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Frisky Rant: Please Shush During Fashion Shows!

First of all, let’s get one thing straight. Designers work for months on their collections, searching for inspiration, creating looks, and pouring their hard work into the clothes shown to editors and press during Fashion Week. Said shows last a total of maybe 10 minutes. It shouldn’t be hard to keep your mouth shut and just watch during that short amount of time, right?

Apparently not. On the second to last day of Fashion Week, I was patiently waiting for a specific designer’s show to begin and the women behind me were particularly chatty. Fair enough — pre-show anything goes. But once the first models started to walk down the runway, the chatter continued. Keep reading »

Trend Spotting: The Chic And Chunky Heel

I’m not sure if it’s the winter doldrums that are inspiring designers or just causing me to notice, but the runways were full of chunky boots, perfect to stomp around the concrete city in. During Derek Lam’s Wild West-inspired collection, I fell in love with his modern take on cowboy boots, which were feminine yet hard and fashionably utilitarian. His footwear of choice wasn’t the only chunky boot on the runways for the fall 2010 season. Alexander Wang give his models a 5-inch round heel while Narciso Rodriguez’s mid-calf boots (left) were substantial, and both Tracy Reese and Peter Som paired their delicate designs with platform boots. Time to put away your skinny heels! Keep reading »

5-Year-Old Blogger Takes Over Fashion Week, What’s Next?

Can we put a hold on the pint-sized fashion bloggers please? Thirteen-year-old Tavi Gevinson was one thing, since she has a unique point of view and personal style, but during Fashion Week, Racked hired a 5-year-old toddler to hang out at the Tents and report on the scene for their blog! During the eight days, “Katie” talked to Fern Mallis, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, and BryanBoy, and gave her very educated opinion on select shows like Michael Angel. Sure, it’s great press for the site, and an interesting way to look at fashion, but shouldn’t we want to hear about the new trends and fashion news from the editors who’ve studied the craft for years? I know I do. Interestingly, though, Katie wore the same thing every day. Or did they fake her eight days of blogging so she wouldn’t have to miss pre-school? [Racked] Keep reading »

Start Your Morning With Harajuku Lovers

When we wake up in the morning and the coffee is still brewing, everything about our ritual needs to be bright and cheery. Hence, our love for these yellow Harajuku Lovers, covered with Gwen Stefani’s little girls in adorable bikinis. The design will make the terrifying sound of your alarm that much less shocking, not to mention add a bit of color to the tiles in your bathroom. The cases come in three different sizes for all your beauty needs: a pencil case for brushes and eye pencils, a clutch to take on the go, and an organizer for the mass makeup holding. [$18-38, Sephora] Keep reading »

Get Pearly Whites With Burt’s Bees

With a cult following, Burt’s Bees products are already found in most beauty lovers’ makeup cases and vanities, but here’s another reason to appreciate the storied brand. In addition to caring for your lips, face, body, and hair, the company wants to make sure you have good oral health as well. Their new natural toothpaste is made with cranberry extract, which is known to block bacteria while fighting plaque, and comes with and without fluoride. We want. [$5, Burt’s Bees] Keep reading »

Why Is Jared Leto All Over Fashion Week?

When Jared Leto strode into ABC Carpet & Home for the Erin Wasson x RVCA runway show, I definitely did a double take. Bundled up in a pom-pom winter hat with skull details and awkwardly standing near the front of the runway, I second-guessed my celebrity spotting. Could it really be Jordan Catalano at a fashion event? But, yes, it was and as soon as the photographers caught a look at him, flash bulbs lit the dim space. Despite the slight celebrity appearances this season at Fashion Week, there are a few reappearing stars — including Jared. Ever since the style festivities began, he’s sat front row for not only Erin’s show, but also Calvin Klein Men’s and Robert Gellar, and he also partied with Charlotte Ronson after her showing.

Now we have to wonder: Is Jared studying fashion’s new collections as an aspiring editor or will he join the trend of celebrities-turned-designers and launch his own line? Or maybe he’s just there for the models? Keep reading »

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