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Quickies! Gisele Bunchen May Be Preggers (With One Hot Baby)!

Gisele Bundchen has allegedly told friends she is pregnant. [Perez Hilton]
Porn star Stormy Daniels has revealed plans to run for Louisiana Senate. Supposedly, “Stormy’s real world experience and special understanding of the economic hardships facing Louisianans and Americans make her uniquely qualified to take on the tough challenges we face.” [Politics Daily] –…

Carrie Wasterlain / May 22, 2009

The Boob Tube: Hot Weekend TV For May 23rd-24th 2009


“America’s Next Top Model” Marathon on Bravo starting at 10 am
“True Hollywood Story: Eva Longoria Parker” on E! at 11am
“I Am Legend” on HBO at 12pm…

Carrie Wasterlain / May 22, 2009

Quickies! Alec Baldwin Is Banned From The Phillipines

After making less than PC remarks about Filipino women, Alec Baldwin has been deemed an “undesirable alien” by immigration commissioner Marcelino Libanan. [GMA News] — He’s not welcome in my home either.
“Spider-Man 3″ actress Lucy Gordon was found dead in her apartment this morning. She was 28. [Daily Mail]
What do you…

Carrie Wasterlain / May 21, 2009

Crave: Hungry Girl 200 Under 200 By Lisa Lillien

Do you love to cook and adore eating, but you aren’t so fond of packing on the extra pounds? Learn a few lessons from Hungry Girl (aka Lisa Lillien), the sassy, food-obsessed author of Hungry Girl 200 Under 200.” In this genius cookbook, you’ll discover 200 yummy recipes under 200 calories, including cheesecake brownies and…

Carrie Wasterlain / May 21, 2009

And You Thought You Were Petite…

Meet the world’s tiniest teenager: 15-year-old Jyoti Amge. The little lady measures 21 inches and weighs less than 11 pounds. Her short stature is a form of dwarfism called achodroplasia, which occurs in one out of 25,000 individuals. Despite her condition, Amge is a happy—and ambitious—girl. Like every other teen, she attends school, chats o…

Carrie Wasterlain / May 21, 2009

Quickies!: Miss California’s Mom May Be GAY?!

Carrie Prejean’s mother is rumored to be gay! A woman named Valerie Vetrano told the Star that she dated the Cali girl’s mom. [Star]
“Gossip Girl” actress Kathy Rutherford has hired a private eye to spy on her (soon to be ex) husband. She’s claims he leaves his pool uncovered, which is dangerous for their…

Carrie Wasterlain / May 20, 2009

Bristol Says The Darndest Things

When Bristol Palin got knocked up at age 17, she made national headlines. We applauded her for realizing that “everyone should be abstinent or whatever but it’s not realistic at all,” and we were hopeful (for three seconds) that she would turn this unfortunate situation into a positive one by promoting safe sex. But whe…

Carrie Wasterlain / May 20, 2009

Baby Gender Testing At Home: Cool Or Curious?

Home is the new OB/GYN. Not only can you take a pregnancy test in the comfort of your own home, but you can test the gender of your baby, too. Intelligender, an at-home kit for determining the sex of a baby, is on the market.

Carrie Wasterlain / May 20, 2009

Quickies! Britney Has Been Sued By Former Bodyguard

Britney was sued by her former bodyguard, Kerry Vine, for “negligently operat[ing] her home.” Vine claimed the work he was forced to perform at her Los Angeles estate caused him to sustain physical injuries. [TMZ] — We’re hoping “physical injuries” isn’t a euphemism for “coke addiction.”
Meghan McCain talked sex and gay marriage with Colbert…

Carrie Wasterlain / May 19, 2009

Crave: Lily Pulitzer “Beachy” Fragrance

You don’t need to get sandy to experience the beach. Lilly Pulitzer’s new Beachy fragrance smells as yummy the real thing. If you’re a fan of watermelon, citrus, and jasmine blossoms, you’re bound to become a fan. The delicious scent will set you back $48, but the delicate blue bottle it comes in (and adorable…

Carrie Wasterlain / May 19, 2009

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