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Luggage That’s Impossible To Miss

Even after you’ve placed ribbons, yarn, and tags on your luggage, it’s still hard to find your belongings amidst the sea of black suitcases. Instead of wasting your time searching for your specific bag amongst all the other decorated suitcases, look for this Suitcase Sticker. A suitcase full of money is sure to distract TSA from your lotions and cosmetics when you’re going through security too. Or it might even lighten the tension at the airport.


Traveling Can Be A Laughing Matter

This passport holder is more than a mock airplane safety brochure. From “consult nitrous mask for in-flight comfort” to a very necessary “no clapping” sign, this passport wallet is sure to cause a chuckle while you travel. Its humor will lighten your traveling load, and the bright colors make it easy to locate in your bag. What a humorous way to explain your plane etiquette preferences to your seat mate!

[$22.99 ModCloth]

Quickies: Angelina Jolie And Princess Diana Share A Commonality & Enrique Iglesias Water Skis Naked

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Quickies: Is Michelle Obama The Modern Day Marie Antoinette & Michaele Salahi Claims “Media Torture”

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Ten More Commandments of Going Commando

I don’t necessarily remember the first time I learned about going commando but I surely do remember my first experience going commando and now I understand why there are the 10 Commandments Of Going Commando. I had joined Bally Total Fitness in an attempt to get fit. I was told it was a good gym near my house and there were always cute guys there. Bingo! There was no question, I was signing up. Well, when I signed up, they told me that with every new membership, you receive a complimentary personal training session. I figured it couldn’t hurt, I’d get one good training session and if I liked it, maybe I’d continue. Well, I didn’t continue … and now all I want to know is where were my panties when I needed them?

I was on the way to the gym for my first personal training session with a male personal trainer named Anthony. I walked into the locker room and as I was taking out my gym shorts and tank top I realized that I did not bring underwear with me. I hadn’t worn any underwear that day, for whatever reason, free-vagina-ing or what not, I didn’t wear them. Despite my missing undies, I wasn’t going to cancel my personal training session, so, there I was, wearing my white size large Soffe cotton shorts without underwear. Keep in mind I was a size small, wearing a size large with no underwear on. I figured I’d just make sure that Anthony wouldn’t come anywhere close to my legs, he’d simply instruct me, not He was a goofier, dorkier, and less built version of “The Situation”, he was simply a dork with a sweat suit on and from the start I was worried. Keep reading »

Quickies: Negotiating Marital Infidelity & Sandra Bullock Is The Highest Paid Actress

  • Holly Hill, former mistress and author of the book Sugababe, thinks letting your man sleep with another woman could help your relationship! Tonight she’ll be having what I can only imagine to be a kind of awkies discussion with Larry King about the subject. [CNN]
  • There is now a second woman accusing Casey Affleck of harassment. [CBSNews]
  • Common will have his first lead role on TV as a biracial freed slave in a new AMC pilot. [Clutch]
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