly wear the huge hair clip for giants! [nosideup/Etsy]

Do You Prefer To Talk About Your Problems With People Or Pets?

It’s pretty normal for people to talk to their pets — I do it all the time — but is it OK for humans to prefer sharing their problems with their dog, rather than, say, their spouse? A slightly disturbing new survey of more than 1,000 pet owners found that 33 percent of married women said their pets are better listeners than their husbands. Keep reading »

Heels Don’t Always Equal Stylish

Sometimes designers try to put their spin on a classic style, creating something completely amazing. Boots with heels, for example, are a wardrobe staple now, but when they first debuted, did the combo puzzle people? Still, adding height to normally flat shoes doesn’t always work. High-heeled sneakers have yet to take off in a big way, and we have a feeling boat shoe-style stilettos, like this pair designed by Dsquared2, won’t either. Plus, these cost a whopping $695. [via Luxist] Keep reading »

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