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10 Women Over 50 Who Make Me Less Scared For The Future

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Last weekend, the day after watching “The Kids Are Alright,” I was taking a stroll in my neighborhood in Brooklyn. Down the street, a women in a gray coat with the most beautiful red hair caught my eye. Her style was super dope, and she had such a confidence as she strolled down the cobblestone sidewalk in her heels. From far away, I assumed she was in her late 20s. As she got closer, I realized that she was a bit older, but projected a totally youthful vibe. And then as she passed by me, I thought, “Wait. That was Julianne Moore!”

This weekend brought Julianne’s 50th birthday, which is hard to believe. She is awesome, so together, and gorgeous. She is one of the many famous women over 50 who makes me far less freaked out about the whole process of growing up. After the jump, more ladies who make getting older look fun.

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