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“Walking Dead” Fan Mom Tries To Hunt Down Norman Reedus With 3 Kids In Tow

On July 28, a police officer responded to reports of a burglary in progress at a home in LaGrange, Georgia. At the front door he discovered a sweaty, disoriented woman who claimed she had been traveling from Mississippi to find a “Walking Dead” actor, who she described as “her man.” Read more at The Stir…

Geraldo Rivera Tweets Nude Selfie

Geraldo Rivera Tweets Nude Selfie

Over the weekend people checking into Twitter hoping to hear news of Kate Middleton’s labor were instead punished by a truly disturbing image. If you felt a disturbance in the force yesterday, if you heard the sound of screaming all over the world, this is why: Geraldo Rivera posted a nude selfie, sideways, with the caption, “70 is the new 50.” Scores of Twitter users were immediately blinded by the sight of Rivera wearing nothing but rose-tinted glasses (indeed …) and a bath towel tied way too low around his hips. Read more on The Stir…

Lea Michele Speaks Out About Cory Monteith’s Tragic Death

Lea Michele Speaks Out About Cory Monteith's Tragic Deat

Lea Michele has finally spoken out about the death of her boyfriend Cory Monteith due to an overdose of heroin and alcohol. She told Peoplemagazine through her representatives:

Lea is deeply grateful for all the love and support she’s received from family, friends, and fans. Since Cory’s passing, Lea has been grieving alongside his family and making appropriate arrangements with them. They are supporting each other as they endure this profound loss together. We continue to ask the media to respect the privacy of Lea and Cory’s family.

Read more on The Stir…

8 Love Rules Made to Be Broken

8 Love Rules Made to Be Broken

When I heard about the book, It’s Okay to Sleep With Him on the First Date my first thought was: ORLLY? Tell me more! After watching a whole parade of books about dating rules through my lifetime, from THE RULES to 30-Day Love Detox (no sex for the first 30 days), it’s refreshing to see a book that’s all about debunking traditional dating rules. But is the message too good to be true? The point authors Andrea Syrtash and Jeff Wilser are making is simple: Trust yourself.

Well that’s easy to say if you’re not a neurotic basket case with non-stop monkey chatter running through your brain. Don’t we need dating rules to save ourselves from ourselves, or do dating rules really prevent us from being our most authentic selves? I decided to take some of the rules Syrtash and Wilser debunk in their book and see what my friends think about them. Turns out they’ve broken most of these rules, too — with no regrets. Read more on The Stir…

“Angry Trayvon” Game Makes A Tasteless Mockery Of Martin’s Shooting

'Angry Trayvon' Game Makes a Tasteless Mockery of Martin's Shooting

It’s been more than a year now since 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was shot at close range by George Zimmerman while Zimmerman was on neighborhood watch. Just last week, we watched Trayvon Martin’s mother’s brave testimony in court as she was forced to listen to her son’s dying cries. Whether or not you believe Zimmerman is guilty or innocent of murder, I think there is something we can all agree on: An app named Angry Trayvon has NO place on the market.

Seriously, it exists. Well, existed. The game, which allows users to control a character rockin’ a hoodie as he goes on a killing rampage around Brooklyn, has caused QUITE the stir. Both Apple and Google allowed the game into their app stores. Since then, its Facebook page has been deleted and both Apple and Google say it’s been removed from their stores.

Seriously, I wish this was a joke. Read more on The Stir…

“Game Of Thrones” Season 4 Casts An Unexpected Oberyn Martell

‘Game of Thrones’ Season 4 Casts an Unexpected Oberyn Martell

One of the most anticipated new roles for the upcoming season four of “Game of Thrones” has been cast! Prince Oberyn Martell, aka theRed Viper, will be played by Chilean actor Pedro Pascal.

Sweet! Okay, so who is the Red Viper, exactly? Well, if you want to know what happens to him in A Storm of Swords, we’ve covered that already. (Don’t click if you don’t want any spoilers for the upcoming season.) As of now, we can say that, in the book, Martell has a lined face with thin eyebrows, black, snake-like eyes, black hair, and a sharp nose. He’s pretty good-looking as well. Read more on The Stir…

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