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Are You Into The Idea of Scented Glasses?

Though we’ve had scented markers for years, apparently the everything-should-be-fragrant concept is enjoying a bit of a re-birth, and giving products their own scent has become the newest fashion trend. The world was just recently introduced to scented nail polish, and now one brand decided to throw a little odor onto their eyeglasses. Les Opticiens Atol created an eyewear collection with actress Adriana Karembeu called AK Senteurs, and instead of adding obvious embellishments like crystals or patterns, they covertly decorated the arms with perfumes. Essence options come in four different aromas: Coquette, Isle of Kisses, Adriana, and Chocolate — so in case you’re one of those people who forget to spritz the perfume, your scent (at least on the temple-region) is already taken care of for you! Weird. [BellaSugar] Keep reading »

The Birkin Goes Green

If you can’t afford a Birkin but are desperate to show off your fashion sense, then get yourself to Taipei. Some genius over there recognized the need for a Birkin-inspired, eco-friendly tote, so went a little DIY happy and screened an image of the covetable purse onto a canvas bag. Born from the creative moment is the Birkin designer reusable bag, perfect for carrying around all your goodies — from groceries to gym clothes — while inciting envy of those who are Birkin-less. Each tote only costs $45, which is a drastic difference from the real Birkins, and you’ll not only be helping the world but also your own appearance, and keeping your wallet happy. Interestingly enough, though, the real Birkin doesn’t have a wait list anymore thanks to the recession, you’ll have to wait three months to get your hands on one of these green-friendly designs! [BagSnob] Keep reading »

Fashion Designers, There’s An App For That

For parents of aspiring designers, get out your iPhone. Style Studio Fashion Designer is the newest fashion app and is perfectly appropriate for younger designer wannabes, allowing the future Alexander Wangs and Zac Posens of the world to begin their collections for the reasonable price of $1.99. Hand over the phone to your stylish kiddie and watch as they drain your battery while creating their first collection. Future designers can select one of 27 clothing items and create away — switching up material, color, cut, and pattern — then putting in their own special touch on the piece with embellishments to their liking. After the garment is finished, test out the look on a model and accessorize her with sunglasses and shoes. Of course there’s a social media aspect to the app, as it allows your newest designer to show off their brilliance through Facebook and Twitter. [Appolicious] Keep reading »

9 Suspender Tights To Try This Summer

suspendertights 061710 m jpg
Though many would leave suspender style stockings for bedroom affairs, Rihanna and Lily Allen have taken to showing off their legs … and upper thighs with these hosiery styles. You’ll need the appropriate venue for these bold tights, but now that summer’s here and skirts are shorter, show off those gams with these lingerie-looking styles.

Taking Seventeen Magazine’s Advice To Heart

In an effort to become a Seventeen magazine-approved teenager, Jamie Keiles decided to end her senior year of high school by embarking on an experience known as The Seventeen Magazine Project. For 30 days, she’d follow the advice of the glossy and then report back to her followers about just how well it went over. But here’s the interesting part. Instead of just listening and blindly going along with the magazine, Jamie offers her own opinion, along with well thought-out views on the suggestions that Seventeen is offering to its highly impressionable readers. I have to admit, she’s shockingly aware of not only her own personality but also the world around her, in a way that most 18-year-olds are not. I hope I was this smart in high school. [The Seventeen Magazine Project] Keep reading »

Duct Tape Prom Dresses That Are Not Only Wearable But Fashionable

While most girls search for months to find the perfect prom dress, and even set up Facebook pages so there are no doubles, select teens get a little crafty for their big day. Instead of spending hours (and hundreds of dollars) at the mall, they stock up on duct tape and get to designing as part of the annual Stuck at Prom Contest hosted by Duck Brand. But this year’s a little different, since it’s the 10th anniversary. To make the celebration just a little bit more special, this year’s contest comes along with a major grand prize — $3,000 in scholarship money for you and your date. So, while teens were creative before, it’s an entirely new game now. The designs of the top 10 couples currently in the running range from a “Singing in the Rain” number to a paint-splattered design to an Old Victorian-inspired look — all of which are way more innovative than anything I (or MacGyver) could dream up with a roll of duct tape. [Duck Brand] Keep reading »

Has Miley Found The Newest Hot Location For Tattoos?

Let’s be honest. There are very few innovative places to put tattoos these days. We’ve seen it all — inside the lip, on the tongue, and on the sides of fingers. Leave it to Miley Cyrus to get creative. The starlet seems devoted to not only shedding her goody-two-shoes persona, but also finding a few new locations for her tats. The 17-year-old already has “Just Breathe” under her boob, and now she’s sporting new ink … on her ear. Miley was recently spotted in the airport with her hair pulled into a ponytail, providing prime shots for paparazzi of her brand-new tattoo that reads “Love.” It’s situated on the upper cartilage section of her right ear (Rihanna has one in the same spot), in a spot that could be easily hidden from over protective ‘rents — though hers certainly don’t fit into that category. What do you think of Miley’s latest tat? Would you ever get a tattoo in your ear? [Stylelist]
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Workout Apparel For Sweating In Style

Working out is a necessary part of life, and whether you’re a marathon runner or an elliptical pro, one fact remains the same: You can’t exercise in the nude. We’re always interested in cute, affordable workout clothes because, though we don’t want to spend money on stuff we’re just going to sweat in, it’s important to be happy with what we’re wearing. Now, thanks to Forever 21′s new line of workout paraphernalia, we can stock up on everything from socks to cute sports bras and spend the money we save on regular clothes that show off our hard work.

[$12.80 Forever 21]

Will You Try These 5 Nail Trends This Summer?

If there was ever a time to indulge in manicures and pedicures, it would be for the long, hot days of summer. Gloves and closed toed shoes are no longer necessary pieces of attire, which means fingers and toes are out on display for the world to see. But while this added effort may seem like one more thing to worry about, use the opportunity as a excuse to show off your style, and decorate your nails with the must-try trends. Read on to catch up on five nail looks you’ll want to test out this summer. Keep reading »

Get Engaged With Forever 21

Cheap clothes, makeup, accessories … and engagement rings? Yes, Forever 21 seems to have expanded their jewelry selection into the wedding world, and is offering an “I Do” ring set, complete with a simple wedding band and a circular cut diamond, accentuated with little stones on each side. Of course, these gems are cubic zirconia, but if you’re looking to get hitched on the cheap, the bling will only set you back $4.80. I’m surprised it’s taken Forever 21 this long to jump into the wedding world. Next stop, bridal wear? [Forever 21] Keep reading »

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